Hardwood Flooring | Dark vs. Light | Advantages & Disadvantages


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The houses are part of life standard, and the worth of life depends upon the maintenance of the shelter. Flooring in homes depends upon the priorities. Mostly marble and tile flooring are preferred just because these floors give the house a luxurious look. But, many such credentials need to be observed to select the best flooring that suits your budget and needs. Nowadays, hardwood flooring is in demand because these kinds of flooring are easy to clean and maintain. These floors are solid and durable and add valuable standards to your home. The long-lasting and cost-effective hardwood flooring allow two types of feature either dark or light. The Hardwood Flooring: Dark vs. Light will be explained today.

Dark versus Light Hardwood Flooring: Pros

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the most popular flooring option; however, once you have decided that you are going for hardwood flooring, now how to choose between dark and light hardwood flooring.

Pros: Light Hardwood Flooring

  • The lighter hardwood floors can give a more organic and natural look depending upon the type of wood used.
  • The light hardwood floors can better hide the dirt depending upon the type of skin color your pet owns. They can conceal light-colored debris better than the dark.
  • The light hardwood floors can reflect more light to give the room a larger feel, and your room looks bigger.
  • The light hardwood floors can give a more casual look.
  • The hardwood floor also gives flexible style, with several shapes and designs, traditional, modern, or rustic.
  • The light hardwood floors, along with the dark floors, can give a fantastic look.

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Pros: Dark Hardwood Flooring

  • The dark hardwood flooring is best to give depth and contrast to the room. The dark wood contrast suits when you have light colors in the interior.
  • The dark hardwood flooring is best to maintain the resale of the home.
  • The dark hardwood floors do not fade quickly. So they have a long-lasting luxury look.
  • The dark wood is easy to ground and makes it looks less cavernous.
  • Dark hardwood style is flexible and can be obtained in various designs, sizes, and shapes: the traditional, modern, and the most likely stain-free floor.
  • The dark hardwood can give the room a charming and attractive look, depending upon the style of the room.
  • The dark color is usually preferred with light floor colors to give a balanced look to the house.
  • The experience of dark hardwood shows that they are easy to touch up, maintain and afford.

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Potential Drawbacks of Light Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring
  • The light hardwood flooring can show dark color debris. Your darker color pets may not be happy with the golden color floors.
  • Water stains, Scums, and gaps are more sustained in light wood floors.
  • The light wood floors usually fade faster than dark wood floors.
  • They can create a washed-out look in the case when light reflects in the ample room. You may have to wear sunglasses to bear the look.
  • The flooring depends upon the furniture texture of the house. If you have light color furniture, then it is possible that your soft color flooring will not suit the room.
  • The light color flooring cannot hide the dirt as if the floors didn’t appear dirty, meaning the floor is clean.

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Design Differences between Dark and Light Hardwood Floors

Design Differences between Dark and Light Hardwood Floors

The most famous dark color is the Jacobean color, the darkest hardwood floors. There are many more colors you can choose any of them. The dark wood floors suit the kitchen cabinet. The traditional designs are best for bathrooms and kitchens. If you have read-torn furniture, you should use brown color dark wood furniture to best suit your house.

The light hardwood floors are best for dark wood kitchen cabinets. Mostly the designers recommend neutral-colored floors along with light color floors to create a decent combination. If you want to give your room a more comprehensive look, it’s better to use light wood floors. The light color woods usually shows off natural wood color. The light wood designs typically do not get scratches and dents quickly. However, hardwood floors get cuts quite easily.

Understanding Undertones in Hardwood Flooring

Before picking up the hardwood flooring design, you need to understand the wood undertone. Wood Undertones are best for a combination of color shades and undertones along with the color palette. By understanding the undertones, you can maintain a balance between the cold and warm elements. You can further distinguish between the incorporated designs to choose the desired intonation.

Also, understand the difference between the cool tones, complex tones, warm tones, and neutral tones to make a wise decision in design selection.

Hardwood Flooring: FAQs

Are dark or light hardwood floors better?

There are higher chances of scraps and stains on the light hardwood rather than the dark hardwood. The darker hardwood flooring tends to have a more rustic design. Therefore, it is not easy for scraps and stains to sustain on this surface. However, the lighter character has a contemporary style; consequently, it has more chances of getting chips and stains.

Do dark hardwood floors make the room look smaller?

The dark color alone will not make the room look smaller. However, if many surfaces are darker in color in your room, then there is a chance that they will absorb the light and will make your room look smaller. Although, if the dark color is managed well, it can make your room look bigger.

Do dark hardwood floors Show more dirt?

Although the dark color is more stylish, this color shows more dirt; if you have a light color pet, it can create problems. However, if you have a per that has dark fur, then it will suit the floor. The dark color can make the room look smaller if not well managed.

Are dark wood floors going out of style?

The main reason the hardwood goes out of the trend is that light wood has a more comfortable and natural look. Other than that, with the new designs in hardwood, the color quickly fades, which is why the dark wood floors are going out of style.

What are color hardwood floors in style 2021?

Although all the colors and styles of the hardwood suit the home but, still, some paint has its charm. The best technique that is recommended in hardwood floors in 2021 is the greige wood flooring. This style combines brown, beige, and a bit of gray texture, making it excellent for the feet.

What is the most popular hardwood floor color?

With every passing day, the color variety changes in hardwood flooring. That’s the reason it is difficult to decide whether the particular color is best or not. In my opinion, the blonde wood color is the best in the frame of hardwood. That color is the hit of the time.

What are color wood floors timeless?

A texture with a touch of brown, a dedicated touch of grey suits the interior flooring. This combination of colors has a timeless approach due to its flexibility. This color enhances the wood flooring look.

Should wood floors be lighter or darker than cabinets?

The wood colors can be lighter or darken than cabinets if you choose alternative colors. The best way to achieve this is by picking two complementary colors.

What color floors make the room look bigger?

The light color hardwood flooring can enhance the room size as it reflects light giving an enlarged picture of the room. The color floors can also make the room look bigger. If achieved by the designer, the combination of light wood and hardwood can also give a larger view of the room.

What is color hardwood floor best for resale 2021?

The greige color fascinates the floors, so it is precious for sale. This color hardwood floor is very charming and adds an admiring view to the house. Therefore this color is among the best color for resale in 2021.


Wood flooring is in demand nowadays. People most like the flooring that is easy to adjust, maintain and carry with. There are many types of flooring, and wood flooring has its impact on the market presently. This flooring has two different types. The types of hardwood are decided based on the textures of the floors. Light hardwood and Dark hardwood are some of the most famous kinds of hardwoods.

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Hardwood: Dark vs. Light it isn’t easy to distinguish between them based on the qualities. The light wood has its specs, and the dark wood has its features. You need to understand the undertones of the wood to get the desired results. Also, learn about the shapes and sizes of the hardwood along with varieties available in colors. The wood and the surface are observed first to decide which kind of furniture will suit your house. Today we have tried to differentiate between these wood styles to make it easy for you to select between them. 

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