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If having a robot clean and mop your floors appeals to you but you detest having to tidy up before it starts, yeedi has developed the best robot vacuum and mop for you. yeedi offers a bot if you genuinely detest those expensive mop brands too. Here are the best floor mopping robot vacuum.

With yeedi’s computerized mop that washes your floor and even sanitizes its scrubbing sheets, you can keep your house tidy. It might be challenging to find the time throughout the week to keep your home tidy. It’s also not a good idea to put off duties until your day off since they tend to pile up rapidly. That is why yeedi robot vacuums have become so popular. They’re an excellent tool you may employ to maintain your home’s cleanliness in between extensive cleaning sessions. Come along as we explore more on this below.

Who is yeedi?

yeedi, a robotic company founded in 2019, focuses on using technology to simplify living rather than pursuing the ultimate technological breakthrough.

We discovered the problem in the robot vacuum market: The more sophisticated a robot vacuum is, the more expensive it is. We bridge the gap between development and cost to offer innovative house cleaning solutions to more homes because we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from technology growth.

yeedi is dedicated to offering consumers high-quality, professional items for bettering their life. Top tech publications, including The Verge, Medium, Heavy, Safewise, Digital Trends, Wired, and PCMag, have all endorsed yeedi. 

Today, yeedi continues to research customer preferences to reconstruct future lives. We provide clients worldwide with efficient, expert goods that provide distinctive insights, enabling them to discover new ways of living. 

Additionally, we have the largest and most reputable robot lab in the sector. In addition, millions of robots are designed, developed, and produced annually. We construct a reliable and secure worldwide IoT infrastructure using the best industry standards to keep your data private.

Overall, we prioritize innovation by looking into new approaches to help our customers address their challenges more quickly and effectively.

What new technology products are we bringing to 2022?

Clients looking for a way to relieve tiresome floor cleaning duties may choose from our selection of fully functioning, simple-to-use, and affordably priced smart cleaning devices. They may concentrate on what is essential. In light of this, we are introducing the following novel technological items in 2022:

The yeedi vac 2 pro

Ahead of the competition by a long shot is the great hybrid vacuum and mopping robot known as the yeedi vac 2 pro. This is because no other machine on the globe has its revolutionary mopping technology, which it uses to clean floors thoroughly. This design modification represents a significant evolutionary advance for robotic cleaning robots.

Although many vacuums these days claim to have mopping capabilities, most have a primary reservoir with little capacity to clean the surface. Since the reservoir is often gravity fed, it cannot be used with a combination of carpet and hard floors. 

The yeedi Vac 2 Pro, in comparison, features more advanced technologies. This requires a considerably bigger mopping accessory, and we have increased cleaning by making the mop oscillate. This often mimics the human hand and automatically uses a self-emptying station to gather floor trash. 

Get rid of all the trash once a month. Top tech publications, including The Verge, XDA, The Spruce, Safewise, Digital Trends, and others, have also endorsed yeedi Vac 2 Pro.

The yeedi mop station pro

The yeedi Mop Station Pro is a circular robot that, like most robotic mops and vacuums, is intended to reside in the corner of your house and only emerge to clean your floors when necessary.

A 3500ml potable water tank and a 3500ml waste water container are kept within the Mop Station Pro base. By doing this, you can be confident that the yeedi is regularly cleaning its pads and isn’t bringing contaminated water into your house. 

The yeedi Mop Station Pro includes two rotating mop heads to help remove stains from the floor. Compared to the traditional mop pad procedure, this is a vast improvement.

A washboard-like surface on the base also allows the yeedi to clean its mopping pads every ten minutes.

Both models rank among the market’s top robot vacuums and mops. Additionally, these two models employ vacuum, mopping, and self-cleaning 3-in-1 technology to save time and money.

What makes them unique, and which is right for you?

In this section, we will review the features of both products.

Key Features of yeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuum and mop

Some major Features of this product include:

1. Revolutionary Oscillating Mopping System

The robotic cleaning business is being revolutionized by the yeedi robot mop, a reasonably priced cleaner. A hybrid machine’s oscillating mop capability is a technical advance that raises the bar for what it can be.

The majority of robotic vacuum/mop hybrids have ineffective mop head designs. 

This often involves a plate carrying a wet cloth that glides around the floor without being able to scrape, leaving poorly cleaned floors with many streaks.

A microfibre pad that amplifies the yeedi’s mopping capabilities gives the gadget its potent cleaning capabilities. This aids in cleaning your wood, tile, and laminate floors of dried-on coffee, dirt, oil, lipstick, and other stains. The yeedi only leaves a spotlessly clean floor, unlike some other bots that leave distracting streaks.

The innovative oscillating mopping technology mimics human hand motions to remove various difficult stains effectively. It cleanses and vibrates the floor 480 times every minute, almost five times as effective as manual cleaning. It also has low noise and is suitable for hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring.

2. 3D Collision Avoidance Innovation

The yeedi vac 2 pro robot cleaner can quickly go past items as small as a Hot Wheels toy vehicle. Before using your robot, you won’t need to clear anything off your carpets and hard surfaces. Press the “go” button to start yeedi attacking all the stains, filth, and dust in your house. Apple employs the same cutting-edge technology for this priceless feature as Face ID.

3. Your Home’s Intelligent Routing

Given their weak sense of direction, you could ask whether certain hybrid cleaning robots could escape from a paper bag. Not this baby! The yeedi robot mop employs better mapping capabilities to produce an in-depth map of your floors. This ensures it cleans in the most effective way possible without skipping any areas.

The navigation on the yeedi vac 2 pro is of quite excellent quality. In mopping mode, the yeedi vac 2 pro stays away from the carpet. It also cleans your floors in a systematic, very effective linear pattern. This implies that it will go in a straight line before turning around to wipe the next line of floors. Less effective models bounce randomly, which causes them to move erratically. As a consequence, the cleaning work is far from ideal.

If the device is in mopping mode and the carpet is detected, it avoids it. Your rugs won’t get wet that way. If you need to spot clean or go over high-traffic areas repeatedly, choose the custom clean option. This enables you to give your floors the care they need to remain spotless and thankfully free from the stains and dirt that detract from the aesthetic appeal of your house.

4. Room Merging and Dividing

Thanks to a recent upgrade, the system can divide and merge rooms. In this manner, you can split your home’s living space into distinct cleaning areas if it is now one large open room. The unit’s maps are entirely adjustable, which is great if your home’s layout changes.

5. Suction Strong Enough for Any Job

The yeedi vac 2 pro robot cleaner has a suction power of 3000Pa, comparable to most high-end machines. Thanks to the four suction settings, you’ll always have the proper amount of power for whatever your bot demands to clean. Depending on how much power is required to complete the task, the yeedi automatically increases suction.

For instance, yeedi is intelligent enough to recognize it has to boost suction if it is on the carpet and wants to pick up tough dirt.

6. Elective Automatic Trashcan

You won’t have to manually clear dirt and dust for up to 30 days if you choose the optional automated dustbin. If you want your bot to run on a timetable without having to contend with the trouble of emptying the trash amid a cleaning, the yeedi Self-Empty Station is excellent.

The lid’s ultra-tight seal prevents dust and smells from escaping. A self-sealing bag ensures you won’t get your fingers soiled with any of the dirt your unit accumulated when you discharge the dirt after a month. The yeedi vac 2 pro robots cleaner is thus perfect if you have sensitivities that could be aggravated by dust. Remove the bag and throw the dirt in the trash to avoid dust.

7. Extended-Life Battery

It’s great to know that your hardworking cleaning companion has a 5200mAh battery since it can operate for up to 240 minutes on a single charge if your house is more prominent than usual. When the batteries run out of power, it automatically recharges and picks up where they left off with the cleaning.

8. Cost saving

The yeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuum and mop is highly cost-saving, costing $449.99. But the good news is the price has been reduced to $299.99 as amazon is coming. Do not miss the opportunity to grab your piece at such a low price. 

Key Features of yeedi mop station pro robot vacuum and mop.

Some essential features of this product include:

1. Vacuum, mopping, and self-cleaning 3-in-1 to protect your hands

This floor mop has a dual-power spin mopping technology that provides efficient cleaning performance. Two improved mopping pads spin at 180r/min while being forced firmly against the floor by a 10N force to remove even the most troublesome stains.

2. Washing equipment for mop heads

The mops are constantly clean to prevent cross-contamination; two 3.5L water tanks collect clean and wastewater separately. yeedi even dries the cleaned mops to prevent odor production when cleaning is finished.

3. A suction power of 3000Pa

This device has a powerful suction of up to 3000Pa to remove debris from deep crevices. It also comes with a large 750ml changing dustbin that can hold more dust than most robot vacuums on the market. This ensures it can be emptied less often.

4. Carpet Maintenance

yeedi identifies your carpet using an ultrasonic carpet sensor and effectively cleans it. It stays clear in mopping mode to keep it from becoming wet. Additionally, it raises the suction to MAX in vacuuming mode for thorough carpet cleaning.

5. Auto Recharge & 180mins Runtime

The yeedi mop station pro-self-cleaning robot mop’s integrated 5200mAh battery provides 180 minutes of operation on a single charge. Automatic recharge then picks up cleaning after recharging.

6. Voice control and an app

With the yeedi mop station pro robot vacuum and mop, you can set up a no-go zone, schedule cleanings, and use the yeedi app. And thanks to its interaction with Alexa and Google Home, you can clean using only your voice.

7. Changing trash cans

This package has an additional 750 cc swappable dustbin. This is bigger than the majority of commercial robot vacuums. To reduce trash emptying, it often retains dust for many days. It comes free as a present in the package and is ideal for pet owners or large families. This also makes it one of the best robot vac for pets.

8. Budget-friendly

Given that it only costs $799, the yeedi mop station pro robot vacuum and mop is relatively affordable. But as already gave you the good news about the prime day. It’s available at $559.98, $240 off for the upcoming prime day on Amazon.

What are their common advantages? 

Some common advantages of both mops include:

  • 3000Pa suction: Both mops have a 3000Pa strong suction, which is a powerful suction. This is sufficiently sturdy to remove any dirt from the floor.
  • Smart Visual Mapping & Route planning: yeedi offers one of the best robot vacuums and mops, which locates your rooms to reconstruct your home’s layout. It also creates a cleaning route that covers the whole floor without skipping any messes.
  • Leave No Dirt, Wet, No Carpeting: Your floor is identified by a carpet identification sensor. These yeedi robot mops will automatically increase suction strength while vacuuming and stay clear of carpets when mopping for significant cleaning as much as possible.
  • Robust batteries: With a capacity of more than 5200 mAh, the batteries are suitable for daily usage.
  • Simple connectivity: These items support voice control with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Additionally, connecting to a 2.4G network is simple.


In conclusion, yeedi’s robot vacuums have consistently found a balance between high-tech features and reasonable prices. The yeedi vac 2 pro and yeedi mop station, two of its most recent products, are among the best floor cleaners on the market. Both yeedi robot vacuum models now have additional features that improve their mopping performance. The innovative oscillating mopping mechanism, 3D obstacle avoidance intelligence, and other features are all included in the yeedi vac 2 pro. 

While the yeedi mop station pro provides 3-in-1 self-cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping to safeguard your hands. This is in addition to the app, voice control, a washing machine for your mops, etc.

The yeedi vac 2 pro and yeedi mop station offers excellent results, as highlighted above. A yeedi mop station is an option if you want a mop with additional features. On the other hand, the yeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuum and mop will be your best alternative if you require a less expensive option since it costs less than $449.

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