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Apartment utility payments and leases are often monthly torture. The rent payment for an apartment is a fixed and transparent expense. On the other hand, services such as electricity, water, gas, internet and cable are complicated. This happens because there is no proper budgetary control over them. The goal is to calculate the average electric bill for 3 bedroom apartment. To do so, we must consider a series of aspects which we will mention to you at this time. The average electric bill for 1-bedroom apartments is roughly $90 per month if you live alone, but it could go up by $45 or more if you live with roommates in a 3-bedroom apartment. For example, if your roommates leave their computers on for 10 hours a day every day or love blasting the AC at max, your total electric bill could be $25 more.

You’ll be paying more or less on your apartment electricity bill depending on the number of people in your household, the state in which you live, the number of appliances and electronics running on electricity, and the size of your apartment.

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Average Electricity Consumption of a House

According to data, a family consumes the same energy as the consumption of an apartment. It varies a few times, depending on the type of housing. It is also necessary to consider the electricity consumption per month for a person or family group.

We can divide this consumption into:
  • Electricity consumption depends directly on the area of the home, number of people, number of appliances and their use. To start budgeting, these factors are decisive. Electricity consumption according to the family nucleus, as the moderate increases, the amount of electricity rises. Consumption rises on weekends and at night.
  • Consumption by household appliances; you can calculate the electricity consumption of specific instruments. The everyday use is always the same, and it is necessary to keep the estimated control of its use. These are the washing machine, blender, oven, television, among others. The refrigerator always takes the lead in consumption, and the television is the one that generates the least. In the middle, we enter the washing machine, dryer, easy to balance to save energy. An example is washing on weekends and drying clothes in the sun.

How much to pay for Consumption in an Apartment

The payments that have to be made to the electricity company are divided in consumption by the contracted power. In this way; we will show you some estimates according to the current market:

Estimate for an apartment of 90 square meters, usually three rooms, for four people. It is based on the fact that the highest consumption is at night and weekends with several appliances such as an oven, dishwasher, washing machine, three televisions, and two computers. In addition to the refrigerator, air conditioning and induction stove. According to calculations, the average consumption is 3,277kWh/year. This translates to approximately 720 $ per year, an approximate rent of 70 $ per month based on current tariffs.

Estimate for a single-family house of 120 square meters, with more than three rooms, for five people using the maximum consumption at night and on weekends by the standard amount of household appliances. According to the average is rated at 4.171kWh/year. Translating in expense to 930 $ per year, generating an income of 90 $ per month and applying the current tariffs.

Tools to Calculate the Electricity Bill of a 3 Bedroom Apartment

To save and have efficient consumption, it is essential to know what your electricity bill is. In this sense, we will show you the tools that will help you to fulfill this purpose:

The electricity consumption curve breaks down all your consumption in hours, days, weeks and months, also called the load curve. It also shows the consumption in critical hours, where it increases or decreases. You can find this curve at your electricity supplier’s customer service. Some of them already have it online, where you can access it through online registration. In this way, you will know your consumption in detail; to improve your habits and save on consumption.

Consumption calculator is an online application that allows you to calculate your monthly consumption. You need to provide various data, such as type of house, number of appliances, and occupants. After providing all the information, it will calculate your consumption. In this way, you will have a projection of the expenses you will have to assume.

The consumption meter; is in charge of measuring the loads consumed by one or several household appliances. In this way, to know how much consumption they are generating. The cumbersome thing is that you have to keep the record. But it is a valuable tool; to calculate how long you should use the equipment that generates a lot of consumption.

In this way; we will offer you different tips to save energy:

Get the best rates in the market; look for various providers trying to choose a good service at an affordable price. Smart thermostats can be programmed so that the consumption of air conditioning and heating is reduced at certain times of the day. They are so fashionable that they have applications that you can control from your phone.

The vents with regular maintenance and keeping them clean will ensure the proper air conditioning and heating flow without forcing the motors to avoid increasing electricity consumption and saving costs. When the bedrooms are air-conditioned, please turn off the engines until they reach the programmed climate.

Naturally, climate your home to save the average cost of utilities in an apartment. It is to use the original climate of the region where you live. At appropriate times use the heat of the morning and afternoon. Opening windows and doors; at proper times of the day, in the summer months, is an option. So, take a naturally heated shower from time to time.

What to Save Some Money on Electric Bills?

You can save some money on electricity bills by changing washing habits, using cold water for washing and using the natural climate for drying is a viable energy-saving option.

Correct use of household appliances; using so-called off-peak periods is a great option. When baking, try to keep cooking several dishes, taking advantage of all the space. Use irons for complex garments, turn it off and with the heat that is generated, and use it with the easy ones. Use the washing machine in the evening or the morning, in this way you take advantage of the off-peak hours. Most of them have programs in which you can leave them working without your presence.

Unplug appliances that you do not give usage to; keeping unused unplugged appliances produce significant savings. Chargers for telephones, laptops, and computers try to separate them from the sockets—all this and televisions and sound equipment when they are not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity should a 3-bedroom house consume?

To know the average electricity bills for a 3-bedroom house, you must take several aspects into account. Which we will mention to you:

  • The electricity consumed; is framed to the number of appliances and their frequent use. The number of inhabitants in the home and the power contracted in your electricity plan.
  • Based on this, the averages oscillate at 300 watts per month, an equivalent to 70 or 60 dollars per month. To be specific, you can use tools such as the consumption meter, the consumption calculator or the curve.

These averages are based on a house of 3 to 4 people, with the average amount of appliances: refrigerator, stove, washing machine, oven, two televisions and air conditioner.

What is the average electricity bill?

According to studies, the average electricity per month for one person is 83, 33 kWh (1000 kWh/year). This combined with the average uses of a working individual, where the highest consumption is in the evenings and weekends with some necessary household appliances. Such as refrigerator, television, oven, washing machine, computer, electric heating unit. As the number of inhabitants increases, the cost of electricity increases.

What is the average electricity bill for a 3-bedroom house in the USA?

To calculate the average electricity bill for a 3-bedroom house in the United States. You must consider several aspects:

  • Geographical location and electricity costs vary greatly depending on the state you live in because of its climatic conditions and independent laws. There is a notable difference between them; from Rhode Island to Texas.
  • It will depend on the type of fuel you use to cool or heat your home. If consumption is combined with natural gas or other elements, this lowers heating costs and water costs.
  • Daily routines of high electricity consumption, maintaining a pattern of electricity consumption helps to keep a stable and average bill, based on the monthly cost of electricity.
  • Based on different studies, the average bill for a 3-bedroom house in the United States varies between $75 and $170. The difference lies essentially in the geographic location. So, the difference is notable in the cost of utilities.

Bottom Line

At this point, we understand that the average electric bill for a 3 bedroom house is $80 per month, which can be lowered by using the tips and advice mentioned above. The correct use of tools available today to average your consumption is essential. In this way, you can plan your consumption properly. To elaborate an action plan to change your electricity consumption routine. To achieve prominent savings, which will help your pocket and our environment?

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