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The ps4 Pro does not necessarily merit a 4k TV. However, if you acquire one, you will improve the images. 4k version refers to Ultra HD resolution, which is four times higher than 1080p resolution. If you are getting a ps4 pro and do not have a 4k TV, the clarity will improve on the TV compared to the rest. Now the questions arise do I need a 4k TV for ps4 pro? The simple answer is yes. You can get the PS4 Pro without a 4K TV if you want to enjoy enhanced clarity in your HDTV. The PS4 Pro is an amazing console with the ability to make your existing HD TV even clearer.

However, if you decide that 4k isn’t for you and don’t want to upgrade any time soon, then it’s totally fine! The prices of these TVs are going down quickly so there will be a large variety at all price points in no time.

Currently, there are 4k TVs at excellent prices that you can take advantage of to resolve higher. But it happens that the following question may arise: should I buy a ps4 pro if I don’t have a 4k TV? The difference between 4k TVs is the excellent resolution in the images. If you want to watch videos or enjoy your favourite program with quality images, buy a 4k.

Sometimes, when we watch a good movie, a video, or simply a novel, we want to have a higher resolution in the images. For image lovers, the amount of pixels matters a lot. That is why in the market there is increased competition in terms of televisions given their resolution. And the 4k is now very accessible.

Another question is the following: Do you need a 4k TV for ps4 slim?

As mentioned above, the 4k improves the quality of images by the high resolution. So if you want to live an unparalleled experience, you can buy your 4k.

Ps4 Pro 1080p vs. 4k

do I need a 4k TV for ps4 pro

The ps4 console has regular updates that keep your content up to date. Also, ps4 consoles have HDR function, but to get 4k quality, you will need a ps4 pro console. According to the configuration of your home training system, the images will have their quality.

You will choose the best resolution automatically if you have a ps4 pro.

Ps4 Pro and 4k resolution

do I need a 4k TV for ps4 pro

You should consider that you should connect the ps4 pro console to a 4k TV or projector. This is so that you can enjoy the 4k resolution. And this connection must be made through a Premium HDMI cable, connected to a port on the TV.

Prepare the 4k function on both the 4k device and the ps4 pro console.

You must configure the other devices between the console and the display equipment in the same way. In this case, it can be 4k compatible AV and home theater/receiver. Then a 4k compatible equipment connected to the ps4 pro console will automatically activate 4k resolution.

But the question is how to confirm that both 4k quality and higher resolution are enabled?

To do this, you must make a brief revision in the configuration following the next steps:
  • Check that the current inputs are in good condition.
  • Go to the home screen.
  • Go to configuration and look for sound and screen. 4.
  • Now go to video output configuration.
  • Set the resolution to 2160p – YUV420 or 2160p-RGB.
  • When setting the resolution in automatic, the ps4 pro console will default to the highest resolution. This will be one of those available on the display equipment to which it is connected. This will happen for the transmission or reproduction of the content.
  • Start a video streaming service or a game compatible with 4k.

On the other hand, you should check the manual to activate the 4k resolution in some games since some do it from the menu.

If you connect the ps4 pro console and the 4k device and you do not see images, do this:
  • Enter the safe mode of the ps4 pro console.
  • Choose Set HDCP Mode.
  • Choose the HCDP 1.4 only option.
  • Press the option Accept.

Then the console will restart. This way you will be able to see images on the TV. It may happen that you do not get 4k resolution or HDR in specific applications or content because HDCP 1.4 is enabled.

4k TVs offer you advantages that you can hardly refuse. Here are some features of the 4k:
  • They are ideal for watching channels in high resolution that show specific platforms through the optical fiber.
  • They support 8.3-megapixel content. That is, compared to HD; it would be eight times more. And it is compared to a full HD four times more. This means that you will observe the images and videos much better, and you will detect even the details better.
  • If you like home cinema, and you have Blu-Ray, this model of televisions will allow you to enjoy the images eight times better than HD.
  • They offer more significant opportunities to see contents in 4k with a TV ps4 pro 4k TV bundle. As for series and movies, consumption is usual, favoring investment in acquiring a Smart TV with that kind of resolution.

Perhaps at this point, you ask yourself the question, where can I watch 4k content?

Updating the catalogs of offers streaming services has suggestions on Amazon Prime Video and Disney + 4k, Netflix with ideal supports for 4K.

You can customize your screen using frames.

That is, the sharpness offered by 4k is impressive, and those details that are defined as fine become more transparent and more visible. They allow viewing from very close without distorting the images.

However, there are other factors that you should pay attention to when deciding on a 4k TV. These factors relate to connectivity, sound, and the kind of panel it employs.

In short, when you go looking in the market for a 4k TV, you will find a dynamic range of them. The same will happen with the prices that are now more accessible.

Regardless of your budget, you will find a TV compatible with HDR that suits your interests.

Super Sampling Mode

  • On occasions where specific titles are played, the 5.50 system software performs image resolution enhancements. This is in the case of people who use ps4 TM pro console connected to an HDTV.
  • To activate this mode, go to the ps4 pro console Settings and select Sound and Display. Then go to the option Video Outputs Settings.
  • Now select Supersampling Mode and Enable Supersampling Mode.

But you should consider that you will not activate this mode if the console is connected to a 4k display.

Do I need a 4k TV for ps4 pro: FAQs?

Do I need a 4K HDMI cable for PS4 Pro?

To enjoy the 4K capabilities on your PlayStation 4 Pro, you’ll need a premium HDMI cable. You should be ok because the cable that comes with your PlayStation Pro is a high-quality HDMI cable.

Is it worth getting a PS4 Pro without a 4K TV?

Yes, you may purchase a PS4 Pro without owning a 4K television, and it will improve your existing HD television quality. However, the cost of 4k TVs is rapidly decreasing, making them quite reasonable. There are also 4k TV bargains available from major stores.

What kind of HDMI do I need for PS4 Pro?

In any case, you’ll need a new high-speed HDMI cable for your PS4 Pro to get the best performance. The ideal HDMI cable for PS4 is HDMI 2.0 compliant and designated high speed if you want the highest performance, such as 4K at 60 hertz. Connectors with gold plating are also suggested.

Do I need a 4K HDMI cable for a 4K TV?

When it comes to 4K television, you won’t require any extra HDMI cords. Although the HDMI cable standard influences colour and resolution, it is not essential for 4K TV.

How do you activate 4K on PS4?

If a 4K capable device is attached to your PS4 Pro system, it should immediately activate 4K. To ensure that 4K and the greatest possible resolution are enabled, follow these steps: Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings from the home screen. Change the resolution to 2160P – YUV420 or 2160p – RGB.

Is PS5 8K?

The word “8K” appears on the PS5 developer box, indicating that it supports the new Ultra HD resolution. Its HDMI 2.1 technology enables high-resolution and high-frame-rate gameplay, superior to what PS4 and PS4 Pro gamers have experienced. The PS5 is the first console to support 8K gaming.

Should I buy a PS4 Pro if I have a 1080p TV?

With the PS4 Pro and a 1080p monitor, you may notice a minor improvement in visuals, but it will be minimal. The PS4 Pro’s benefit is most noticeable on higher-resolution TVs. If you have HDR on your TV, you could better review off getting a skinny model rather than a fat one since it will save you a lot of money.

Do I need a 4K TV for PS4?

The PS4 will improve in several aspects and will have more excellent contrast if HDR is enabled, but it will still only offer 1080p instead of the Pro’s more excellent 4k resolution. However, some TV settings may be adjusted to make things appear smoother on the screen.

Are PS4 pros worth it?

While the PS4 Pro is undeniably the finest gaming machine Sony has produced to date, with 4K HDR capabilities and faster frame rates, it may not be worth the investment if you already own a PlayStation 4. However, as previously stated, the same games operate on both systems.

Do I need a 4K TV for PS4 Pro?

No, it’s not true. While the Pro provides improved stability, resulting in fewer frame drops, you won’t get the same benefits on a 1080p TV. So, if you require a PS4, acquire the base model (meaning the Slim or the launch edition.)

Bottom Line

We hope that all this information will be helpful to you when deciding on whether or not to buy a 4k TV. Remember that the higher the number of pixels, the better the images will be, and the quality offered by 4k units is excellent.

In gaming, the 4k resolution has provided greater detail to the graphics. A standard ps4 on 4k TV exceeds the quality in images. In this way, the user lives an unforgettable experience.

However, the ps4 Pro on 1080p TV worth if you already have the required equipment. We want to explain that to enjoy all the best images and content, and the best in 4k. And for this, you must meet the ps4 TV requirements.

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