Best Modern Bedroom Wardrobe Ideas | 10 Latest Ideas (2021)


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The wardrobes in the bedrooms are the primary things for the storage of clothing. However, with some essential modifications in the interior of the bedroom’s modern designs, several wardrobes designs can add decoration to your bedrooms. In this advanced age, the bedrooms without any wardrobe seem incomplete because the mess in the bedroom is evident to everyone. The cabinets in the bedrooms fulfill the purpose of decoration and give you additional storage space and other facilities. Whether your room is small or a big deluxe master bedroom, the modern wardrobes are available to provide an elegant look to your bedrooms as per your dreams. In this article, I will share the 10 best modern bedroom wardrobe ideas.

Best Bedroom Wardrobe Ideas

We are enlisting ten modern and straightforward bedroom wardrobe ideas below.

Contemporary Bedroom Wardrobes

The contemporary bedroom wardrobes are designed with an elegant look by combining old and contemporary materials. The set of wooden wardrobes in bedrooms are much in use to give them a classy look. The drawers and shelves in these wardrobes enhance the look of your bedroom along with the wooden furniture. These wardrobes are made of engineered wood with a warranty of 12 months.

  • Color: Nature and Textured Grey
  • Material: Wood
  • Finish Type: Gray
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 82.48 x 22.76 x 81.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 344.43 Pounds
Manhattan Comfort Gramercy Contemporary Modern...
179 Reviews
Manhattan Comfort Gramercy Contemporary Modern...
  • Give Your Wardrobe a Glamorous Look with the Gramercy Wardrobe Armoire Closet by Manhattan Comfort, Featuring a Beautiful Contemporary Style in a Two-Tone Natural Wood and Textured Grey Finish.
  • Measures 82. 48" L in. x 22. 76" W in. x 81. 3" H in. and Weighs 344. 43 lbs. Home Assembly Required.
  • Crafted from Durable MDF and Rust-Proof Aluminum.

Portable Bedroom Wardrobe

If you are looking for a closet design that you can move from one place to another quickly, the portable design will suit you the most. This wardrobe is best for kids because it has many drawers and storage spaces. The primary material of these bedroom wardrobes is plastic.

  • Finish: NA.
  • Brand: House of Quirk.
  • Style: Portable closet.
  • Colour: Translucent.

Single Door Bedroom Wardrobe

If you want to have a wardrobe for a small size bedroom, this single-door closet is a lovely bedroom design that will be best for you. It has a mirror on one side and is suitable for tall bedroom wardrobes for single people’s bedrooms. The primary material for this wardrobe is engineered wood, and the warranty is 36 months.

  • Finish: Wenge.
  • Brand: Space wood.
  • Style: Single door wardrobe for a small size bedroom.
  • Colour: Brown.
Sauder Homeplus Wardrobe, Salt Oak finish
1,902 Reviews
Sauder Homeplus Wardrobe, Salt Oak finish
  • Safety tested for stability to help reduce tip-over accidents
  • Adjustable shelf for flexible storage options
  • Garment rod included

Sliding Bedroom Wardrobe

If you like the design for the bedroom with the two-door bedroom wardrobe, the closet with sliding doors gives a lavish look to your room. For the big rooms, with the ample space inside the wardrobe with sliding doors will prove to be best. The primary material for making this wardrobe is Pre-laminated particleboard; the finish is laminated matt, and the warranty is five years.

  • Brand: Primorati.
  • Style: Sliding door wardrobe.
  • Colour:  Classic walnut.
  • Room type: Master bedroom.
  • Doors: 2 doors.
  • No of shelves: 9 shelves.
Palace Imports 100% Solid Wood 2-Sliding Door...
  • 4 small shelves included (standard)
  • Optional additional large shelves sold separately
  • Up to 3 large shelves can be added for the total of 4

Hinge Door Bedroom Wardrobe

If you want to add more space to your room, this wall bedroom wardrobe design is best for your need. This modern bedroom wardrobe has various internal fittings, configurations, drawers made of high-quality material, and German hardware. It is the best wardrobe to increase the storage space of the room. The primary material in making these wardrobes is MDF, the finish is foil membrane, and the warranty is five years.

  • Brand: Primorati.
  • Style: Full wall bedroom wardrobe.
  • Colour: African walnut.
  • Room type: Small bedroom.
  • Doors: 4 Doors.
  • No of shelves: 21 shelves.
  • No of drawers: 5 drawers.

Three-door L-Shaped Bedroom Wardrobe

If you are looking for the perfect wardrobe for your kids, this L- shaped wardrobe is proven to be best for kids’ needs. This closet is spacious enough, keeping in mind the safety measurements taken for kids. The primary material for manufacturing these wardrobes is engineered wood, and the warranty is for 12 months.

  • Finish: White finish
  • Brand: Mollycoddle
  • Style: L- shaped wardrobe
  • Colour: white
  • Room type: Kids bedroom
  • Doors: 3 doors
  • No of shelves: 5 shelves
  • No of Drawers: 2 drawers
Aeitc Portable Wardrobe Closets 14'x18' Depth Cube...
358 Reviews
Aeitc Portable Wardrobe Closets 14"x18" Depth Cube...
  • ✔【LARGE & MULTI-USE STORAGE】 A total size of 42" x 18" x 56". Each cube can support more than 22 lbs. Great storage space to store clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, and many other things you want!
  • ✔【STRONG & STURDY DESIGN】Cube Panel is made of a high classed resin material that is very strong to bear heavyweight, woven fabric like and slim to offer maximum storage space. Strengthen the steel frame provides extra support, great for long usage.
  • ✔【ADJUSTABLE & ATTRACTIVE】 Closet can be shaped by your DIY in any way that suits your spaces and needs, just depend on how you structure the cube! Flexible and can fit into your every décor and spaces, make your home stunning.

Multipurpose twin bedroom Wardrobe

Do your teenage children want a wardrobe with multipurpose features? If the answer is yes, this multipurpose wardrobe fulfills the needs of your kids, as it is made of unique texture wood, has a dressing table, and available in neutral colors. Moreover, you can store many things in these wardrobes according to your need. In this wall wardrobe, you can keep clothes and other accessories on the open shelving side. The primary material in making these wardrobes is engineered wood, polished material, and warranty is36 months.

  • Style: Twin wardrobe.
  • Brand: Space wood.
  • Colour: light brown.
  • Room type: for teenager’s bedroom.
  • No of shelves: 6 shelves.
  • No of drawers: 2 drawers.

No products found.

Wardrobe with Dressing Table

The wardrobe in the modern bedroom with the dressing table is much in trend and is perfect for a couple of bedrooms. This wardrobe is in black and adds extra space to your room in the shape of the dressing table. It will enhance the look of your bedroom if you have black furniture in your bedroom. The primary material used in making this wardrobe is a Pre-laminated Particleboard, the finish is laminate finish, and the warranty is five years.

  • Style: Wardrobe with dresser.
  • Room type: Couple Master Bedroom.
zoyo Corner Vanity with 3 Folding Mirrors,Corner...
487 Reviews
zoyo Corner Vanity with 3 Folding Mirrors,Corner...
  • 【Tri-fold Mirror - Multi-Angle Makeup】The tri-folding mirror can capture the perfect details of the close makeup and skin care process from different angles at the same time, helping you to complete your makeup with the utmost confidence. contributes both fashion and practicality to your bedroom.
  • 【Powerful Storage Space】This corner vanity makeup table set with tri-folding mirrors features 5 drawers and 3 storage shelves,Its compact size allows it to fit seamlessly in any corner of the room. With a large tabletop, this dresser means plenty of storage space for your jewelry, hair accessories, makeup and other beauty essentials.
  • 【Sturdy & Durable】This corner vanity desk combines the solid structure and finely machined high-strength particleboard construction is more robust, ensuring durability and stability,high-quality materials that will be a staple of your beauty routine for years to come.

Designer Bedroom Wardrobes

The designer wardrobe in bedrooms has a smooth door closer, with glossy door panels, and available in attractive designs. This is the original item you can decorate your bedroom with modern wooden wardrobes. These wardrobes will look more beautiful and elegant if you choose them in white color with black designs. The primary material in making these wardrobes is engineered wood, finish is pearl, and warranty for one year.

MAGINELS Portable Wardrobe Closets - 14'x18' Depth...
49 Reviews
MAGINELS Portable Wardrobe Closets - 14"x18" Depth...
  • 【LARGE & MULTI-USE STORAGE】 A total size of 42" x 18" x 56" for this storage shelf. Each storage cube is 14"x18"x14" large, 3x more space than normal cube. Great storage space to store folded clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, books, toys, yarn and pretty much anything you want!
  • 【STURDY STRUCTURE】22 lb load-bearing for each cube. Supported by steel frames, environmental resin panels and ABS connectors.
  • 【INGENIOUS DESIGN】Customizable and Classic design so that they can fit into different places with different styles of decoration.

Classic Mirror Bedroom Wardrobe

The classic mirror wardrobe for bedrooms gives an antic look to your bedrooms. The wardrobes with mirrors and old wooden shelves provide a fashionable look, are practical, and best for the single person. These wardrobes are made up of recycled materials and thus come with a long life. The primary material for these wardrobes is Mango wood, the finish is solid wood, and the warranty is 36 months.

H&A 65'x24' Full Length Mirror Bedroom Floor...
2,146 Reviews
H&A 65"x24" Full Length Mirror Bedroom Floor...
  • Overall Size: 65"x24". Mirror Size: 64.5"x23.2". Large enough for you to view your entire outfit.
  • This dressing mirror is durable with 5mm pure sliver lens,authentic sliver mirror adopting International Environmental Standard.
  • Exquisite Solid classic PS frame cheval mirror, contemporary color and design fits all decors.

Best Modern Bedroom Wardrobe Ideas: FAQs

How do I build a wardrobe for my bedroom?

I can start to build a wardrobe for my bedroom by cutting plywood panels down to a measured size with the help of a circular saw and getting guidance with the rip cut guide. Now I will make the frame and will add dividers at the backside. Afterward, I will make drawers by adding edge banding. Then I will apply sand and finish to it. In the end, I will add hardware items like hanger rods and handles to the wardrobe. 

How do you build a wardrobe in a small bedroom?

You can make a wardrobe in a small bedroom by using the wall behind the bed. You should match the color of your wood with the walls and floor of your bedroom. It is best to choose a sliding door design for your small room. In your wardrobe, fix the mirrors inside and other reflective materials with light colors.

Which colour is best for the bedroom wardrobe?

The most popular Vastu-approved colors for wardrobes are light wood colours and finish with neutral and whites. When wardrobes cover a considerable amount of space in a room, you should choose colours that look seamless and sleek. Moreover, these colours reflect light and give your room a spacious feel.

How do you get a spacious wardrobe?

There are ten easy ways to get spacious wardrobes:

  • It would help if you threw out the old clothes you don’t need.
  • Remove the clutter from your wardrobe.
  • Don’t forget the space available to you on your floors.
  • Add the lighting system to your wardrobes.
  • Make the upper shelves for everyday use.
  • You can hang a mirror in your wardrobe.
  • Paint your wardrobe with light colors.
  • It would help if you did not count out the corners of your wardrobe. 

Are our sliding wardrobes better than doors?

Yes, sliding door wardrobes are more contemporary storage solutions and are an excellent option to opt for, as they are more practical for working well in numerous room kinds. Sliding door wardrobes tend to be larger, with more space for your things and accessories. They can also be more stable, as they are not reliable on hinges that can hold up the doors.

How do you design a bedroom?

You can easily design your bedroom by choosing a subtle color and keeping the bedroom simple and should not overlook the ceiling and choose the accurate size of the furniture. You can have plenty of storage places by including a private nook and, also add luxurious Linens and cover the windows with suitable and matching colors with walls and other furniture items.  


Now in this advanced age, the large bedroom wardrobes have become outdated and are replaced with corner wardrobes and modern bedroom closets that are more suitable for the smaller rooms. The colors of the cabinets make you surely mad when you are selecting classic and antique designs on them. Most people like the wardrobes with natural light colors, matched with the whole furniture items and the color of the floor tiles.I hope that these bedroom ideas, with wardrobes made with either engineered wood or hardboard, will be helpful to you in selecting the cabinet designs according to the colour and size of your bedroom.

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