Do Home Security Cameras Deter Crime | A Detailed Guide


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People often ask do home security cameras deter crime. If you plan to have a home security system, the most critical question in your mind is dohome security cameras deter crimeAccording to the information given by the researcher’s the answer is “yes.” There is a lot of research that proves the wonders of security cameras in minimizing the crime rate worldwide. 

So if you want to discover how much the home security system prevents crime, keep reading the article and get the correct information.

Security cameras are the most effective tool to scare burglars away:

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A study shows that security cameras are the most efficient warning for burglars. The 60% of burglars said they would go for a different target if they knew that there are security cameras in the building or apartment. And 50 % of them said that learning about security cameras installed, and they would plan to target any other home.

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How do Surveillance Cameras Deter Crime? 

do home security cameras deter crime

Yes! If you have security cameras in the home security systems, they will generally reduce and deter crime. If you have a security system with security cameras in your home, your home is 300% safe from burglary attempts than the homes without the cameras installed. The reason criminals’ attempts are so far effective is that they don’t want to be watched and recorded. Criminals don’t like to be seen; that is why Surveillance cameras are such effective deterrents.

Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance report proved that 82% of managers use electronic monitoring devices like security cameras to save their workplace against external and internal threats.

Moreover, Commercial Security Home Security Lane Staniland Home Surveillance cameras can discourage crime, but it is also a fact that no system is 100% fail-proofs.   

How do Burglars Target Houses?

do home security cameras deter crime

In the United States in 2019, 6,925 677 property crimes were recorded in houses without security systems. The crimes include armed robbery, theft of vehicles, burglary, and arson.

Most potential criminals choose homes that look easier to break into, as they also keep an eye on the neighborhood. They also target those houses in the rural or remote areas of the community, which have expensive cars parked in their garages. 

The criminals can quickly enter your house through an open window or unlocked homes. Although glass doors enhance the beauty of your home, it is easy for burglars to break it and put their arm inside it to open the door to enter your home. 

Another way to enter your home is through the hole of the window air conditioner. Therefore, it is a need of an hour to have the best security systems to increase the safety level in your homes by installing security cameras so that evidence of the event remains with you.  

Even if you have the most advanced home security system with cameras installed, some burglars ignore them. Sometimes when someone plans to commit a crime and a surveillance system isn’t enough to stop that criminal. 

External and Internal Security Cameras

do home security cameras deter crime

Home Surveillance cameras are a good tool for looking at your home from outside and inside. 

However, you might think, whatis the difference between indoor and outdoor cameras? The main difference between indoor and outdoor cameras is the conditions of the surroundings that each camera face. The outdoor cameras work according to the weather conditions. The outdoor cameras can hold tempering and contain sturdy materials in them as these cameras are heavy, so they are challenging to install. Even in poor lighting conditions, indoor and outdoor cameras can use infrared functions and permit more exact images. 

Therefore, to feel a high level of security, we recommend you choose the right camera according to your need and budget; you should hire professionals who can guide you about the quality and the price.

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Security Cameras

After installing the security cameras inside and outside of your home, you should now think about how you can make your cameras unnoticeable and improve your devices’ efficiency and functionality. 

Systems and signs

You can enhance the effectiveness of your security system with the visible signs and alarm systems installed in your homes better than having only security cameras.


To make your home security system more effective, it is not good to show your approach to the criminals and burglars for must. You should install your plans in such a way that they should not be visible to criminals. 


Outdoor lighting systems, significantly the motion-activated lights can throw spotlights on the criminals to expose them to a greater extent. Ring Spotlight camera is an excellent example of a spotlight camera that consists of video Surveillance equipment in it, able to give visual warnings from cameras. Therefore, security lights deter burglars for sure.

Alarms and Voices

Most of the security cameras have alarms and voices fixed in them. For example, Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is a type of AI called Smart Sentry; it will switch on LED lights and play a tune when attempting burglary.

Similarly, the Deed Sentinel cameras are another example of a home security camera with 104-decibel sirens; its voice is as loud as a table saw and throws red and white lights so that the burglar can be easily captured.

Therefore, the alarms systems help catch 60% of burglars in the cases of potential targets.

Night Vision

Good night vision is commanding with security cameras. If the system doesn’t light the security cameras, it makes this task easy by enabling the infrared LED sensors to provide a clear photo at night.


If you want to decrease the crime rate in your home or area with the enforcement of security cameras, you should choose such an appliance that can hold the weather condition, checking the temperature range and IP rating.

Purchase security cameras of smaller size

The crime rate in your area also depends on the factor that to what extent a tour security camera is visible to the criminals. The smaller the security camera’s size, the difficult it is for someone to enter your home. There are different sizes of cameras available in the market according to your space functional and budget.

How can CCTV Cameras Deter Crime?

The research of the Systemic review shows that you can do a significant and modest change in the rate of the crime if you have CCTV cameras in your home security system. You can see the efficiency and consistent effects of CCTV cameras in car parking and residential issues. The CCTV cameras can actively work than passive systems, and you can increase their efficiency with the addition of more devices. 

Moreover, you can get excellent output in decreasing the crime rate by installing CCTV Cameras in your home security systems. Also, police can get benefit from the high-quality modifications of products and implementations. Most of the burglaries issues, approximately 87%, go unsolved when there is no physical evidence or witness.

Therefore it is necessary to have security systems having CCTV cameras, to reduce the rate of crimes.

How can you save your Home from Crime?

How can you save your Home from Crime

You can take several options to make your home safe from crime and protect from burglary attempts, like installing lighting systems in the hallways, intelligent locks in the doors and windows, and following the standard way of not letting an unknown person into your home. The home security system provides an additional coating to your home and property and is an excellent tool for peace of mind. 

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Do Home Security Cameras Deter Crime: FAQs 

Do home security cameras deter crime?

The security cameras don’t attract burglars to your property and home. But at the same time, they can’t keep burglars and criminals to stay away from your valuables. Most of the time, your security cameras will go unnoticed even by potential burglars. Therefore, security cameras cannot 100% deter crime. 

Do security cameras keep us safer?

Yes! Security cameras can keep you and your property safe. The police can identify criminals and burglars recorded with a security camera system. As the cameras are a security sign in your homes, the police can stop crime from happening through Surveillance Cameras. And quickly sort out the cases with the material evidence and proofs.

Do alarm systems deter burglars?

The data about the home security systems having alarms are apparent. The burglars don’t like to break into homes with notices. The fact is about alarms that homeowner’s insurers also identify that alarm systems reduce security effectiveness in all cases.


So what do you think now after reading an article, do home security cameras deter crime? 

No, it might or it might not. 

If you are a little bit confused about your home security cameras, you can follow the tips to hide your camera in a certain way. Like fixing at a unique place or installing it behind any painting on the wall. Effective deterrent security cameras have unique features that permit unwanted attention to keep the burglar away from your home. To save your area or home from crime, it is best to use a video Surveillance system with a security alarm system.

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