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It is so practical to watch the news in the kitchen in the morning or turn on the children’s channel for a child’s breakfast, and in the evenings, you can get together with friends in a cozy living room and watch a movie a soccer game together. Distraction is part of our daily life. These different electronic devices that can make our life better. That’s why today we bring you the 9 best home entertainment center ideas for a better life.

TV sets and LCD pictures are usually hung on the wall; this is very favorable and saves a lot of space in a small apartment.

But there is also another way: particular furniture for television and home theater. It will be practical to hold your speakers or your favorite discs, and the cute design will make them a fantastic addition to the interior.

Floor Entertainment Centers

Maybe this is the most usual and customary alternative. These entertainment centers can be of numerous shapes and colors, look stunning, and are equipped with convenient sideboards for different items and complementary equipment.

The Main Properties that will help you choose:

  • Provides comfortable monitoring.
  • Harmonious design, correct for the overall initiative of the interior
  • Reliability and safety
  • Functionality and spaciousness
  • Types of built-in entertainment centers
modern entertainment centers

Traditional Entertainment Center

Most often, part of the group of furniture is for the living room, where the TV or home theater occupies the primary position. This is among the most successful resolutions because such entertainment center decor ideas fit harmoniously into the overall interior and lend sophistication to the room, assisting in making a design statement. Also, you can go ahead with custom entertainment center ideas or maybe some built-in entertainment center ideas.

traditional media cabinet

Entertainment Center with Pedestal

Here the name speaks for itself. Such a pedestal is along the wall and tends to be very spacious.

More practical configurations are likely to mix the functionalities of a TV stand and a piece of furniture with a considerable amount of drawers. More striking interface resolutions are possible, including comprehensive and long countertops that fill an essential part of the room and create the optical—illusion of space enlargement.

These entertainment centers are mostly for a luxury home theater with many columns and an aggregate set.

Corner Entertainment Center

One of the functional configurations for small apartments or those rooms where the TV does not play a predominant role is the bedrooms.

Thanks to the corner configuration, such an entertainment center takes up little space, but at the same time, its sideboards or drawers have enough storage space and can be used, among other things, instead of a chest of drawers for clothes or a shelf. And the look of the corner entertainment center always offers added peace of mind to space.

Supported TV Stands

This is a particular type of entertainment center, very favorable for frequent rearrangements since you can dispense with drilling a wall to hang the screen, and all the wires are neatly hidden in a particular slot.

Also, the support allows tilting the screen at some favorable angle or rotates in the elementary direction.

These entertainment centers look good in interiors in minimalism, and a table with sideboards will replace a coffee table very well.

In conjunction with floor entertainment centers, the crowd often chooses hinged TV stands and sideboards; this alternative saves floor space and makes it easier for you to use wall space effectively.

The sideboards and consoles are securely attached to particular brackets and are equipped with clamps that secure the set and protect it from falling. Now, you can see the configurations for modern style TV stands.

Types of Entertainment Centers Hangers Built-in Entertainment Center Ideas

modern entertainment center with fireplace

Wall-mounted entertainment center

The wall entertainment center is a very customary satisfaction, which moves a common center from the floor to the wall, with full preservation of all convenient and serviceable functionalities.

This kind of is perfect for arranging all the primary equipment and will provide uniqueness to the apartment’s interior.

Entertainment center with elevator

An elevator entertainment center is an alternative with a particular built-in mechanism. It makes it easy for you to raise and lower the screen or LCD panel to an eye-friendly height to rotate and tilt or hide under special storage; this is incredibly favorable if you have a colossal LCD for young kids who love active games.

Hanging shelves:

For the most part, free and spacious occasions can take on a bookshelf or coffee table’s functionalities.

The beautifully hinged TV sideboards with safety doors can transform into a resemblance of a bookshelf or video disc housing.

Hanging TV console:

Hanging TV stands differ from the sideboards only in less occupation and more considerable distinction.

In most cases, the primary role of this lovely design is to decorate the interior. The console will also be favorable for arranging speakers and a player, and accessories will look good on it.

Entertainment centers are furniture items, and the choice of materials, in this situation, is just as extensive and different, limited only by the budget of the buyers.

Wood, plastic, metal, glass:

Choosing the right material will help increase the occupancy of the item and provide added distinction to the interior:


This material is at the moment possibly the most popular since it fits very well into modern interiors. It looks spectacular and fits into small rooms; using its transparency, the glass amusement center looks light and visually does not take up quite a lot of space.

But glass furniture is probably unsafe and is not suggested for use in homes with youngsters. To increase safety, tables and supports are made of tempered glass, which has greater thickness and strength.

Solid wood is a tradition that will never die. This material also offers a wide range of independence in design choices, from fast minimalism to bulky entertainment centers, from solid wood of a primary breed to unfinished wood in a popular Scandinavian style.

Wooden entertainment centers fit into both traditional and modern interiors. This material is expensive and calls for caution. Still, in our time, it is feasible to replace wood with more affordable analogs and imitations: the market gives an extensive selection of different particle boards, thus as popular laminating and veneering techniques.


These entertainment centers are right for a unique and cool high-tech design, but they will look good in more familiar interiors.

Metal can be chrome-plated, matte and smooth, painted in numerous colors; it is also very durable, healthy, and blends beautifully with other materials.

What should we look for in a Modern Entertainment Center?

When it comes time to replace your setup today, there are a few important considerations to take into account.

First, you’ll want to make sure your entertainment center is rated to fit your TV’s size, assuming you don’t intend to mount it on the wall.

You may also not require as much space for electronic gadgets since you may have a Smart TV that does not require numerous add-ons, such as DVD and Blu-ray players.

Nevertheless, thanks to the fact that there is never enough housing space for other items in the home, you may want to consider a unit with the type of housing that allows you to store these items discreetly.

So, at this point, it is ideal to choose whether you want your entertainment center to be a focal point of the room or to blend in with space without drawing too much attention to the design.

Fundamentally, however, one of the most notable points is occupancy.

And that means fitting it into the space you have without overwhelming the room or making it feel small and cramped.

These are several of the superior modern entertainment centers that you can find accessible online.

entertainment center wall unit

Top 12 Modern Entertainment Center Ideas

Boone is a floating entertainment center for TVs up to 70 ″

It has a clean, modern design that keeps you in the game with plenty of accommodation space and a contemporary design without taking up vast area proportions.

The entertainment center comes with brackets that make it easier to mount a TV up to 70 inches.

While wall-mounted to save floor space, even allow you to place complementary seating underneath the guests’ unit.

It has three media dressers inside, so if you have supplementary gadgets, you have ample opportunity to store them neatly, with built-in media holes. 1 for TV and 1 for media cables arising from supplementary electronic gadgets.

Entertainment center Pratiksha for TVs up to 65 ″

It has an ultra-modern design that uses prominent gloss and matte finishes bringing contemporary elements to your space, attached with an excellent accommodation ratio.

We are equipped for modern homes with more important monitoring gadgets and various electronic gadgets.

Each house has a TV. You find one command tons of accommodation for electronic gadgets and other items you want to hold out of sight.

The top shelf makes it easy for you to display your chosen items, while four cabinets and six drawers provide subtle accommodation for anything you want.

Built-in LED lights to add drama to the entertainment center and allow you to have low-level lighting with all other lights off for seamless monitoring at night, just like in a theater.

The wood and glass design is lighter than hardwood

You allow for unassisted assembly and installation in your space with nothing more than a screwdriver.

It is a post-modern accessory that will elevate your space by giving it a contemporary facade and feel while simultaneously cleaning up the area around it.

Making it easy for you to arrange and store any item quickly you don’t want in plain sight.

It was built to accommodate a surprising proportion of accommodation.

The entertainment center offers space for all your things.

From complimentary electronic gadgets to display items to those that need to be stored out of sight, they are simple to access.

The conjunction of prominent gloss and matte finishes blend for an incredibly up-to-date façade.

And the multicolored LED lights showcase the glass cabinets, thus as theatrical lighting for nighttime viewing without burning out other lights.

Norloti floating entertainment center

It transports mid-century modern style into the new millennium while remaining serviceable and visually attractive.

The wall-mounted unit saves space and is a stunning focal point for your living room, family room, den, or game room.

You are making it easy for you to tidy up all your electronic and entertainment gadgets for aesthetics and tool.

Cherie is a floating entertainment center for TVs up to 88 ″

Its ultra-modern style is cute and comfortable, transforming your monitoring sector into a contemporary design.

As a floating entertainment center, it leaves space underneath for added seating accommodations, thus as other items you require to move aside every day, maximizing room in your living space.

It has two floating sideboards inside to display your favorite pictures or other sentimental pieces.

With three drawers and four cabinets for hidden storage items, you need to access without cluttering your area quickly.

Keep your electronic amusement gadgets organized and arranged while you can watch a TV display up to 88 inches with this amusement center’s accompaniment.

Morton Entertainment Center for televisions up to 88 ″

Its off-center design truly embraces an updated home’s cute contemporary style while maximizing housing space and decreasing care time by making cleanup incredibly simple.

The fabricated wood material is lightweight yet strong and is covered with a high-definition gloss laminate that is interesting and serviceable for simple cleaning and long-lasting strength.

Tempered glass adds a beautifying look to the wall-mounted columns, and the multi-color LED lighting included in the entertainment center facilitates theatrical-type program monitoring, so you can set the stage for whatever you want to watch.

The system consists of 5 pieces, inside two columns with cabinets.

Two free-standing sideboards display numerous sentimental and display items, and a base unit with tons of covered housing space for storing available but unsightly items.

Caverly’s Entertainment Center

It gives you a complete entertainment wall full of housing configurations and ways to arrange all your electronics for an organized and arranged set up in a modern setting.

  • Made of manufactured wood, the colossal entertainment center is still lightweight versus hardwood configurations, weighing only 350 pounds.
  • It has room to tidy up to a 65-inch TV.
  • With two huge drawers underneath and tall cabinets on either side to hold all the items that would otherwise clutter your living room.

Plus, there are two free-standing sideboards, so your set links directly to your TV for simple entry.

The top shelf makes it easy for you to display noteworthy items.

Assembly is simple and requires no more than a screwdriver and two people.

Cleaning is also effortless, as you only need to wipe the glossy area with a dry cloth.

Aubrianna entertainment center for TV sets up to 60 ″

It transforms the beauty and appeal of classic elements into a modern design that prepares you for organization and hours of fun.

This set has three pieces, a credenza, and two tower cabinets, that create a unique masterpiece to highlight your large flat-screen TV up to 60 inches.

Moreover, it was simultaneously giving you plenty of space to store unsightly items behind the sliding cabinet doors.

This way as you display pictures, books, or other items that make you feel sentimental.

Rawlins entertainment center for televisions up to 46 ″

It is a tremendous present-day satisfaction for a smaller living room. It exploits the space you have to display your TV without overwhelming your space and feeling cramped.

With conjunction of a reliable and manufactured wood creation

You have a reliable product that still doesn’t weigh a ton. It is totaling just over 141 pounds, and is rated to hold up to 95 pounds.

The cinnamon cherry finish on the entertainment center elevates the part’s look. It is giving you tons of accommodation space in a condensed overall size.

There are several sideboards for storing and displaying valuable items or sentiment.

Thus two enclosed cabinets for concealed storage where you can discreetly store other items out of sight.

Crandon entertainment center for televisions up to 65 ″

It is a fabulous neo-modern part that transforms into a built-in fixture. And makes it easy for you to display items. Your TV simultaneously, which causes the entire setup to be a focal point.

On the bottom left side of the design

You will find two small sideboards extraordinary for all your electronic gadgets, such as streaming devices and gaming systems.

On the right, you will find uneven sideboards to display. Your most prized items, according to the current asymmetrical stage specials.

Entertainment center Olivas for televisions up to 70 ″

It’s an unusually industrial updated edition of an amusement center. With a way to take minimalist elements and intricately weave them together for a generally exciting design.

Mixing real wood, veneers, and iron, the entertainment center is exciting. It will attract guests’ attention while remaining serviceable and enterprising.

The free-standing sideboards detail the iron latticework, creating a robust design. It is using reliable and manufactured wood to fill the materials’ industrial mix.

Lasker is a floating entertainment center for TVs up to 88 ″

Showcase a contemporary design with minimalist points and elements of clean lines and sharp angles.

Start with tempered glass support that can accommodate a colossal flat-screen TV. It can be up to 88 inches and all its elements and cables, and you have an ideal complement to your media center.

Next, accommodation is provided behind doors with distinguished finishes in 2 cabinets and two full-extension drawers.

Where you can store the unsightly items, you require to enter quickly.

There are two free sideboards for supplementary media players required for your amusement.

And 2 LED lights in the ceiling assist you in shrinking the illumination. Throughout the monitor and making the scope for a film or watching a series over.


When we come from someplace else where we can accommodate some stress level. It considers having some way to let go of that stress in the home.

For many, the TV can be a very entertaining option. Others choose video game consoles.

The situation is that whatever your choice is, you mustn’t deviate from the purpose. Entertain yourself and release pressure.

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