Best Wood Flooring for Kitchen | Things to Consider & All Details


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A few years ago, most homeowners were horrified by wood as a choice for kitchens. This is even though linoleum was all the rage. And because it was ordinary hardwood, it posed too many problems. The eventual deterioration caused by water and the lack of soundness of bumps and scratches, no one liked it. Even today, many homeowners reject the idea of laying wooden kitchen floors. You may be considering this option, which is why we bring you the best wood flooring for the kitchen.

Wood floors today have changed a lot. They have become a popular choice for a kitchen over the past few years. Also, as time has gone by, they have become a smart choice. Today a wood floor can do amazing things for the design of a home. If appropriate methods of care are generally applied, it can last for years. So, let’s have a look at the best flooring for kitchens advice:

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Is it Engineered Versus Solid Flooring in a Kitchen?

There is often a great deal of debate about using engineered or solid flooring in a kitchen. All this, although the square foot is often a bit pricey (depending on the type of wood used), the debate between engineering and soundness tends to occur almost every time you need to make a wood floor. If Orange falls on your floor clean it or else it will spoil your floor. The answer usually lies in the needs and geographic factors of the homeowner. So, as with any other area of the home, the choice of the type of wood flooring you need lies in solid or engineered flooring. This will depend on the location of the kitchen in the home—all this, as well as the humidity fluctuations in the geographic area. Besides, hardwood floors can be very versatile in most cases. Sometimes by using the candle, its wax falls into the fall and you should remove it from the floor.

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This will also depend entirely on the support on which we have it in the same. Many of the examples of very specialized substrates include concrete or plaster with radiant heat pipes. We all want to have the warranty that our floor will be the best. That is why it is important to study what type of flooring is right for us, and more so if it is wood. This type of wood can be easily installed in above or below-grade environments and over radiant heat. At the same time, solid hardwood can be installed mainly in above-grade environments.

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Best Wood Flooring for Kitchen

What about Floor Owners?

Let’s say that the location and moisture of the home make it essential to have a bit more stability. As a result, given the location of the property, a bit more stability should be taken into account. Therefore, humidity is prone to change. Engineered wood may be installed without hesitation. Your best choice to prevent cupping and gaps could be this.

Many carpeting owners must install unfinished hardwood floors rather than prefinished flooring if they wish to put engineered flooring in their kitchen.

The beveled edges of prefinished flooring are difficult to clean. The kitchen is an area of the home that needs almost constant cleaning and maintenance to maintain elegance and avoid bad looks in this home area.

For greater dimensional stability in solid flooring, choose rift-sawn rather than quarter-sawn or plain sawn.

Best flooring for high-traffic kitchen

Choose a finish for kitchen flooring

Because of the kitchen’s above-average exposure to daily wear and tear, the kitchen floor finish you choose is very important. The type of wood chosen must be suitable for our needs. Some woods will not withstand certain types of weather. The finish chosen must be water-resistant. This is due to the possibility of water on the floor. Also, it must be strong enough to withstand the heavy traffic that a kitchen usually endures. In general, Solid wood floors usually provide this novelty.

Now, if you are laying unfinished wood. In that case, a durable, catalyzed water-based urethane finish is excellent for its ability to resist damage caused by water instead of an oil-based finish. 

Moisture-cured urethane can be particularly resistant to moisture. Besides, it is a durable material. So it has become an excellent choice for a kitchen floor.

If you want added durability in your wood flooring, UV curing for flooring is an excellent system to use. The curing process makes the floor especially resistant to foot traffic.

Some inspiration for your kitchen flooring projects

In a kitchen, the species and its hardness rating are not as important as the finish you choose, but you should consider the design aspect of what you are installing. Always remember that the types of flooring will reveal the style of your kitchen.

Some of the best ideas you can currently find can be found here;

Suppose a sleek and modern look is what you want. You should choose a dark wood such as mahogany or stain the floors a dark color.

If you are looking for greater durability, then you will need a hardwood species such as walnut. This also has a distinguished look. It is also called the best flooring for high traffic kitchen because of its durability.

Suppose you want a rustic look. Choosing a classic model such as wide planks, oriental white pine, or heart pine will be the solution. Its knot will give a traditional and homey touch to the kitchen. Many times we look for a rustic and modern look. If so, choose hand-scraped or hand-scraped hardwood flooring. Some people love classic and simple. In this sense, you should opt for white oak coated with a natural and transparent finish.

Floor care: Especially Important in the Kitchen

As in any other house area, hardwood flooring can last a long time if properly cared for. However, hardwood flooring in a kitchen is more susceptible to damage because there is a greater chance of spilling liquids also, producing moisture on our floor.

In principle, if there is a spill or leak, it is necessary to prevent damage to the finish.

Placement of carpeting in areas where the floor is susceptible to water and spills, such as areas in front of the sink and stove, may be the best choice you make. Also, these mats have the main function of wiping up any spills immediately after they occur.

In case you are working in a remodeled kitchen. You will need to install a drainage system under the dishwasher and refrigerator to limit damage in case of leaks.

Complementing other wood surfaces

You will likely want a micro-chromatic look. However, the flooring and cabinetry should have a contrasting look.

For example, if you choose dark kitchen flooring options, you may want cabinets painted a pale color or made of light wood.

Remember that the flooring you choose may look different at home than in a showroom. The amount of light in your kitchen will make the floors appear lighter or darker.

Best Wood Flooring for Kitchen: FAQs

Which floor is more resistant and durable for a kitchen?

Porcelain tile is the most durable floor for your kitchen. The way of manufacturing means it is waterproof and highly scratch-resistant.

What is the best flooring for the kitchen?

For durability and good looks, porcelain tile flooring for the kitchen is the champion. It is an upgraded version of regular ceramic tiles, due to a manufacturing process that makes them harder and less porous. So, good flooring option for kitchens where spills are likely to occur. Porcelain tiles come glazed or unglazed.

Is there a problem installing a wood floor inside a kitchen?

Hardwood floors are stylish and sustainable, come in various natural colors, and don’t absorb dust and debris, facilitating maintenance and cleaning, making them one of the best choices.


Real Wood flooring is currently highly sought after, thanks to the fact that it adds style and elegance. Undoubtedly increases our property’s value.

Much of the hardwood flooring tends to be expensive. This will depend on the type of wood and the finish we want.

We can find a great variety nowadays, from bamboo flooring to an endless number of floors that adjust to our budgets. Wood has become, over the years, one of the most popular kitchen floorings of the last decade.

The kitchen is one of the house’s liveliest rooms because it is a workspace and a space for living and meeting. When choosing the kitchen decoration, it is important to adapt it to our needs and lifestyle, always bearing in mind that we must create a comfortable, functional, and easy to clean space.

You should remember that the kitchen is subject to the effects of steam, moisture, falling food debris or objects, etc., so you should opt for resistant materials that help maintain healthy conditions. Traditionally, kitchen floors and walls were covered with ceramic materials, although this trend has changed.

New designs are leaning toward walls painted with washable enamels and introducing glass and other fine materials on work area facades. Flooring preferences have also evolved, and wood is a good decorative choice for today’s kitchens.

Natural wood offers the great advantage of adapting perfectly to all styles: from the most classic or rustic kitchens to the most avant-garde. Besides, we can choose the one that best suits our decoration among a wide variety of colors and textures.

Natural kitchen wooden floors are very durable, but special attention should be paid to the sink areas or the location of water-operated appliances, as it is very sensitive to moisture. As with other floors, it is not recommended to drag heavy objects and avoid those hitting or scratch them.

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