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When you think of secure windows, you probably think of bulletproof windows. You may think of them as something reserved for protecting celebrities and high-level government officials. It has become a must to know how to get high-security windows for homes in us.

Numerous property owners were interested in installing bullet-resistant glass windows to equip their homes for a high-security level of safety against all types of damage, from storms to forced entry. However, it is essential to note that there is no such thing as genuinely bulletproof glass. Still, bullet-resistant materials can be used to strengthen windows against ballistic attacks and other high-force impacts.

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Then there are additional ways to secure your home’s window from intruders who might take your belongings. Depending on the exact composition of the ballistic windows and their thickness, these materials can stop certain bullets of specific calibers fired from different firearms at different velocities.

High Security Windows for Homes in US

Tempered glass

high security windows for homes in the us

Tempered glass is four times more potent than annealed glass, and when used in windows, it is known as security windows. The application of tempered glass in our windows can be a bit costly, but it will undoubtedly be worth it.

These types of glass are repeatedly cooled and heated to improve their strength.

If broken, this type of glass will crumble rather than shatter into jagged pieces.  Burglars will find it more challenging to break into your home with this type of glass and not cause a nuisance.

Plexiglas or Polycarbonate windows

high security windows for homes in the us

If you are willing to pay more, Plexiglas is impact-resistant and ten times more potent than regular glass. The design of these windows may be a bit traditional, but it’s by far the safest you’ll get.

This type of glass material uses acrylic, and while it is not real glass, this type would also discourage burglars. In addition, polycarbonate windows are more robust than Plexiglas and can deter burglars.

It would not be necessary to use this type of glass for all of your windows, but it could be strategic in the location to reduce the expense.

Hurricane Windows

Hurricane Windows

Hurricane-certified windows must be able to withstand intense water and wind pressure, as well as large flying objects without penetration (tested by throwing a two-by-four wood beam).

These flying security cameras will help you protect your home effectively.

Often, this means having a layer of PVB or SGP sandwiched with thermoset glass.

The purpose of the PVB layer is to “trap” the glass if it breaks. A good thing with this material is that it adheres well to the glass, which keeps you safe in case something massive and heavy comes through your window during a hurricane.

SGP is five times more potent than PVB and up to 100 times tougher, giving you the extra Blast protection you need when you need it.

Security Windows

Security Windows

Security windows should perform the exact opposite of what a hurricane window is supposed to do.

Sure, both are trying to keep something out of your home, but one is an object (like a two-by-four), and the other is a human with a brain that can change strategies based on the obstacles they encounter.

Much of the basic safety glass consists of annealed glass with a PVB or SGP coating in the media (10 pounds per square foot).

Moving up a step to this enhanced safety glass, thicker annealed glass with PVB or SGP in the mids (14 pounds per square foot) is used.

Ballistic (Bulletproof) Windows

Ballistic (Bulletproof) Windows

Ballistic or bulletproof windows are manufactured similarly to higher-end security windows: annealed glass with PVB or SGP, polycarbonate, and air space.

The main difference here is the thickness of the layers. The thicker the layers, the more Blast protection you will have (small guns, big guns, and rifles), but also all layers add weight.

Ways to Protect your Windows against Burglary

Ways to Protect your Windows against Burglary

Window locks

While your windows may already have locks, additional aftermarket locks can enhance your window security. One of the leading security settings you should consider is your window locks.

The best type of aftermarket window locks may depend on the kind of window you have.

Several types of locks you can buy are:

Pin locks: installation on second-floor windows should ideally take place on the second-floor windows. They can prevent intruders from lifting your windows.

Key locks: These locks will require a key to open them and keep them locked. You will need to make sure you keep up with the access for this type of lock.

Hinged wedge locks: If you want to prevent a double-hung sash window from opening, for one that locks both from the bottom and the top, use a hinged wedge lock.

You can adjust this type of lock so that you can partially open the window by installing it higher in the window frame.

Sash locks: Sash locks will allow a window to open and also hold it closed in place. They usually serve for double-hung windows.

Window sensors

Do you already the owner of a home security system? You probably already have door/window sensors. In the security sector, it is essential to know who is coming in and who is going out of your home. So installing sensors can be a great idea.

These devices aim to detect every time the window is opened and, for some security systems, activate a notification alert to let you know when this has happened.

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Security Cameras

A popular solution is to add security cameras to your home. The security rating of a home is often increased by simply placing security cameras in the house.

Monitor what is occurring on your property, buy an outdoor security camera, and look for those that have HD video and night vision.

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If you also want to monitor the inside of your home, look for indoor HD surveillance cameras. Indoor security networks can prevent intruders from entering your home. 

A great feature to have with an indoor camera is the two-way talkback that allows you to intervene through your camera from your smartphone.

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Window bars

Window bar treatments provide an added layer of security because even if a burglar breaks the glass, they won’t quickly get through the bars.

While you may be reluctant to add bars to your windows, you don’t have to opt for the common ones you might typically see in stores. There are decorative treatments that can be customized to fit the style of your home.

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Projectors / Motion Lights

Because thieves don’t want to get caught in their tracks, floodlights or motion lights can help deter them from breaking into your home.

Some motion lights are designed with security cameras so you can see activity outside your home.

You can also find motion lights that will send motion-activated alerts to your phone and can even sound an alarm to scare intruders away.

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Thorny bushes

As an older tactic, adding thorny bushes around the windows of your home can help keep burglars out. If a burglar tries to break in at night and doesn’t recognize the shrubs you’ve planted, they’re in for an unfortunate surprise.

When strategically placed around your home, plants can work for your security. The best bullet-resistant material is to reinforce your home windows.

When we talk about “bulletproof” home windows, we usually mean windows reinforced with glass-like panels composed of acrylic, polycarbonate, or combining the two.

These materials can be used to construct ballistic windows that satisfy various UL 752 requirements for bullet-resistant materials. One of the leading security measures you should consider is to use one of these materials. It could make a big difference.

Should I use Acrylic, Polycarbonate, or both Bullets Resistant?

Acrylic, better known as Plexiglas, is one of the most commonly used materials for creating ballistic windows for homes.

It weighs significantly less than glass and can reach a UL 752 Level 2 classification with a thickness of approximately 1.25 inches.

Advantages of acrylic

  • Easy to cut and work with
  • Crystal clear
  • Highly resistant to UV, weathering, and deterioration.

Cons of acrylic

  • Must be very thick to achieve UL 752 ratings.
  • Polycarbonate weighs even less than acrylic and is even more effective at diffusing impacts.
  • Thermoplastic polymers are tough enough that a 1.25-inch sheet of polycarbonate can receive a UL 752 Level 3 rating.

Advantages of polycarbonate

  • Easy to work with
  • Very lightweight
  • Can achieve UL 752 ratings in thicknesses of less than 1 in.

Cons of polycarbonate

  • Requires ample frame clearances for expansion and contraction.
  • Prone to marring over time if not cleaned carefully

Therefore, either polycarbonate or acrylic has both pros and cons.

Good weather-resistant acrylic is an excellent choice for homes because it resists weathering and UV exposure very well. Still, it has to be much thicker than standard window glass to be bullet resistant.

Conversely, on the other hand, the polycarbonate material can achieve bullet strength at much lower wall thicknesses, but its appearance may degrade more rapidly than acrylic.

This means that neither acrylic nor polycarbonate alone is the best choice for bulletproof home windows.

The best option for making windows bullet-resistant is to combine the two materials by taking advantage of their strengths and compensating for their respective weaknesses.

Other options

Among the other options, you can turn to is chrome plating these three types of glass. To use them to produce fully tailored windows for some use cases is to consider the climate, how secure you need them to be, and your aesthetic preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most secure home windows?

Level C: the highest level of security glass that can withstand the impact of a 9mm bullet fired from a .44 Magnum.

They feature in the most secure anti-theft windows on the market.

How do you protect windows from burglars?

  • Place security cameras nearby.
  • Re-evaluate your window’s locking mechanism.
  • Install more than enough lighting.
  • Reinforce your glass by installing a security film.
  • Install window breakage sensors.

What are the most complex windows to break into?

Often found in older homes, Sash windows tend to be more vulnerable to breakage. A combination sash window consists of two glass panes, stacked one on top of the others, and fastened with a crescent-shaped latch.

Can burglars get through double glazing?

Double glazing is virtually burglar-proof, as it is tough to break, which puts two barriers between you and potential burglars. In addition, the gas between the gaps also acts as a buffer.

Do Burglars smash Windows?

Double glazing is virtually burglar-proof, as it is tough to break, which puts two barriers between you and potential burglars. In addition, the gas between the gaps also acts as a buffer.


Nowadays, it is widespread to see how intruders manage to break into homes. In the United States, the crime rate has increased in recent years. That is why it is advisable to install security windows and security doors for your home and a private security system.

One other factor to be taken into account is the use of steel for the door of your home.

If you have received threats before, you must contact the police.

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