A Complete Guide to 3D Flooring Installation | Details About 3D Flooring


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This is a complete guide to 3D flooring installation. The 3D Flooring System provides floor solutions that seamlessly integrate new technology with traditional design. The system includes pre-fabricated panels for straightforward installation and comes in various colours to harmonize any room’s style.

The revival of the interior is not just restricted to clothing! With its simplicity, it doesn’t take long before one can ‘flip’ their floors and create an entirely different atmosphere within seconds because there are so many possibilities available from this innovative product line known as “3D Floors.” I found myself immediately attracted by what seemed like such a simple yet effective solution integrated into my home without taking over too much space or time, thanks also to how easy they were put together! 

There is a solid and durable coating on which man can walk in the room, and it can be beautiful, practical, creative, and unique with the help of epoxy flooring. The importance of a 3D floor is very noticeable, as standard floor plans remain very useful; with 3D floor plans. It is now possible to see a more detailed view of the building, which will help get a better idea about the entire construction process.

This article is a complete guide to 3D flooring installation, and I hope it will be very informative for you.

Advantages of 3D Flooring

Though there are many advantages of 3D Flooring, some are given as under.

  • The coating of 3 D flooring is resistant to mechanical damage, thus ensures its durability.
  • The Flooring can hold the weight of heavy furniture.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • With 3 D flooring, you can forget the time-consuming cleaning processes.

3D Flooring Installation

You can install 3D floors by yourself because it will cost much if you purchase these floors from any company. Yes, the prices of 3D floors are very high, and the installation method is also very complicated. 

  • Select the 3D flooring mural image and 3D floor design you need.
  • It can be in the form of a photo or painting, which has the 3 D effect.
  • 3 D image should have high resolution and needs Photoshop.
  • Take a picture of the room where you want to install 3D Flooring.
  • Create your favorite 3D floor design in graphic design and create an illusion of 3 D flooring.
  • To make the right trapezoid, use a perspective tool to save the floor murals now very easily.
  • When you have a 3D mural on your drive, the material in the 3D floor will not lose properties and color when you apply a layer of epoxy on 3D epoxy flooring.
  • Now apply the coat of finish on the 3D Floor image on the 3D flooring design.
  • Under the 3D floor mural, apply two layers for best results.

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Execution and Installation of 3D Flooring

In recent years, 3D Flooring has got a lot of attention and fame, as these floors can easily change your surroundings’ visual space and create a pleasant environment. 

  • The 3D flooring is three-dimensional and can be applied to a surface when modified, and a suitable roughness is attained for the primer and base to the foundation. 
  • You can get the roughness by submachine on the surface by removing molecules and the capillary chambers.
  • Now apply the primer to get the proper adhesion on concrete with surface epoxy.
  • Diluted primer is then coated to the surface by rollers, making the surface wet the polymer through the concrete’s capillary holes.
  • When the primer gets dried, the desired sticker is printed on the 3D product with the 3 D Printing machine and glued to the surface.
  • In the final step, 1 to 2 millimeters of resin is coated to the sticker without additives. 

3D Flooring Prices

In today’s world, where people are always looking for new and innovative ways to make their living environment more comfortable or appealing, one option that has taken off in a big way is the use of 3d flooring. This is a method in which textures and designs can be created on floors by using different pigment coatings over a basic surface.
This type of flooring typically lasts around 20 years without repair or restoration and can even be extended to 30-40 years if maintained regularly. This makes it a very cost-effective solution compared with other wallpapers and paints, etc., and high-maintenance marble floors.

The price of 3d flooring is typically determined by the materials used to create it, the complexity of the design, and how many square meters need to be covered. So, for example, if you plan to cover a large area with this type of flooring, your budget will need to consider this and other factors like what you intend to use your new floors for (do you need it to be durable, etc.).

The cost also depends on whether or not you wish to go for raised height flooring or standard; another factor impacting prices is the durability and quality required. Overall, no one set price as various factors determine how much you should spend, but expect anything between $12-$71 per square meter.

However, if you are looking for a truly unique design, you should expect to pay between $24-$118 per square meter, depending on the intricacy of the pattern. This is because they are not easily replicated, meaning that they have to be created by hand at whatever price your contractor demands. Ultimately this type of flooring has proven extremely popular in recent years and has become an excellent alternative to traditional floor coverings without compromising style or looks. Not bad when you consider how easy it is to maintain as well!

Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D Epoxy Floors

The epoxy 3D floors have their benefits and as well as disadvantages. Some of them are listed below. 

These floors can hold many types of chemicals like solvents and acids.Epoxy floors are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.
These floors are available in many colours and designs, as they are decorative.If the surfaces are uneven, the ripple can be visible to the floors.
There is a minimal interruption in work due to fast application.  Epoxy floors feel cold without an underfloor heating system.
These floors are easy to maintain.Epoxy floors are complex, so they create noise during walking.

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Pros Of 3D Epoxy Floors In Detail

  • Three times more durable than epoxy resin.
  • Self-leveling material that reduces installation time by up to 60%.
  • No need for a curing room or climate-controlled installation area. 
  • Customizable colors to fit any commercial or residential space.
  • Material has a matte finish, ideal for high traffic areas because it hides footprints and dirt well.
  • Self-leveling material can be applied directly onto support surfaces that are properly leveled and free of porous materials like cracks, holes, minor imperfections.
  • Epoxy3D Floor is an environmentally friendly, highly durable flooring option for virtually any indoor surface, including commercial buildings, public facilities such as airports and roads.
  • Epoxy3D Floor provides excellent resistance against abrasion caused by repeated foot traffic or vehicle movement. The self-leveling properties of the material allow installation without the need for additional leveling layers or special tools required for other flooring materials.
  • The material is resistant to impact.
  • Epoxy3D Floor resists chemicals from spills and can effectively protect against chemical corrosion, rust, and erosion.
  • Epoxy3D Floor’s matte finish has a lower reflectivity than surfaces with a high gloss or polished finish, making it ideal for use in challenging lighting conditions such as the direct sunlight on an airport runway or garage where bright lighting can create bright lighting harsh contrasts between light and dark colors.
  • Self-leveling properties mean the installation of this material does not require additional leveling layers or special tools that are otherwise needed for installation of other flooring types, which significantly reduces work time and cost compared to flooring materials.

Cons Of 3D Epoxy Floors In Detail

  • Can’t stand up to heat – 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celcius, which means you can’t go near furnaces or heater
  • Not for use around home appliances like ovens, stoves, etc., because it’s not strong enough to withstand the high temperatures they produce. It also gets discolored easily when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Easy to damage since it’s not very sturdy.
  • It’s not waterproof, so you can’t use it in areas that get wet often.
  • You can get static electricity shocks when walking across the floor if the friction of your shoes against the surface is strong enough to create an excess amount of charge. This is because of how conductive it is, and since there isn’t a coating on top, you don’t have any resistance, so sparks can fly!
  • The gloss and color fade with time due to exposure to ultraviolet light. Contrastingly, some colors cannot be made directly on the Epoxy3D Floor – they will fade away after time instead.

Metal looking Epoxy metallic floor epoxy flooring ideas:

  • Metallic-looking epoxy floors are similar to traditional high-performance resinous systems. 
  • They are 100% solids with primer and base coatings.
  • The stunning appearance resembles marble with different tones achieved with the pearlescent metallic pigment.
  • It is a unique multi-layered epoxy floor valuable coating by adding a clear epoxy coating to create exotic effects. 

Glossy 3D Epoxy Flooring

complete guide to 3D flooring installation

Flooring is an essential plan for your property, whether for residential or commercial use. Every type of Flooring has its own unique and extraordinary features, characteristics, and drawbacks. Some choices are better than others and beneficial for most homeowners regarding results, while some are not. 

The design should stay longer when it comes to 3D epoxy floors and should not need regular maintenance as the standard floors do in daily life. 

You should know about the primary material used in 3 D epoxy floors by saving some money and getting the best results. The good news is that 3D Epoxy floors are designed according to the opinion and taste of the customer.

  • Epoxy is the floor coating used in several layers to the depth of fewer than 2 millimeters.
  • If you apply different coats, it will give you a smooth surface. 
  • Though various 3D epoxy materials are available in the market, the most important and practical are resins and hardeners.

Benefits of 3D Epoxy Floors

If high quality and up-grade materials are used, 3D epoxy flooring has several benefits.

  • The coat of epoxy floor is very resistant to UV lights, rain, and water. 
  • It cannot pick dust easily as it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • If you hire the right flooring contractor for installation, the process becomes straightforward.
  • Epoxy flooring provides the perfect makeover and finish.
  • The designs are very sanitary and skin-proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you lay a 3D floor?

Prepare the substrate surface, and test the slab for moisture. It is good that the humidity level in homes should be between 3.5% to 5.5%Vacuum the surface to completely clean. Now apply the self-levelling epoxy primer. Install the 3 D floor mural. 

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How much does 3D flooring cost in Nigeria?

The average range per square foot is 7 900 to 10,000 N. The low-end range per square foot is 12,000 to 20 000 N.

How do you apply 3D epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is applied over concrete floors to provide a high-grade performance, smooth and durable surface that can last many years and withhold heavy loads. Epoxy flooring is commonly used in commercial and industrial floorings.

What is the cost of 3D Flooring?

Our team of certified 3D flooring installers can put the high-end flooring system in the bedrooms, hall, kitchen walls, and other floors starting from 400 INR per square foot.

Are 3D floors real?

Most images of 3 D floors online are not real but fake. All they are beautiful graphic rendering. For example, if you look at the pictures in this link, you will notice that most images are simulated.

What is the cost of epoxy flooring per square foot?

On average, the epoxy flooring costs $10 -20$ per square foot. 

Is epoxy flooring is cheaper than tile?

Overall, floor tiles run you about $3 to $5 per square foot, but garage tiles average $2 to $ 4 per square foot.

How much is the cost of epoxy?

Epoxy flooring costs range from 750 to $ 4,928, with most homeowners spending between $1320 to 3,080 for both materials and installation. Epoxy coating costs range from $3 to 7$ per square foot, depending upon the labor cost and type of epoxy used.

How much is floor paint in Nigeria?

The cost of floor paint in Nigeria ranges from 750N to 4,928N, but most homeowners spend between 1,320 to 3,080 N. Epoxy flooring costs vary from $3 to $7 per square foot of epoxy used labor cost.

What are the disadvantages of epoxy flooring?

The epoxy flooring has strong toxic fumes, takes a long time to harden completely, temporary flooring solution, cracks and chips on high impact area, very slippery when wet, tedious installation process, complex removal procedure, and costly maintenance.

How long does an epoxy floor last?

Typically epoxy floors last 2 to 3 years in heavy traffic areas like garages, restaurants, factory spaces. On the other hand, the residential epoxy flooring can last up to 10 years with proper care.

Is Epoxy floor suitable for homes? 

Yes, it is highly safe for the hard floors, as it is slip-resistant, shock-resistant, and less harsh than concrete and other types of industrial Flooring. Some homeowners even choose to have epoxy flooring in their mudrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere. 


The technologies developers can barely imagine that how interesting and varied are the 3D flooring ideas. Today there are 3D floors in commercial areas, like shopping malls, offices, buildings, and apartments. But high traffic areas must have a humidity level, not more than 4%, and it will peel off if the case is different. Moreover, its performance is environmentally friendly and resembles decorative stone, as it is the latest scheme in decorative floors. 

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