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Well! A home is a place where everyone wants to live with peace of mind and satisfaction. For that matter, have you ever think about the security measures you should have in your homes. Yes! You should. So when you know about the advantages of home security systems, you will agree that you should invest in simple home security systems; as it is an investment, you will likely get the best return in the head of costs and price tags. Therefore, if you want to know about are home security systems worth it, keep on reading, and you will get the correct information. 

Are Home Security Systems Worth It

Are Home Security Systems Worth It

The function of security systems

The proper security systems can protect and connect you with your home in a city or outstation.

You can avail yourself of many advantages with security systems, like renters insurance and discounts on homeowners. It is also helpful to know if anybody is trying to access sensitive areas like guns and liquor cabinets.

Home Security Equipment

  • If you want to calculate the initial investment for a sound security system to your home, the average cost ranges from $ 250 or more than $ 1000. It depends on the security equipment, strategy, and installation.  
  • The good thing is that those are long-term investments you have to make, and in most cases, you own the equipment. There are monthly monitoring fees; you have to pay when you have operational and installed systems in your homes. Learn to install a home video surveillance system.
  • The packages offered by security companies vary significantly depending on the services, features, and monitoring levels you choose. In this way, you can save the monthly security system cost. The reputed companies have a basic plan of paying 20$ per month. 
  • Moreover, the most advanced packages include a live round-the-clock monitoring service or regular security patrols that can cost many dollars or more per month, depending on your needs and budget.

How to know Home Security Systems is worth it

  • If you want to know if a security system is worth it for your families, ask this question to yourself what element would make it worth to you. There’s no way to detect an alarm system to prevent crime and help catch burglaries if your home gets broken.
  • According to the Electronic security association, if your home still falls victim to crime, the average loss is approximately $2000 less than in a house with no protection, even if it has a security system.
  • Security systems and monitoring disappoint break-ins as 60% of condemned burglars will decide to target another home if they find a security system in the one they are trying to rob.
  • The home security system’s truth is that it will provide you a high level of protection by all means. The monitoring companies provide you the best home security system that gives you additional services like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide, and remote home automation that are good to save loss of life and property if you want to manage energy costs. 
  • But there is no guarantee that you can use your alarm to the full extent and monitoring service, even if you get all types of insurance. Therefore, it is necessary to understand your security aims to calculate the security system’s actual value and its cost. 

Discounts from security systems

  • The larger the discount you might get from your home insurance provider depends on how many components your security systems have. It is crucial to keep an eye on your insurance provider to see if there are any bargains for security services as not all insurance firms provide discounts for alarm monitoring and other security systems.
  • As per the Insurance Information Institute, having a home alarm might result in your insurance provider giving you savings of between 5% and 20%.
  • Sometimes, retaining your homeowner coverage is more important than saving for it. If your property is in a neighborhood with a higher theft risk, few home insurance plans need the surveillance system.

Essential Benefits of Home Security Cameras

Yes! Having video surveillance equipment in your home as a security tool is a solid and expensive endeavor to take on. Nowadays, not having security cameras in your homes seems like an odd activity for any homeowner, even when everyone is aware of the accessibility and availability of science and technology. 

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Are Home Security Systems Worth It

Surveillance cameras are helpful to homeowners to look at their homes even if they are outstation. Following are a few benefits of home security cameras listed below:

Deterring Criminals

  • The great advantage of a security camera is that only the presence of an outdoor camera can detect criminals, but on the other hand, it is dangerous too. 
  • The burglars can plug them even when they are far from the place. In most cases, the robbers will case the home before they try for theft, and if they spot the cameras, they will terminate the theft attempt.

Help the police

  • In the theft case, the sensors in the professionally installed security cameras will record the incident in a high description. 
  • The police can easily capture the thieves using these videos and images to prevent future crimes and your valuables and property.

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Check on your family members

  • Security cameras are not even helpful to protect your homes from thieves, but they are also beneficial to check on your kids when you are out of your home. The parents can check their kids with a camera security system and a remote monitoring sensor in the system.

Peace of mind

Measuring the Effectiveness of Security Systems

  • Having the home security systems may be helpful in deterrent against burglary. About 60% of thieves will choose another target if they find a security system at any place, according to the research made by UNC Charlotte for a group of burglars. 
  • Security systems have a significant impact on overall crime rates and are limited to only one home. In a study by Rutgers University, burglary rates reduced across the specific neighborhood as a whole when homeowners installed security systems.
  • The alarm systems have sensors to detect smoke, also, to monitor your homes for thefts. 
  • Just like the prospect of fire damage is frightening, the water can do much havoc in your home too. In 2014, flooding caused more than $2.8 million damage in respect of property, but installing a security system with water sensors helps reduce your potential losses.
  • Security systems can make a notified difference in life and death situations. Nearly 140 million people go to the hospital each year, most of them with life-threatening issues. Opting for a home security system equipped with life monitoring helps to make sure that responders can notify you quickly if you face a medical problem suddenly.
  • When you plan for the home security system, there are two primary costs you may have to pay. One is the installation fee, and the other is the equipment fee. The equipment fee is 600$ to 1200$ anywhere, as you may get a discount on the installation fee.
  • Installing a home security system can save a lot of money, but the home insurance policies might be expensive.
  • Buying a home with a security system and looking to build up more equity, the alarm systems can do the trick. Choosing extra measures to make your home safe is an easy tool to boost your property’s value.
The truth about home security systems

Are Home Security Systems Worth It: FAQs 

Does leaving a light on at night deter burglars?

Leaving on lights at all times doesn’t seem an effective way to deter crimes. With a bit of planning and some home automation equipment, you can use lighting to your advantage and get better peace of mind. 

Do you need a home security system?

The main reason to have installed a home security system is to deter crime in your home.

Do alarm systems deter burglars?

The data is clear about the fact that alarm systems can deter burglars. Because the burglars don’t break into homes having alarm systems. The homeowners also ensure the recognition of alarm systems and give you discounts for installing home security.


The security alarm systems consist of a 22$ billion industry, and an enormous mass of that involves home security systems. It is difficult to evaluate the importance of a home security system, but opting for one can help make you safe from burglar’s attempts. Unluckily if you burglarized while having alarm systems, the researches show that the loss of property value is much less than if you don’t have one. Maybe that is why 83% of homes in the US don’t have security systems to charge off potential thieves. Therefore, home security systems can be an effective instrument to prevent property crime.

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