How Can I turn off the Home’s Water Supply | Step By Step Guide


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Nowadays, the costs of home repairs caused by water damage are high—repairs due to leaks, water heater leaks, frozen or clogged pipes. In addition to the high cost of the water bill, they cause general discomfort, waste of time and money with a licensed plumber. For this reason, we will provide you with different considerations, which will focus on how I can turn off the home’s water supply to my house and other relevant aspects and questions; is it illegal to turn off the water supply, a classic in these circumstances.

Where is the valve that will keep my house from flooding? Depending on the age and form of the house, property boundaries are established; water meters can be placed in some locations.

Typically, residences are connected to city water pipes in a small enclosure near the neighborhood’s roadway—a tiny circular plate with the words “water meter” on it. Maybe a rectangular box made of plastic and concrete with a similar cover with a small hole through which you can put a screwdriver or other prying instrument to open it up is the most frequent form of meter enclosures. The circular ones sometimes have a nut that has to be loosened to open them.

Basic Information

turn off the home’s water supply

The precious liquid counts with a very peculiar variant always indicate when it is not well sheltered, giving them time to solve. In this way, it presents itself with the noise of leaks, stains, and cracks; in exterior walls and floor, warning the malfunction.

When possessing these symptoms, it is necessary to know; how to shut off the water supply to the house from the main water valve from the access panel. Being in your property, its repair and maintenance are on your account, so it is not illegal to close it.

The water shut-off valve has different configurations, and you must identify what type of water meter is in your home.

The common one has two valves, one facing outside and the other on the side of your home; in homes located in cold climates, the main shut-off valve typically resides in the basement.

How Can I turn off the Home’s Water Supply?

turn off the home’s water supply

On the other hand, they stand outside, covered with a removable cover, at the height of the sidewalk or road, near the parking lot gate. Older homes or buildings usually have a type of main shut-off valve called a gate valve.

This valve has a rounded screen, whose function is to rotate in closing and opening. Its correct use is to be open or closed altogether to avoid any unwanted damage. However, to use them half-open or secure; can cause considerable wear to the metal and accelerate a failure to the valve.

In new constructions, we find to perform this work the ball valves. They consist of a handle that must rotate 90 degrees to turn the water on or off. Their functional locations are parallel to the water pipe when open and closed when perpendicular.

Here we will name the different types; with their respective description:
  • Ball valve; it is of considerable size, actuated using a lever handle. Its opening or closing is fast. With only a quarter-turn of the lever, the action takes place.
  • It recognizes itself by its bulbous section that holds the ball, which hides to let the water pass through and obstructs the entire inside of the tube to close it.
  • They have become popular in today’s constructions due to their practicality, performance, and resistance.
  • Compression stop valve; used for water pipes made of copper, fast and powerful at the moment of stopping water flow.
  • Its operation works by pressing a brass ring, with the help of a compression nut, between the pipe and the valve.

Specialized tools required for installation.

  • Three-way shut-off valve; somewhat complex because of its ability to connect several outlets in the same one. Used under dishwashers and kitchen sinks; not recommended for sinks.
  • Its purpose is to shut off the pressure in one way, allowing full force in the other way.
  • It is ideal for shutting off flow in specific areas, such as hot and cold water flow, although it can be challenging to install.
  • The angle stop valve is used in pipes from the wall, ideal for toilets and sinks.
  • Its function is replacing parts by defect or redecoration without shutting off all the water.
  • They are very durable, and you must know the area of plumbing and plumbing; for installation in appliances and others.
  • A straight shut-off valve comes from the ground, and the pipes must always remain in the background.
  • Whose function ensures that the water flow returns to the direction of origin to the water meter?
  • They allow closing the flow in specific areas, providing ease of replacing the appliances that use it, such as water heater.
  • Sweat stop valve; used by specialized personnel when carrying out the construction of a work, whether it is a house or a building.

They are usually soldered to copper pipes, providing a permanent solution to shut off the total flow. In addition, they are very durable and robust, providing excellent security in case of leaks.

Pressure shut-off valves

  • They are widely used because of their easy installation. They do not require great experience in the area. In addition, they slide over copper, PVC, or pevex pipes.
  • They consist of a rubber O-ring and stainless steel locking teeth, which prevent the valve from slipping out of the pipe. In addition, the gasket forms an airtight seal that controls the flow of liquid.

Iron pipe shut-off valve; used with male threaded pipes.

  • Easy to install in iron pipes, you will need a male adapter to operate other types.
  • Due to their adaptability and easy installation, they are widely used to answer a quick change of valve.
  • EX stop valve; they consist of a rectangular polyethylene material very similar to plastic. Very accessible, they require the support of clamping rings used in pipelines.
  • They are difficult to remove but very durable, and their low cost is an advantage to consider.
  • CPVC shut-off valve; used when the pipes are of the same material. This water shut-off tool should not be recommended on other types of piping, and proper operation is not guaranteed.

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How Can I turn off the Home’s Water Supply: FAQs

Is it safe to turn off the main water supply?

To begin, find your home’s main water supply valve. To open and close the valve, it should have a wheel control or a lever handle. It is entirely safe to turn the wheel clockwise or close the lever to turn it off.

Closing the main supply line valve turns off the water to the home but keeps the outdoor sprinklers running. If you leak inside, the line will be under some pressure at first, but it will not spray water” Turning off the water has no disadvantages.

Do I need a special tool to turn off my water?

This may be done without any tools; turn the valve by hand. Special equipment may be required to reach valves situated outdoors in an underground water meter box. To remove a security bolt and access the lid, you may need a pentagon socket wrench. If you cannot locate or operate the shut-off valve in your home, you can still cut off water to your home by turning off the main water valve on the street. A screwdriver is required—a wrench in the shape of a crescent.

Who is responsible for the main water shut-off valve?

The homeowner must have a main valve fixed or replaced if it does not work or shut off the residence’s water. Public Works will need to turn off the water at the curb stop, usually in the front yard, to do this job.

Where is the main shut-off valve for my water?

The shut-off valve is usually 3 to 5 feet away from where the water main enters the house. If it’s not on the front wall, look for it in the mechanical room or near the water heater or furnace. The cutoff valve in a crawl space or slab structure may be located immediately inside the crawl space.

Where is the water shut-off valve for a shower?

Shower/Bathtub — some shower or bathtub shutdown valves are located behind the sink; if not, look in the basement (if you have one) right beneath the bathroom.

Can pipes burst if the water turned off?

If they’re losing water as well, it might be the consequence of the main break. If they have flowing water, though, your pipes are most likely frozen. Turn off the water at the main shut-off valve right away. A rupture or crack is indicated by leaks or pools of water from pipes.

How do I turn off my water supply?

You should be able to turn the valve on and off by yourself. The valve wills close as you turns it clockwise, limiting the quantity of water that passes through. The water may take a few minutes to cease altogether. Flip the valve counterclockwise to reactivate your water supply. Slowly turn it on and off; never force it. The stop tap might be damaged if you over tighten it or apply too much effort.

How do I turn off the main water supply?

Your home’s water main shut-off valve is most usually in the basement, near your water meter, or wherever the local water supply enters your home. Generally speaking, it will be on the street-facing wall. To turn off a tap or knob-style shut-off valve, turn it clockwise (to the right).

How do you turn off the water with a Curb key?

It’s also known as a water shut-off tool, a curb key, or a curb box key. So, it’s a simple thing to do, and it only costs a few dollars, but it may save you thousands in the long run! It’s either a handle with two prongs at the end or a slot that fits over the meter valve’s “fin.” Once you’ve got the tool in position, twist it until it stops, which will turn off all of the water in your home.

We have the key and necessary information to solve the enigma of shutting off the water supply to my house. Its correct use will undoubtedly lead you to success in your purpose. In this way, you can differentiate the types of valves found in your home.

Therefore, you have the basic knowledge of their operation and possible solutions at your fingertips. If plumbing and plumbing repairs need to be done by experts, the solution is simple and can occur without additional expense.

Is it necessary to turn off the water when you are on vacation, a classic question where we will positively recommend its execution? Turning off the water valve and main faucet when you are away from home on vacation is an excellent idea.

However, if the period is very long, leaving a person to open the water shut-off valve periodically is also an option.

Final Thoughts

Using the information provided in this article correctly will save you a lot of headaches and considerable money. In addition to the wasted time and discomfort, you will avoid it.

They are the main actor in any conflict in any plumbing system since they control water flow. For this reason, it is essential to differentiate and identify them correctly, to know if it is necessary to use plumbers or plumbers.

A damaged shower handle in the upstairs bathroom is leaking water! As the water gathers with nowhere to go, a minor flood is forming in the kitchen. Or perhaps a leaking toilet is dripping into your foyer. It’s a plumbing disaster! Do you know how to switch off your house’s water while you wait for the plumber to arrive?

One approach to stop the flow before it does additional harm is to go to your home’s shut-off valve using a water shut-off key, which is a necessary item. Like gutters and garage door openers, standard residential water shut-off valves are an essential item that should be included in every home. You already know if it is necessary to turn off the water on a long vacation, right?

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