How Long Does a Trane Air Conditioner Last | Tips to Increase Life Span


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Trane is the top-rated Air Conditioner manufacturing company in the USA. The unique features of its products and their longevity make it one of the reliable AC companies worldwide. Along with other features, the long life of the products by this brand is another feature that makes them most lovable.

So, people choose this brand to fix an AC in homes, offices, or even vehicles. However, these are more expensive than the other brands’ products; these last very long too. 

Choosing this brand for Air conditioners is due to multiple reasons. This article will be discussing all the unique features of Trane Company’s ACs; let’s go through it. 

How Long Does a Trane Air Conditioner Last?

How Long Does a Trane Air Conditioner Last

System life is a product of quality, not price. If you buy an expensive brand and it lasts less than 2 years, then that’s where the problem lies in your purchase. In contrast to other brands, which may last about 12 years or more on average, Trane branded air conditioners are expected to last about 2 more years than other brands because they have been made with much better quality materials and technology.

What is the Average Life of Trane ACs? 

How Long Does a Trane Air Conditioner Last

Though it depends on how you look after your AC, trane company’s air conditioners last longer than many other brands. This is due to the mechanism they follow to build their products. The average life of this brand’s AC ranges from 15 to 20 years. 

This average life span is at least two years more than the lives of the same products by different well-known brands. Though they last for more than 15 years, many owners love replacing their units after 10 years. This is just an upgraded model; otherwise, the old units’ working capability will also be great. 

How to Increase Life on an Air Conditioner? 

How to Increase Life on an Air Conditioner

Here are different measurements that will increase the life of your AC. 

Proper Gap

Just like humans, machinery also needs some rest to function properly. The same is in the case of an AC. If you constantly work without any rest, it will die early. So, try to turn it off when you’re leaving the room.

Unit Cleaning

Another effective step that will increase the life of an AC is cleaning its unit regularly. This step will make your AC work optimally by reducing the chances of a breakdown. 

AC Service

AC service or tuning is also important for its proper running. So, make sure that you manage its service at least before the start of the summer season. 

Make Ventilation Maximum

The more your house will be airy and spacious, the more your AC will work effectively and vice versa. So, fix your AC in such a home place that features extensive airflow. This will help increase the life of AC. 

Keep Checking the Leakage

Along with other services and cleaning, handling the leakage properly and time will also help increase your AC’s life. So, manage such an AC defect instantly. 


Though it’s easy to enhance the life of an air conditioner by looking after it properly, the brand also means a lot in this regard. Trane is the leading AC brand in the USA. The products by this brand, though expensive, last far more than the other local brands. Also, their functioning is far good than those by other companies. So, choosing this brand is worth money to spend on an AC. 

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