How do I Get Rid of Ants on my Kitchen Counter | 7 Helpful Tips By Expert


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We all have these little animals in our homes, and we often wonder how do I get rid of ants on my Kitchen Counter?

Ants are a common nuisance in homes all over the planet.

But, fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure they find more hospitable places to live.

The most crucial reason why ants are in their place of life is that they have found a food source.

In themajority of the cases, that source of food is in its kitchen.

And this is when you ask yourself how to get rid of ants?

When these navigators have recognized where is the food, of the way fast they will transmit the information to its nest and soon you will find a trail of ants in your place of life.

Killing an ant in the kitchen is not the solution:

Where there is an ant, there is usually a colony nearby, and each ant leaves a trail of chemicals called pheromones that its species likes nearby.

The egg-laying queen will keep reproducing and sending more worker ants to your home to obtain free food on kitchen counters and inside sinks and cupboards until you get rid of the ant colony where she lives.

It is time to be concerned and to heed our instructions if you see small brown ants in the kitchen. The little black ants in the kitchen, however, may also be a major pain.

To get rid of the ants and keep them separate, go by following instructions.

How do I Get Rid of Ants on my Kitchen Counter

Some of the effective tips to get rid of ants on your kitchen counter are;

  • Identifying ants
  • Find the entry points of ants.
  • Find the anthill
  • Erasing the trail of the ants
  • Repels ants with soapy water
  • Find out which is the most efficient ant bait.
  • Be very patient while the bait attracts and kills the ants.

Some steps to eliminate ants from your living space are

Identifying ants

The little black ants are trying to find food, and when the food source is taken away from them, in most cases, they move.

The more critical carpenter ants are likely to be less simple to remove since they nest and feed on damp wood, which can cause structural damage to their living environment.

If you see huge ants in your attic, basement, or anywhere you have exposed wood beams, you should attack them immediately.

Properly detecting ants roaming your kitchen is a crucial first step in correcting your ant problem.

This originates because many different species of ants have other habits and habits that have the possibility of harming the primordial regime to free themselves from them.

Look at the ants in your kitchen and see their properties.

Some properties to look for are their size and colour.

The ants in your kitchen may be pharaoh ants or pavement ants, but it is feasible that they are a different kind.

When you know some ant identification properties, do a little research online to find out the correct species of ants in your kitchen, and several of the special procedures suggested for removing that class.

How do I Get Rid of Ants on my Kitchen Counter

Find the entry points of ants.

Follow the ants that are already in your house for a few minutes and try to find the places where they enter your home.

Look inside the house near windows, doors, and cracks in the floor, but also outside the home near doors, windows, siding, and decorative lights.

If ants enter and exit through these points concentrate on these surfaces in your cleaning efforts to make sure that ants do not enter through these points.

how do i get rid of ants on my kitchen counter naturally

Find the anthill

When you have recognized a trail and entry points from which the ants are accessing your home, try to see the path the ants are following outside your home. You will notice that they all follow the same trail. That’s because when they enter your house, they leave a scented trail behind them for the rest of the colony to follow.

It’s not always going to be easy to find an anthill. Still, if you identify your location, you can spray the anthill with a poisonous spray or attack the inconvenience of the ants at the source by baiting the ants in your home to take poison, return to the nest, and kill the colony.

how to get rid of ants in the kitchen with vinegar

Erasing the trail of the ants

Even if you see only one ant in your house, you’re more likely to see more. This originates for that the ants leave traces where quiera that travel that other ants have the possibility of to smell and to continue. If you merely clean or sweep the floor, that is not enough to remove the trail of ants. The trail is a pheromone trail. It is impossible to sweep it; it must be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner. Instead, stir ½ vinegar and ½ water into a spray bottle and cover all surfaces in your kitchen with the spray mixture. Be sure to target surfaces where you have seen ants crawling before.

Keep in mind that this spray mixture will not kill ants already in your home. It will merely erase the trail of those ants, so the novelty ants will not be able to continue their pheromone trail inside.

Besides, you can replace the satisfaction of spraying vinegar with bleach. The most relevant part of the satisfaction spray is a sterile cleaner to eliminate the ants’ trail.

how to get rid of ants on granite countertops

Repels ants with soapy water

Fill a plastic spray bottle with 1 cup of water and liquid hand soap. The bottle should be shaken so that the soap and water mix. Then spray the mixture on the ants whenever you look at them in your kitchen. Wait about 5 minutes to clean up, because ants are much easier to clean off their counters when they stop moving around.

You can also use bar soap for your soap additive: shave a few ounces of bar soap and add it to just one liter of water. After this, it is ideal for heating the water in the microwave along with the soap flakes. To melt the soap, you should add it to a spray bottle.

This procedure is safe for young people and pets, since it does not have insecticides inside and can be used in your garden to repel insects from your plants.

Other settings you may want to consider are;

Find out which is the most efficient ant bait

Scout ants (the ants you see in your kitchen) are the ants that bring food to the rest of the colony—pre-bait surfaces in your home where you have seen the highest proportion of ant activity. Put a reduced plate with some food from sugar (like honey, syrup, jam, etc.) and some fried food (like potato fries or fried chicken). See which food flavouring attracts the most ants. You don’t have to leave this bait for a long time to see what kind of food the ants choose.

The ants’ taste options can change according to the season of the year, so it’s an acceptable initiative to do a pre-bait; so you can triumphantly detect the ants’ favorite flavouring and get a poisonous ant bait targeted to their unique taste.

This previous step to the bait is not a requirement for all the inconveniences of ants in the kitchen, but it contributes to delimit the type of bait that should be used. In case of doubt, buy a bait that adjusts to the ants that want both sweet and salty foods.

These toxic ant baits come in both solid and liquid forms, but when the ants choose sweet foods, the liquid bait is seen to work better.

how to get rid of ants in the kitchen with baking soda

You must be very patient while the bait attracts and kills the ants.

Immediately after you have placed the poisonous bait directed at the ants’ taste, you will only see an increase in the proportion of ants near your home.

This is because the bait attracts them. It is very good. That is the reason he is what you want because the more ants there are near the bait, the more ants will take it back to the nest to kill the rest of the colony.

Keep in mind that this development of bait killing can take some time. This is because you are not only killing the ants that walk around your house, you have to kill multiple ”generations” of ants, inside the adult ants, their pupae (which are the ants that are in their cocoon stage at the moment) the larvae and the eggs. This development can last from a few days to weeks.

When using this baiting system, it is required to remove all other foodstuffs. The bait does not have the possibility of having other food sources that tempt the ants. You want the ants to bite the toxic bait and only the poisonous bait. Also, don’t bother the ants or the bait when the ants have started eating it.

If you have ants at the moment after two weeks of resting the bait, replace the type of bait you are using. It is not as efficient as it should be.

Best Ant Killer Tools

You can use different special sprays for these situations. Among those we can find;

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Ant and cockroach killer Raid Max Ant Baits

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Eco-Raider Natural and Non-Toxic Spray Killer for Crawling Insects and Ants

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  • One Spray to Rid of Ants : Spray on active ants to kill instantly, spray ants entry points (around doors, windows or wall crevices) and along trailing route for lasting deterrence. Spray around kitchen, trash cans, plumbing, doors and windows for preventative measure. No more messy ant bait which may end up seeing more ants, EcoVenger wipes out all immediately!
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Combat foam spray for ants and cockroaches

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Advion Ant Control baits gel

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  • Advion Ant Gel is consumed by the workers as well as taken back to the colony to be shared, providing a high kill rate, eliminating the colony in a short period of time.

How do I Get Rid of Ants on my Kitchen Counter: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effective way to get rid of ants in the kitchen?

How we get rid of ants? If you see ants, clean them with a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water, or pure vinegar. White vinegar annihilates the ants and also repels them. If you have an ant problem, you can try using diluted vinegar to clean hard surfaces, including floors and countertops, throughout your home.

How do I get rid of ants on my kitchen countertop naturally?

Some natural and killers that can be used on countertops are lemonade and vinegar. Quite a few people choose these non-toxic settings that are safe for use with food.

Why do I keep finding ants in my kitchen?

Your kitchen is the most common place to find irritating ants. They feel called upon by elements such as food and water to keep the colony alive and developing. Even if you are careful enough to keep your kitchen floor clean, ants are also attracted to other sources of food that you may not realize.


Removing the ants from their place of life can be very annoying; usually, this can be a whole development. In most situations, the crowd chooses to leave this to the experts. However, if you want to do this work yourself, you can follow in our footsteps or use one of the products we suggested in the previous article.

In this article, he could see how to get rid of ants permanently to avoid bites and the discomfort of having them on yours. We also show you how to get rid of ants naturally if you don’t want to use certain sprays. Hope you have learned how do I get rid of ants on my Kitchen Counter.

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