Best Office Chair for Herniated Disc | Latest Picks With Reviews (2022)

It’s no secret that many of us spend more than half of our working hours sitting down. This puts too much stress and pressure on your body, especially your back. The good news is the right office chair can be the perfect solution.

After all, it ensures your comfort all day, prevents herniated discs, and even helps your spine recover if it’s already problematic. However, every ergonomic chair there promises to help with a herniated disc, but we know that is not true. 

The question now is, which is the best office chair for a herniated disc? 

That’s where we come in. We have conducted extensive research on the best office chairs for a herniated disc. All the office chairs featured in this guide are scientifically proven to keep your back in the best condition. 

So, without further ado, here are the top 6 best office chairs for a herniated disc you’ll find on the market.

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Our Top Choice

If you’re in a rush, you can check out our top pick, the Steelcase Leap Office Chair with Black Frame and Buzz2 Black Fabric. Based on our in-depth research on what defines the right office chair for herniated disc, we determined it has all the features you’ll need in an office chair if you have a herniated disc.

Top Office Chair for Herniated Disc at a Glance

Steelcase Leap V2 Desk Chair in Buzz2 Black Fabric...
Steelcase Leap V2 Desk Chair in Buzz2 Black Fabric...
Product Dimensions
25"D x 27"W x 43.5"H
Recommended Uses For Product
Maximum Weight Recommendation
500 pounds
15 Colors Available
Buy Now
Steelcase Leap V2 Desk Chair in Buzz2 Black Fabric...
Steelcase Leap V2 Desk Chair in Buzz2 Black Fabric...
Product Dimensions
25"D x 27"W x 43.5"H
Recommended Uses For Product
Maximum Weight Recommendation
500 pounds
15 Colors Available
Buy Now

What to Look For in the Best Office Chair for Herniated Disc

What to Look For in the Best Office Chair for Herniated Disc

According to several studies, many people who spend long hours sitting report having horrible postures. Unfortunately, this isn’t that surprising because most office chairs don’t offer the proper support needed to keep a good posture. 

It’s either your back is too straight, you need to move forward too often, or you just don’t fit in the chair well enough. This often leads to bad posture, which, in turn, places too much stress on your spine. 

This can cause the discs in your spine to bulge or even herniate. These can be eliminated by getting the right office chair for a herniated disc. However, how do you know which chair is best for you?

You need to look for some things when comparing the available options for an office chair if you have a herniated disc.

Smart Ergonomics

The first thing to look for in an office chair for herniated disc is whether it has been designed with ergonomics in mind. Ergonomics offers a comfortable posture and helps eliminate any back discomfort or pain.

You will find that these smart ergonomic chairs designed with ergonomics as the primary consideration tend to look a bit futuristic. Some of these chairs look like they belong to a sci-fi film set and not in your office. 

However, these “wacky” office chairs help alleviate the stress and pressure off your spine because they fit your body right and feel fantastic. 

In contrast, most chairs with simpler designs tend to contort your body in all the wrong positions. This can easily lead to nasty back pains or, worse, a herniated disc.

Smart and Strategic Chair Cushioning

You’ll be spending much of your day on that office chair you are looking to buy. That’s why you should look for intelligent and strategic cushioning in an office chair or herniated disc. 

In this case, the cushioning on a good office chair shouldn’t just be comfortable, but it should also prevent unnecessary stress on your pressure points. The best office chair for a herniated disc will have an excellent structure that keeps you in a good posture, even when sitting for long periods.

That’s why you’ll want to look for a chair with cushioning that’s soft enough to be comfortable but still resilient enough to provide stability and support.

It’s also important to note that an office chair with poorly laid cushioning will cause you to keep shifting your weight around and force you to use the chair in ways that it wasn’t designed for. This can compromise your spine health and aggravate your herniated disc.

Easy Adjustability

Adjustability is another feature to look for when getting an office chair for a herniated disc. In this case, an excellent office chair allows you to custom seat your body to the chair. 

However, not even the best office chair for herniated discs will be a custom fit for you. For that, you’ll need an office chair with adjustable arms, back angles, and seats. These will help you adjust your position while sitting so that it’s comfortable but offers the right amount of support for your back.

Key Considerations for Buying Office Chair for Herniated Disc

Key Considerations for Buying Office Chair for Herniated Disc

As you know, there are many office chairs for a herniated disc from a wide range of suppliers. Of course, before considering which single chair is the best, it’s better to note some of the key considerations for the best office chair for a herniated disc.

So, what are they? Let’s check them out.

Straight or Reclining Back!

Deciding on whether to go with a straight or reclining back office chair is a critical consideration. The angle you choose for your back matters a lot. However, this is not an easy decision if you are new to the world of office chairs for a herniated disc. 

How do you know whether the right option for you is straight or reclining at a time when there is growing research showing that sitting on a stool with no back is incredibly beneficial for your posture?

In this case, researchers have established that reclining back chairs are the best option right now. A study conducted by the University of Alberta concluded that a reclined angle of 135° minimizes pressure on your spinal disc. 

Still, sitting at such a reclined angle isn’t that possible in the typical office setup. Nevertheless, you will still want a bit of reclining in your chair to help relieve some of the pressure that builds on your spine during office hours.

For this, a chair that allows you to push back when you want to is already good enough. However, you should note that a chair with a back that’s 90° straight is terrible for your spine and a chair that makes you lean forward is even worse. So, it’s best to opt for an office chair that you can tip back now and then.

The Right Height for a Chair Back

It would be best if you also considered choosing high-back office chairs if you have a herniated disc because they will provide enough support to your neck and upper back. 

Chairs with lower backs are bad for two main reasons: they offer little support, and you have to lean forward when working. Both of these put more pressure on your spine, which can aggravate your condition. 


Many buyers forget that durability is another critical consideration, mainly when they focus too much on the other aspects they need to consider. 

Most office chairs designed to help with herniated discs tend to cost more than your average chair, so you’ll need to ensure they’re durable enough to maximize it. It will also help if backed by an excellent warranty and made by a reputable manufacturer.

Overall Features to Consider For Buying Office Chair for Herniated Disc

Overall Features to Consider For Buying Office Chair for Herniated Disc

So, what specific features should you look for in the best office chair for herniated discs?

Seat Height

First, you should note that choosing a chair with adjustable height is vital when looking for the best office chair for herniated discs. In this case, the average seat height for most people is 16 to 21 inches from off the floor to the chair. 

This ideal height allows the user to flat their feet on the floor while the thighs and arms remain horizontal. You’ll also find that most office chairs for herniated discs use a pneumatic lever for the seat’s height adjustment.

Seat Width and Depth

Aside from that, an excellent office chair for herniated discs needs enough width and depth to accommodate the user comfortably. In this case, the standard for office chairs is a width of 17 to 20 inches. 

On the other hand, the breadth should be long enough so that the user can lean on the backrest of their office chair if they have a herniated disc. However, it should still leave about 2 to 5 inches between the back of his knee and the chair’s seat.

Lumbar Support

Lower support back in an office chair for herniated disc is crucial. You see, the lumbar spine curves inward, so sitting for extended periods without adequate support for this curve can easily lead to slouching. 

A high-quality office chair should have a lumbar adjustment for both depth and height so that you have enough support for this inward curve. This also helps alleviate pain and pressure on your herniated disc.


The standard backrest for an office chair for a herniated disc is around 19 to 21 inches. However, if a backrest is separate from the chair, it should adjust its height and angle. A fantastic backrest should also support the natural curve of the spine.

The back seat should have adjustable forward and rear angles if the chair and backrest are together. It should also feature a locking mechanism to prevent it from going further when you set the required position. 

Seat Material

The material on the seat and back of the office seat with herniated disc should be comfortable to sit on for long periods. In this case, it’s better to go for a chair made from breathable materials rather than a harder surface.


We also recommend that your office chair for your herniated disc has adjustable armrests. These will allow your shoulders to relax and maintain a proper posture since your arms can rest more comfortably.


Lastly, your office chair for a herniated disc should also be able to swivel so that you can easily reach the different areas of your desk without struggling.

Now that you know what to look for and consider when finding the best office chair for a herniated disc, let’s look at the top 6 office chairs you’ll find these days.

List of 6 Best Office Chair for a Herniated Disc Reviews

01- Steelcase Leap Office Chair with a Black Frame and Buzz2 Black Fabric


  • 5 position recline lock
  • Fully adjustable arms
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Has lower back firmness control
  • Upholstered back and seat
  • Height adjustable lumbar
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Recline tension adjustment
  • A contoured backrest that changes shape as you move to support your entire spine
  • Breathable materials
  • Long-term durability
  • Features a patented natural glide system

The Steelcase Leap is a high-performance office chair. It’s said to exceed the industry standards in terms of fit, movement, and support. The Steelcase Leap Office Chair comes in four different models: the plus, the stool, the work lounge, and the standard chair.

This office chair is designed with a sleek look and a plastic outer shell. It also offers many options for color, configuration, and fabric choices. The overall design is also simple and modern, prioritizing durability over style.

It was also designed to adjust to the changing shape of your spine as you shift and modify your sitting position. The upholstery options for the Steelcase Leap Office Chair are vinyl, leather, and 3D knit designs. 

The 3D knit happens to be the most common design because it efficiently combines breathability and comfort for the user. The cushions are designed to look thinner than they are, and you’ll find them dense and supportive. The aim of this is to eliminate the overall bulkiness. 

Steelcase leap office chair comes with a passive seat edge to reduce pressure on your thighs when seated. It’s an excellent feature that increases blood circulation and contributes to your overall comfort while sitting.


  • Lifetime Warranty: Steelcase leap office chair comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the base, armrest structure, frame, and outer shell.
  • Adjustable Seat for Comfort: The chair allows for tweaking the seat’s depth and angle, which helps you find a sitting position that opens up your hip angle. This takes the pressure off your legs and leads to better blood flow and comfort.
  • Adjustable Armrests: Every armrest on this office chair can be adjusted in 4 different ways.


  • No Headrests for Other Models: The Plus and Stool models of the Steelcase leap office chair do not come with a headrest; however, the standard model does have a headrest. 
  • Thinner Padding: Some customers complained that the Steelcase Leap Office Chair’s padding is too thin for comfort. In that case, if you want an office chair with enviable padding, you can also consider the Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic chair. 

02- Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair


  • Fully adjustable arms
  • Arms slide backward and forward over a wide range.
  • Features a tilt limiter that allows you to use any three available postures.
  • Two independent pads flex to adjust for your spine’s fix.
  • Tension control for adjusting your reclining energy and comfort.
  • Seat angle adjustment for changing seat angle from neutral to engaged.
  • Breathable fabric that keeps the user cool and comfortable.
  • Stable seat base
  • High height range
  • Combined carpet and hard floor castors
  • Both leather and standard arm pads
  • Available in 4 colours; carbon, onyx, graphite, and mineral

The Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic chair was designed to maintain balance and proper stability while sitting. However, what sets the Aeron chair apart from the other office chairs intended for herniated disc is its patented PostureFit SL, which specialty was built to enable your body to mimic the exact shape of the chair’s strongest posture.

At its strongest, you can achieve a better posture when standing, with your chest open and the pelvis tilted forward. Like the Steelcase Leap Office Chair, Black Frame, and Buzz2 Black Fabric, this office chair for a herniated disc was made from high-quality materials that offer aesthetic appeal and durability.

The tilt of the Aeron chair allows the chair to move along with the movements of your body. This eliminates the discomfort of sitting in a single position for long periods. The Aeron’s tilt is so good that you seamlessly move between forwarding and reclining postures during your reclining time. 

The Aeron chair is available in three unique, different materials; carbon, graphite, and mineral. The mineral is the lightest material, and it borders on translucent with its fresh and ethereal quality. 

Carbon is balanced and neutral with a modern look that works well for warm and cool environments. On the other hand, graphite provides a modern rendition of the classic Aeron chair.


  • Excellent Design: Its unique design offers both style and functionality in one chair. It also works well in addressing the struggles of maintaining proper posture when seated.
  • High Durability: You don’t have to worry about replacing your chair sooner than expected because it’s built to last and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.
  • Incredible Ergonomics: It’s designed to move in sync with your own body’s movements, ensuring you maintain a proper posture and remain comfortable while working.


  • Awkward Adjustment: The manual adjustments feel awkward to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, the process becomes more seamless.

03- Eurotech Seating Vera Office Chair


  • Tilt tension control adapts to your weight
  • Synchro-tilt for adjusting preset recline angle
  • Seat depth adjustable relative to the user’s back
  • Adjustable seat height relative to distance from the floor
  • 6-way adjustable arms to maximize your comfort
  • Soft and comfortable seat cushion
  • Tilt lock to lock the tilt function when you find your perfect posture
  • Mesh backing to let air flow in freely
  • Several colour options include; grey, black, black and white, blue and wine red
  • Green guard-certified seat

The Eurotech Seating Vera Office Chair is a well-designed office chair that works as hard as you. It provides an ideal combination of style and functionality for your everyday tasks at work. 

The Vera Office Chair also comes in an elegant design, like the Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair–Size A, Graphite. At its finest, you will find the chair featuring luxurious materials and a refined look. It will help create an air of sophistication and confidence in your workspace.

More than that, this high back seating solution offers natural lumbar support and user-friendly controls. You’ll find that this Vera chair makes it easy to get comfortable at your desk and operate at a high level throughout task-filled workdays.


  • Perfect Fit: This chair was designed to perfectly fit your body and adapt to your movements, ensuring the utmost comfort and support while you work.
  • Easy Assembly: You can enjoy its features immediately since assembling it quickly and seamlessly.
  • Elegant Design: It uses high-quality materials that perfectly combine style and function in one chair so that you can get the support you need for your herniated disc without sacrificing appearance.


  • Awkward Seat Adjustment: The horizontal adjustment of the seat is awkward to use at first, but you get used to it.
  • Firmer Seat Cushions: The cushioning of the seat is firmer than what you’d expect. However, this offers incredible support, especially if you have a herniated disc.

04- Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Back Leather Swivel Chair


  • Features a tilt-tension control
  • It has a tilt lock
  • It comes with a synchro-tilt
  • Features back angle adjustment
  • It has seat height adjustment
  • Back height adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Waterfall seat
  • Arm height adjustment
  • Arm depth adjustment
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Swivel arm

The Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Back Office Chair seamlessly blends form, function, and aesthetic into one fantastic office chair. It’s the ideal seating solution for your office. 

Just like the Eurotech Seating Vera Office Chair, Black, you will find that this office chair is an excellent option if you have a herniated disc. It also comes in a sleek black color, perfect for your modern office setup.

However, the most notable about this chair is that the armrests and seat are entirely adjustable. As a result, it can accommodate different body types without sacrificing the chair’s fit or comfort when seated.

It was also designed with ergonomic support in mind, particularly in the arm and lumbar areas. What’s more, this chair comes with a swivel base with five conveniently rotating casters that will allow you to move your chair without much issue.


  • Optimal Quality and Comfort: It’s a well-constructed chair that offers the utmost quality and comfort, perfect for those with herniated discs.
  • High Ergonomic Efficiency: This chair was also designed with ergonomics as its top priority, so you can rest assured it offers the amount of support needed for your herniated disc. 
  • Fits Any Body Type: It also has an adjustable seat and armrests, so it can perfectly accommodate any user, regardless of their body type or size.


  • Can’t Handle Too-Heavy Loads: Unfortunately, this chair can’t handle heavy loads, so if you’re on the heavier side, you may want to check out the Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair.

05- Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair – Wave


  • It comes in either leather or fabric version
  • It has an iconic design
  • Self-locking recline mechanism
  • Adjusts to every user automatically
  • It is weight-sensitive
  • It can easily fit 95% of your office population
  • Dynamic support to cradle the head
  • Support for the neck during recline
  • Head and neck support remain upright when in a neutral position
  • Features a timeless aesthetic
  • Eliminates the need for manual controls
  • Dynamic support to cradle head and neck
  • Unique, timeless, and aesthetically appealing design
  • Remains neutral in an upright position

The Humanscale is one of the leading models for Freedom, a brand known for high-end office chairs. The Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair is an incredible office chair that features a unique aesthetic appeal and will complement any workspace. 

This one won’t disappoint when it comes to high-quality office chairs for those with herniated discs. This one won’t disappoint. Much like the Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Back Leather Swivel Chair, you’ll find that this chair is exceptionally well-built and incorporates numerous nifty design concepts.

Moreover, this chair features incredibly comfortable padding that won’t sag or flatten, even with constant use. As a result, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort and support when seated for long periods, which is crucial if you have a herniated disc.

You can also expect its mechanical parts, including the headrest, to be as well-built. They can withstand the constant wear and tear from regular use, so you can expect this to last as long as possible without compromising the quality.


  • Perfect Balance: This chair strikes the perfect balance between offering support and comfort, ideal for those with herniated discs.
  • Built to Last: It’s also well-built and designed so that it lasts longer than your regular office chair without the quality declining. This makes it perfect if you have a herniated disc but need to sit for long.
  • Automatic Adjustability: This chair also has numerous adjustable parts, like a self-adjusting headrest. This allows it to offer you the support you need to maintain a proper posture, even without consciously thinking about it.


  • Pricier Option: The leather version of this chair tends to be more expensive than other models, but it’s worth it if you want something more visually appealing for your office.

06- Humanscale Diffrient Smart Desk Chair


  • It comes with adjustable durin arms
  • It has a self-adjusting recline
  • Comes with a pivoting backrest
  • It has a form sensing mesh back
  • Constant back support
  • Sophisticated weight-sensitive mechanism
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great design
  • Features a timeless aesthetic

The Humanscale Diffrient Smart Desk Chair is an excellent office chair for those with herniated discs because it was designed with ergonomics as one of its top priorities.

It has an automatic recline that provides the right amount of support for your body, and its reclining feature accommodates the full range of motion. The backrest also adjusts automatically to your back’s specific needs, allowing you to maintain a proper posture and alleviate the pressure on your herniated disc.

It’s also constructed with high-quality mesh that offers self-adjusting lumbar support and body-fitting contours. Overall, this chair provides the right support without needing adjustments, regardless of your body size.


  • Impressive Build Quality: This chair will certainly last you a long time, even with constant use.
  • Full Range of Motion: It also accommodates the full range of motion, so you can receive the right amount of support, even when moving.
  • Self-Adjusting Lumbar Support: This feature means you get the proper support for your lower back, even when not actively making any adjustments.


  • Clunky Armrests: This makes them slightly difficult to move, but this is a minor flaw compared to the excellent features it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ergonomic office chair?

The ergonomic office chair is a high-quality chair specially designed to deal with back pain and herniated disc. They are comfortable and thoroughly adjustable to relieve stress in your body’s muscles, joints, and nerves.

What is the standard height for an office chair for a herniated disc?

17 to 21 inches from the floor is considered the standard height for most office chairs. However, the right office chair height varies from person to person. The excellent news is ergonomic office chairs for herniated discs have an adjustable height. 

To determine the ideal height for you, you can set your office chair just below your knees when you’re standing. That way, your feet will sit flat on the floor and keep your knees at the recommended 90° angle.

What exactly does lumbar support mean in an office chair for a herniated disc?

Lumbar support is designed to fit in the small of your back. Its role is to fill the gap between your back, providing your spine with the proper alignment. Lumbar support ensures you are sitting in the correct posture and prevents herniated disc.

Why does my office chair for herniated disc keep squeaking?

If your office chair won’t stop squeaking, there is likely too much tension at the point where the springs touch the end of the housing. 

You can fix this using a lubricant and paper towels. You can apply the lubricant to the inside of the turn-knob of your chair.

Which is the best kind of wheels for an office chair?

In general, an excellent office chair for a herniated disc provides a firm foundation, offer balance, and move in every direction. That’s why chairs with 5 caster wheels are often the best choice.

However, if you’ll be using your chair on a hard surface, choosing a chair with soft rubber wheels is better.

Which is better, a straight or reclining back?

The angle of the backrest of your office chair is an important consideration. While many chairs promote a good sitting posture, what is good for your posture may negatively affect your back pain? 

In this case, if you have a herniated disc, researchers have established that an office chair with a reclining backrest is better to alleviate the pressure and pain in your back.

Which is the best seat edge design?

The seat edge design is an important consideration, especially for people with lower back pain. People who suffer from back pain report that the pain usually spreads to the thighs and legs.

In this case, a waterfall or flexible edge design can be the best solution because it promotes better blood circulation in the lower back as you sit. 

Which is good? Office chair with or without arms

Choosing an office chair with armrests is better, especially if you have a herniated disc. They allow your arms to rest in a relaxed position and loosen up. By so doing, they prevent your shoulders from feeling stiffness.


Not many things in this life will break you faster than sitting your back in an office chair all day, especially one that’s not designed to meet the needs of your spine. 

Studies are being conducted to determine whether office chairs are causing more damage to people’s backs than car accidents. In this case, choosing the wrong office chair could have devasting effects on your back and body health. 

That’s why finding the best office chair for herniated discs is crucial since it will give you the proper support for your back while keeping you comfortable. Not only will this allow you to maintain your spine in good shape, but it will also help you feel more energized at work.

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