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For bike owners, bike security can be a major concern. Whether you’re looking to protect your own investment or are an avid cyclist who’s often out and about on the streets, there are plenty of options for personalizing your bicycle with security products.  This blog post features some of the best bike security products for the home in and around your house!  We’ll also go over how to choose the right lock for you based on where you live and what type of bike you own. 

Bike storage may not be the most exciting part of bike ownership. However, having bike security products for the home is an excellent option for storing your bike at home. However, let’s face it though; most of us would probably spend our time and money on things that make fundamental driving more fun. Every day we see more and more relevant safety warnings and more relevant adverts about security products.

However, to ensure that your bike enjoys a safe and worry-free life, it’s worth considering how and where you’re going to store it. Here is a list featuring the most popular security systems available today to secure your motorcycle.

6 Best Bike Security Products for the Home

Bike Security Products for the Home

We’re all aware of the risks that come with a bike. If you live in a high-crime neighborhood, it can be difficult to keep your bike safe from thieves. But there are some great products out there that will help make sure your investment is protected and secure.

Check out our list of security products for the home!

Kryptonite New York – Bike lock for bicycles

This is one of the most secure systems for your bike. It consists of a 14mm hexagonal link chain made of manganese steel, and Fahgettaboudit disc lock with a 15 mm shackle. Due to its weight, leaving it in a fixed place is recommended, so it can be an excellent option to have it in the parking lot of your building or office and, of course, on your bicycle.


  • 18mm hardened steel shackle. Resists shearing and leverage attacks.
  • The hardened steel handle on the double security crossbar.
  • Double latch lock for ample holding power.
  • High-security disc-style cylinder.
  • They resist leverage attacks.
  • Protective vinyl coating.
  • Slip-on dust cover protects and prolongs cylinder life.
  • Three stainless steel keys. One with high intensity LED bulb and a replaceable battery.
  • Lifetime key replacement.
Kryptonite New-U New York Standard Heavy Duty...
3,687 Reviews
Kryptonite New-U New York Standard Heavy Duty...
  • 16mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools, Bolt Cutters, and Leverage Attacks
  • Interior Locking Dimensions; 4" x 8"
  • Key Safe Program; Kryptonite will ship your first 2 keys for free, globally, in the event you lose them.

Hiplok AIRLOCK – Secure Bike Hanger

The Airlock is ideal for storing and securing your bike in the garage or basement. A wall mount stows your bike and secures it at the same time. It makes it one of the most crucial party providers in the industry. Behind the plastic cover of the aerial locomotive hides a solid frame, which is attached to the wall with four screws.

The wheel is hung with the upper tube in the corresponding hole of the air locomotive and secured with a solid steel bolt. At the bottom of the bolt, there is a locking cylinder and four ball bearings for extra security. With this beautiful padlock, you can also have comprehensive container security.


  • A bicycle wall hanger with locks designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • They hardened steel-framed core with a rubber frame.
  • Pickles critical cylinder with three coded keys.
  • Essential registration and replacement program.
  • Security level: high risk.
  • Security Rating: Sold Secure Gold Award
Hiplok AIRLOK Secure Bicycle Storage Hanger
173 Reviews
Hiplok AIRLOK Secure Bicycle Storage Hanger
  • SOLD SECURE GOLD & ART Rated security
  • The world's first secure bike hanger
  • With a combination of maximum security, effortless practicality and design elegance the wall-mounted AIRLOK is the ultimate secure storage solution for apartment, work place or outside.

Oxford OF440 Anchor Force – Double-Layer Hardened Steel Floor Anchor

Width Force stands for a higher profile specification versus other models, double-layered and with four installation bolts instead of two other models with double layers and four installation bolts instead of two.

Undoubtedly it is one of the best solutions available today. The hardened steel gives enhanced functionality to the quality of this Secure Gold-approved unit. It should be taken into account the installation. The four-bolt option may make it unsuitable for older “red brick” wall assemblies.


  • 1.8 meter long, 10mm section chain.
  • Zinc-plated steel chain.
  • Chain with a protective sleeve to avoid scratches on the motorcycle rims.
  • High resistance to corrosion.
  • Padlock includes two keys.
  • The anchor has hardened and ground DOUBLE COATED steel for double security.
  • Perfect for floor or wall mounting.
  • Includes four high-security expansion socket screws and an Allen key.
  • 4 anti-tamper ball-bearing heads and four steel plugs.
Oxford OF440 Anchor Force Double Layered Hardened...
143 Reviews
Oxford OF440 Anchor Force Double Layered Hardened...
  • Independent sold secure motorcycle gold approved
  • Double layered hardened steel anchor provides twice the security
  • Five security mechanisms stand between the thief and your motorcycle

Kryptonite – Bike Lock (0.630 in)

This excellent padlock has a grounding, wall, truck, or trailer bed 16mm hardened carbon alloy steel shackle. It includes two masonry bits (1 pilot hole, one moly-bolt end Diameter) Lays flat steel shackle inside (body when not in use, making it safe for walking or disc plus thoroughly recommended for both residential and commercial applications.


  • Durable locking spot for permanent indoor or outdoor storage to secure vehicles and bicycles
  • Attaches to solid concrete floors or walls, or truck/trailer beds
  • 0.630 in. hardened carbon alloy steel shackle
  • 0.6 in concrete anchor bolts installed directly into concrete
  • Includes two masonry bits (1 initial pilot hole, one final molybdenum bolt diameter).

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Cycloc Solo – Elegant Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack

This handy bike rack is perfect for the home or office. The convenient bike rack is ideal for the home or workshop, allowing the effortless storage of bicycles. 

It is effortless bike storage.  The Solo wall-mounted bike rack is the perfect choice when keeping all of one’s bicycling gear in one convenient place.

The Solo fits both for hanging your bike on the wall and for storing all your gear in an easily accessible space, making sure your items stay neatly stowed away. With easy installation and secure three-point wall support that pivots to adapt to varying framing angles, the bike stays in place as if by magic.

Rubber contact points protect the paint on your frames, and an optional spacer comes as standard to accommodate wide bars (up to 600 mm).

While your bike stays securely in place, you can also keep all your accessories in the center space so you won’t forget any items when you leave your home or office.

The Cycloc Solo wall mount bike rack is the perfect choice for storing your bike securely in a stylish all-in-one solution.


Store your bike in style: sleek and effortless horizontal or vertical bike storage, ideal for home, office, and retail display applications. Secure three-point wall attachment, inset panel conceals fasteners. Store your accessories in the center.

Hang any bike

  • Spacer included fitting wide bars.
  • Swivels to accommodate frame angles.
  • Rubber contact points protect the frame.
  • Easy to lock the bike in place.
  • Available in 7 bright colors.

Function and design

Cycloc’s unique ability to combine carefully considered thinking with a twist of poetic spirit to create a range of simple, fun, and practical products has won its worldwide recognition with numerous awards and accolades.


Recognized as class defining by several industries, Cycloc products have received awards from the cycling, industrial design, interior design, and manufacturing sectors. (See product description for list of awards). Also, the UK National Design Council judged Cycloc’s Solo Bike Carrier to win for minimalist form, function, and social conscience.

Made in the UK

Founded in 2006, Cycloc operates from its in-house design studio in a creative East End London and a dedicated manufacturing location in the UK. A qualified and enthusiastic team of distributors and retailers provides support around the world.

Velo Sock Bicycle Indoor Cover for Storage

Storage and transport cover, dirt-proof stretch fabric, protective travel cover, various designs, Stylish accessories for an adult bicycle. VELO SOCK covers the dirty parts of your bike, such as tires, chains, and pedals. Store your bike safely inside, keeping your floors clean from sand and tire marks. It is ideal if you have high privacy preferences.

Are you leaning your bike against a wall? VELO SOCK will keep your walls clean of tire marks and free of scratches from sharp pedals. The award-winning design keeps dirt inside, on the underside of the cover, while your space stays clean and tidy.

Absorbs moisture and dries quickly, keeping your bike dry and rust-free. Velo Sock bike rental is the solution for urban cyclists who store their bicycles in private apartments.


90 % polyester, 10 % elastin


Made of water-repellent and moderate abrasion-resistant fabric, it provides an ideal for bicycle transport in the car or the trunk of the car.

It fits 99% of adult bikes

No matter if it’s a mountain bike, road bike, single-speed, fixie, or any other type. The size of the rims fitted to your bike matters not. This award-winning seat cover fits all because of its innovative design and stretch fabric (polyester and elastin).

Maintains your clean bike and home:

It protects your home, business, and car from dirt as well as tire marks. It 100% wraps your bike and protects it from interior dust that can damage its mobile parts against dirt, sand, and salt during short-distance transportation.

Easy to put on: it takes less than 30 seconds to put on the cover, thanks to its elastic fabric.

European quality made to last. Buy it once, use it for years. Velosock is constructed of polyester and Spandex and is easily machined and machine washable once it gets dirty. It will look new no matter how often you wash it. it is one of the best bike security products for the home.

Bike Security Products for the Home: FAQs

How can I secure my bike at home?

  • Two locks are the safest way to secure your bike. And preferably to a bike rack that has a permanent installation.
  • The rear wheel, frame, and bike rack must remain secured with the first lock.
  • The second should wrap over the front wheel, frame, and, ideally, the bike rack.

What is the best anti-theft bicycle lock?

Under normal conditions, the Kryptonite New-U Evolution Mini-7 should survive attacks from anything except power tools.

We saw right away that this lock had a significant edge over the competition. Its 13-millimeter hardened shackle (the enormous U-shaped loop that gives U-locks its name) can withstand bolt cutters, thereby eliminating a substantial percentage of prospective burglars.

It has just the perfect size just right for most people, measuring 7 inches long enough to secure the wheel as well as the bicycle frame of most bikes onto a bike rack, and leaves virtually no room inside for a crowbar or car jack.

Are there bike locks that cannot get broken?

The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-lock is one of the most complex and most durable solutions for bike locks that can’t be cut. This lock is solid steel, with a nearly 1-inch thick U section and an even thicker bar.

What is the most secure bicycle lock?

The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-lock. The New-U Evolution’s locking mechanism is a disc-detainer lock, far more challenging to pick than a wafer lock. That should deter all offenders, other than the most experienced, from employing specialized tools.

It also includes a 4-foot wire to secure the front wheel and a year of Kryptonite anti-theft protection for free.

Use two high-quality locks to increase your security.

  • To prevent your wheels from being stolen, use your locks.
  • Replace quick-release seat and wheel skewers with keyed skewers.
  • Get your ride to stand out among the rest.
  • Consider using a smart lock.
  • At night, always bring your bike inside.

Can I leave my bicycle outside?

It’s not going to hurt your bike if you leave it outside for a day or two. After a week of neglect, you may see rust. Your favorite bike parts will begin to deteriorate after one month in poor circumstances.

Do bike thieves pick locks?

Most cable locks can be snipped through with a set of hand-held cable cutters in seconds. This is the most widely used tool by bike thieves since it is inexpensive, unobtrusive, and easy to carry in a coat pocket. They’ll cut through practically all cable locks in seconds. It’s worth emphasizing.

Is U-locks better than cable locks?

Cable locks are often compact and light, convenient because it eliminates the need to carry a central lock with you. A cable lock is a way to go if you’re looking for a compact, lightweight lock. U-locks are larger and heavier, but they are also bulkier and more vigorous.

How much should I spend on a bike lock?

Security should account for 10% of the overall cost of your bike, according to Kryptonite.

What is the best motorcycle security device?

The Kryptonite Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock is our top selection for the finest motorbike lock. It comes with a bright reminder cord and is tiny, lightweight, and waterproof.

It’s simple to use, prominently displayed, and the key cannot be removed unless the lock is locked. Consider The Club Utility Lock as a less costly alternative.

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock
3,027 Reviews
Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock
  • Dual reinforced high security disc style cylinder
  • 5mm pin diameter fits smaller vent holes
  • Compact, lightweight and weatherproof

Bottom Line

Nowadays, the security and privacy of our belongings are a priority. That’s why we leave you with this list of bicycle devices that can help you keep your bicycle safe at home.

These products can offer an ideal response to actions for you and your family. Several companies are currently designing internet devices that work perfectly and best for bike security products for the home.

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