11 Home Security Tricks Will Turn Your House into an Impenetrable Fortress


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Burglars strike every 25.7 seconds, which is why home security must be a priority. That’s why we bring you 11 Home Security Tricks Will Turn Your House into an Impenetrable Fortress. Start to make your home impenetrable.

There is no shortage of tips, products, services, and living space security advice accessible to homeowners at the click of a link. On the other hand, it is wise to consider security in the home from time to time. Making a safer place to live is often much simpler than many people think. The FBI released its first crime report of 2017 (first six months), reporting home burglary down to 6.1 percent.

Attributing this reduction to numerous components is undoubtedly a greater level of education on the part of homeowners to prevent burglaries.

To help you get back to the fun stuff, here are ten simple things you should carry out immediately to secure your new living place.

Here are ten simple ways to secure your home
  • Install Secure doors for home
  • Lock the windows
  • Light up the landscape
  • Don’t forget the garage
  • Set up security
  • Lockdown your WiFi network
  • Eliminate hiding places
  • Add security
  • Get a safe
  • Use home automation
  • Inspect all exterior doors to make sure door frames are strong.

Hinges are protected, and if your door has a mail slot, someone can’t get the door open through it. About 30% of the time, burglars make entry through unlocked doors or windows.

If you move into a home that someone else used to call home, change the locks on the doors.

That way, you’re not going to have weirdos with a key to your home, and you can make sure your locks are the superior ones on the market.

You can also try:
  • Install a deadbolt.
  • Add a strike plate.
  • Upgrade to smart locks
  • Increase security with a video doorbell.

You can use old-fashioned procedures and place a window bar or block in the track to prevent the door from being forced open.

Home Security Tricks Will Turn Your House into an Impenetrable Fortress

Disable windows: Reinforce Windows

Apart from the primary door, windows would also have the potential to be another simple way for a burglar to enter. A busybody can open the latches on recurring hanging windows.

For remarking windows, you can use pin locks that are accessible at home depots or online stores.

If you want next-stage safekeeping, use high-quality window locks to add an extra layer of security in this way as to alarm sensors.

Other ideas that might assist you are:

  • Reinforce the glass with security window film.
  • Install glass or window breakage sensors.
  • Add burglar-resistant bars on windows.

The bars are placed inside the window frame and provide another security layer for you and your close acquaintances.

They may not be aesthetically pleasing to many, but they effectively keep intruders out of your place of living.

Some busybody trying to break into your home through a window will be out of luck if you have burglar bars. You could also double the security of your windows by installing them with security glass or window film.

Plant thorny bushes under second-floor windows (but be sure to keep them trimmed back).

Illuminate the landscape

Put lights near your front and back yards, walkways, parking lots, and other outdoor buildings.

Not only will it make intruders upset, but it will also reduce the danger of tripping while climbing the front steps.

When the lights go on, it sends another powerful message to a viable criminal that they don’t want to mess with this house.

Removing simple opportunities, making obstacles, and sending the right warnings, Stuber says, can prevent you from being a victim.

Make your outdoor security lights even more functional with these tips.
  • Use motion detection lights.
  • Save energy with solar-powered lights.
  • Put outdoor lights on a timer: Whenever you’re going to be away from your home during the night, even if you come home from work after dark, you should have your interior.
  • Lights set on a timer. Having the lights on will keep burglars guessing and leave you feeling safer when you get home.
  • Use the brightest LED security light: With the effectiveness of LED security lights, going a little brighter won’t hurt your wallet as it does with older technologies.
  • A 10w LED light can replace an old 150w incandescent light with the same brightness. Adding a security light to the motion sensor is likely to make it brighter, so you don’t need to worry about that bright light all night.
  • Remember that LED lights are vastly more efficient, so pay attention to lumens, not watts. LED lights also do not degrade or lose luminous flux as quickly as older lamps do.
  • Using LED lights for your security means that the light will stay bright for a much longer period.
  • If you want to warn off unauthorized intruders with a truly bright spotlight, then 40,000-Lumen LED lights are the way to go! These industrial, 300-watt lights have dimmable, UL-certified lights inside so you can be assured of the highest quality, performance, and product safety.
  • The bright LED lights are especially suitable for illuminating your parking lot surfaces, roadways, sports fields, and many others.

Don’t forget the garage

Your home is only as safe as its weakest point of entry, and for quite a few, that point is an overhead parking garage door.

Although homeowners often have strong entry doors, garage door security often falls into the background, unfortunately, since precisely nine percent of burglars enter through the parking garage, according to the National Organization of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).

This point of entry to your place of living is becoming more common among criminals. And also, if they can’t enter your home, you may have several good things stored in the parking lot. Get into the habit of locking all parking lot doors, both interior and exterior.

You can additionally take into account holding the parking lot door opener in the home. That way, a thief won’t be able to get it out of your car.

If you use a remote to open the parking lot, be sure to keep it a secret. 

Easier ways to secure the parking lot

  • Upgrade to a capable parking garage door opener.
  • Cover windows to hide the goodies inside.
  • Secure parking lot doors with extra locks.
  • Use home automation and never leave the parking door open again.

Modify a security system.

Your new place to live should have some security system, whether it’s a basic do-it-yourself system or one that comes with professional checking and automation of the place to live. There are many living space security configurations for all capitals and all custodial scenarios in this day and age.

To select a system that you feel practical with, evaluate the pretensions of your neighborhood and home.

Call your local police department to get neighborhood crime statistics and conduct a security assessment of your living space.

Thinks about this too:
  • DIY installation vs. professional installation.
  • Customer service and brand valuation
  • Smart living space capabilities
  • Initial and monthly costs
  • Extras such as smoke and carbon monoxide checks

Disable your WiFi network

The Internet has brought us many conveniences, especially when it comes to automatically do the house with robot vacuums and home automation systems.

It also has a downside, hackers who want to break into your system.

If you installed a security system in the living place dependent on your WiFi network, some unauthorized person could modify your system if you do not secure your network.

At this point, you are required to follow the following tips:
  • Secure right away your WiFi router.
  • Enable WPA or WPA2 encryption.
  • Rename and hide your home network.
  • Use a firewall.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-malware safeguards.
  • Create secure passwords
  • Protect youngsters with parental control software.

If you have children, they are likely to go online for both work and entertainment.

At this point, it is important to note that you should keep them safe from online predators as well as cyber bullies with a parental control application, a router, or a software package.

These utilities can even help you limit screen time and keep family dinners gadget-free.

Discard hiding places

Trees and shrubs can offer your home an interesting exterior, but they additionally give burglars sufficient space to hide prune trees and plants near your home that you can use for cover.

Instead, opt for smaller flowers and shrubs. Use these handy tops to hold things securely closed. Take care of your yard.

For some reason, a well-groomed yard convinces likely burglars that, if you take this level of precaution with your yard, you’ll surely take preventative indoor security measures.

Windows provide an interesting, enticing home entrance behind the cover of your neglected vegetation.

And trim back some foliage near your home that can be useful as shelter and tree branches that provide entry to your roof or second story.

  • Always put stools and ladders away.
  • Lock doors, sheds, and other outdoor property.
  • Don’t tempt thieves by leaving expensive products on display in the yard.
  • Add security signs and decals.

Add security cameras

You’ve probably seen stories about burglars being thwarted by security camera footage.

This is a security satisfaction for the place of living that works as a deterrent and as a means to achieve justice.

So, we suggest using a security camera with a mobile app to see the images simultaneously and store them if you ever require to proceed to the police.

Some other properties are:

Motion detection

Install motion sensor light: Motion sensor lights will detect movement inside or outside your home during the night and have the potential to help scare off nosy snoopers.

Pay particular attention to the darker surfaces outside your living space. This type of light also saves you energy, since the lights are not turned on all night long.

Night vision

  • WiFi capability
  • Two-way talk
  • Local or cloud storage
  • Rugged weatherproof housing for outdoor cameras

Get a safe

Assuming someone doesn’t comply with your other on-site security tactics; make sure valuable items are protected.

An in-place safe is a secure repository for everything from jewelry to vital documents like passports.

You want a safe that is fireproof, waterproof, and heavy enough that a thief won’t be able to carry it away.

Secure firearms in a gun safe.

Firearms are desirable items for a burglar. On average, about 230,000 guns are stolen every year during home burglaries.

A gun safe keeps your guns out of the reach of criminals and secures your family from the danger of a tragic incident.

Use home automation

If you were tempted to transform your recurring home into a capable dwelling, security is a compelling reason to go ahead.

Home automation can give you remote (or programmed) control of lights, door locks, security cameras, smoke alarms, and other security gadgets.

You can receive on-the-spot signals about suspicious occupancies, so you can respond quickly and thwart likely burglars.

Here are some efficient ways to use home automation to increase security. Program the lights (and your T.V.) to turn on and off when you’re on vacation. Scare away porch pirates with a two-way conversation via a capable doorbell.

Get a momentary video feed whenever someone walks down your driveway. Check for a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and cancel false alarms from your smartphone.

Today’s homes are loaded with connected devices; by 2022, the global smart home market is anticipated to reach a value of more than U.S. $53 billion, according to smart homes data from Statists. 

Throughout this time of the ever-increasing shift to capable home gadgets, the security of the place of living additionally turns into more and more technological.

Suppose the customary place of living security systems monitored by actual people day and night is getting costly for you. In that case, place of living home security robots can lend a cheaper alternative.

These robotic checking gadgets mix sensors, motion detectors, and security cameras with A.I. (artificial intelligence) to better patrol your place of living and consider probable burglaries and emergencies.

Home security robots for the living space have H.D. cameras and facial recognition to sample “known” people to help locate intruders.

The cameras offer more than just an easy feed; they also work together with sensors to detect potential security issues, such as a broken window.

It can also alert you or automatically call for service if there are abnormal and unexpected changes. All them in temperature and humidity, such as when you accidentally left the iron plugged in, and something is now smoking.

Most home security robots additionally can integrate with digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for your convenience.

Before you go

In case you are a devotee of communities, be cautious not to name anything about being out of the online region.

While there are probably privacy preferences, you don’t possess a way to watch how your information is dispersed when it’s usable.

If you are a devotee of communities, be cautious not to name anything about being out of the online region.

Even though there are probably privacy controls, you possess no way to keep an eye on how your information is dispersed when it is usable.

Make the home look occupied.

Home security: turn on the lights and the radio.

An empty home gives burglars an impeccable chance to enter and take whatever they can get their hands on over a long period, knowing you’re not around.

If you and your family are planning a long vacation, never be complacent enough.

Now, try to make your home look occupied even if you are not there. One way to accomplish this is to leave a radio on inside your home.

Timer lights also have the potential to be an amazing way to emulate the flickering of a TV display or light up your house at night.

The mold Stachybotrys

How it kills:

It’s finally not a crazed creature infiltrating your home. Still, this special kind of mold, a greenish-black slime that likes to grow on wood, produces airborne myotoxins suspected in a cluster of infant deaths near Cleveland, Ohio, about 13 years ago.

Although this link to bleeding lungs in newborn infants was never conclusive, Stachybotrys myotoxins travel through ducts. They have caused breathing discomfort, nasal congestion, and eye and skin irritation when inhaled.

Move quickly: Luckily, Stachybotrys is only found in about 2 to 5 percent of homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my house more impenetrable?

  • Create physical barriers
  • Toughen windows and skylights. Plexiglas, security window film, grilles, and roller shutters are effective window deterrents.
  • Toughen doors. You need to upgrade your doors, frames, strike plates, and locks and keep them locked.
  • Build walls, fences, and trenches.
  • Post signs.
  • Make your house look occupied.
  • Prevent crime through environmental design.
  • Install blinds and shades on parking lot windows.
  • Security lighting.
  • Install motion sensor lights
  • Program interior lights
  • Do not store valuable items in the master bedroom.

How can I make my home fortress jobs?

Well, start with this:

  • Home monitoring system
  • Get an alarm system
  • Install motion sensors
  • Secure your doors with impact-resistant plates
  • Secure your sliding doors
  • Get a deadbolt
  • Get a guard dog
  • Leave the lights on at all times
  • Make your safe room

How do you make a house burglar-proof?

Eight simple ways to secure your living space from burglary

Strengthen the security of your door. The weak and vulnerable part of a door is where the deadbolt lock goes into the door jamb.

  • Consider capable locks with no keys to lose.
  • Set strong peel-and-stick alarms.
  • Secure patio doors.
  • Remove hiding places.
  • Protect your mail. 
  • Make your safe more secure.
  • See the inside of your living space when you’re gone.


Security tips in the place of living are among the components that we all care about at one time or another. Part of our peace comes from this. 

For that, it is considered to continue this series of tips that only seek to give some calm to your day to day life. Making your home a fortress is a great challenge you have!

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