How High Should Range Hood be from the Stove | An Expert Guide


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If you have recently moved into your new house and need to install your stove and hood in your kitchen, here is an essential piece of information for you. The range hood for the stove is different for indoor and outdoor hoods. Now, you need to install the hood in the perfect place so to avoid accidents. For this purpose, most people ask how high should include a range hood should be from the stove. 

If it is too far at a distance or too close to the stove, this will affect its performance and durability and vice versa. Moreover, the range hoods are not easily movable; while fixing range hoods, you should be careful with that height. Keep reading to know installing hoods at the perfect distance from the stove.

How High Should Range Hood be from the Stove

The fan size does not affect range hood height.
  • For outdoors, range hoods should be installed between 36 to 42 inches above the stoves for all the sizes. However, you may keep the distance between 28 and 36 inches above the stoves indoors.
Kitchen hood height
  • Range hood mounting does not affect the height at which the installation is made, along with size.
  • Outdoors and indoor hoods have different installation heights.
Standard range hood heights
  • The standard range hood height above the gas range and range hood height above the electric stove are between 28 and 36 inches from the stove. It is less than 28 inches, it may damage the kitchen, while if it is more than 36 inches, your hood cannot pass air away from the stove effectively. This formula is applicable to island range hoods, wall mount range hoods, and range hood inserts.
  • Most of the range hood manufacturers suggest extending the range hood between 20 to 24 inches above your kitchen range, but professionally 28 inches is the ideal height for powerful vent hoods.
  • If the range hood is above the gas range, the rough distance should be between 25 and 30 inches, unless defined differently. 
  • Do not mount it below the said height, as it is essential for safety purposes. 
  • Similarly, avoid installing it beyond the upper limit, as it may not be suitable for your hood’s overall efficiency.
  • It is essential to check your range hood’s height because the flames may cause severe damage, and you may have an accident.
  • However, it would help if you were not panic about the hood in the kitchen, and it’s the distance in case of an electric stove. 

How high should a range hood be from the stove?

We can understand these measurements by using the table as follows.

For outdoorsFor indoorsHeight from floorHeight for gas and electric rangeDistance from cabinetsRang hood height calculator
36-42 Inches28-36 inches6’6″28 and 36 inches from the stove1.5inche between the edge of hood range and cabinet300 CFM average
Distance between range hood and cabinets:
  • To ignore all the security issues, you should leave the space of at least 1.5 inches between the edge of the hood range and cabinets.

Range hood height calculator for how high should a range hood be from the stove, using CFM:

  • The measurement of airflow calculated in terms of CFM by a calculator is very common in use. 
  • CFM is an abbreviation of cubic feet per minute, and it is a measurement of the rate at which a specific volume of air can pass.
  • Mostly in manuals and guides, it is mentioned that 600 to 1200 CFM is suitable, but actually, 300 CFM is more, which is an ideal measurement for kitchens.
Range hood height from floor: 

The hood must be mounted so that the hood’s bottom should be 6’6″ from the finished floor. But if there is any specification given by the authorities, you need to abide by the rules.

  • If it is possible, weld the exhaust duct to the hood instead of the floor.
  • The range hoods are useful for many purposes; people use them to protect from grease and smoke in their kitchens, warehouses, and factories.
  • They also use them to vent hazardous materials and chemicals from the storage areas and workplaces. 
  • These rules are used in eateries for commercially venting excessive grease and soot.
  • The range hoods in households are not required to meet the global manual’s range hood elevation regulation.
  • However, you should utilize the ductless fabric, makeup air, and a damping if you are keen in them.
  • Depending on your cooking habits and kitchen area, the drip pan minimum height requires 400 CFM of air for vent tops.
  • On either hand, if your kitchenette is tiny and you utilize your vent hood at a high CFM for longer periods of time, you can effectively manage the air system.
How High Should Range Hood be from the Stove

Variety of Hoods

Grease and fumes appliances utilize them. In eateries and your home’s kitchenette, a range vent over a gas burner and a stainless-steel grill are two examples.

Vent hoods of type II

Type II exhaust vents are the scope hoods used to regulate fumes, heat, and moisture outside of kitchens. A commercial dishwashing vent hood is one example.

The value of codes

Codes are necessary to make sure that dangerous contaminants are kept outside of your house where you live.

Depending on the building standards in your location, you may need to install the cooktop if your equipment releases excessively.

The advantages of using range hoods over kitchen stoves

So, how far away from the burner should a range hood be? And why, in the first place, do you really need a range hood? Many individuals believe that it is permissible to forego using a range hood altogether. However, you may not be aware of the advantages of utilizing your restaurant’s range hood at that point. Here are a few examples:

increase in air quality

The improvement of air quality, which eliminates grease, dust, stink, smoke, and other dangerous materials from your kitchens, is the main advantage of having the proper hood height over gas ranges. These components were vacuumed and filtered by the motorized fans employed in the hoods before being sent outdoors.

Reduce scents from the kitchen

Since nothing makes you feel better when you’re hungry than a good meal, switching on the range covers in your kitchens significantly reduces undesirable aromas, leaving your house fresh.

minimum height between chimney and gas stove

An enjoyable sensation

Range hoods are helpful in the kitchen because they eliminate extra heat and steam, allowing you to cook in a comfortable environment.

what is the best height for a range hood

Simple to clean

If your kitchens do not have range hoods, it will be difficult to remove oil and humidity from the cabinets and countertops since they leave a sticky film there. Therefore, using ventilated hoods helps stop bacterial development.

range hood height above electric stove

Gives your restaurant a sophisticated appearance.

Not only are scope hoods useful, but they also give your cafeterias a fashionable appearance. There is a wide range of modern hoods available in the market; you can go for your own choice entirely according to your budget. Depending upon your preferences, you may place an order for your favorite hood for your kitchen. This will only enhance your kitchen’s beauty, and you will enjoy cooking for your loved ones. 

range hood height calculator

Reduces excess kitchen heat

The range hoods are not only helpful in reducing kitchen heat but also decreases the energy bills.

How High Should Range Hood be from the Stove: FAQs

Do you have to have a range hood above a stove?

Yes! You should have a range hood over the stoves in your kitchens, even if it is not legally required, but for cleanliness and your kitchens’ long life to prevent dust, steam, moisture, and heat.

How much clearance do you need for a range hood?

In most US states, the minimum height clearance needed by the building’s 18 inches is considered the average height from the top of the stove to the bottom of the range hood.

Do range hoods have to go to the ceiling?

If you install a vented hood on the wall or under the cabinet, the wires will run behind the outer walls. But when range hoods have to go to the ceilings, the ducts should run above the ceilings. Moreover, the ductless range hoods can be mounted easily anywhere you want, which comes in your budget easily.

Last Words

To conclude this topic, I will only say that kitchens’ hoods are essential in every manner, as they help set out dust, grease, moisture, and other pollutants. The important thing while mounting the hoods is the hood range height. So, keep in mind! If your hood is mounted too near the stove, it may catch fire, leading to loss. While if it is installed too far from the stove, the air gap will not be in the effective area. The unnecessary distance severely decreases the efficiency of the hood.

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