How Long is a Moving Day | Factors Discussed Impacting Moving Time


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Perhaps you have a plan to move to a new house and wonder how long is a moving day. There is no certain answer, as every client has a different level of need for moving out. 

Many removalists will agree that moving time differs, depending on the client’s demands. For instance, a local move can be finished in a day. The moving process for small houses can last for at least 2 hours and up to 10 hours with bigger apartments. Factors affecting the time difference include the number of belongings and even the moving space.

This thing matters because it has an impact on the overall budget. Hence, it is crucial to set a schedule for moving out to keep everything in line. 

Different Factors That Impact Moving Timeline

Different Factors That Impact Moving Timeline

It is mentioned earlier that several factors may extend the time of moving out. These include:

Huge Number of Furniture 

If one thing can be difficult to move, it is no other than the furniture. They come in bigger sizes compared to other pieces of stuff. Furniture is also prone to damages when not handled properly. Therefore, movers take time to carry the furniture to not cause any dents or damages. They are also heavy and require extra effort to lift. 

Multiple Essential Boxes 

Having a lot of stuff is one reason why moving out may last longer. Each box contains valuable items that must be handled with care. Movers are accountable for damages, so they need to be more cautious. 

No Available Parking Lot 

Your stuff will be transported using a truck to speed up the process. However, some areas do not have a huge driveway to accommodate a truck. The best solution would be parking the truck many meters away from the area; hence movers will reach the truck in extra minutes. 

Property Size 

It is more difficult to gather items with elevated houses, like those made of stairs. Unless the mover has a lift to hasten the process, it is the same with houses that have several bedrooms. The more limited space you own, the easier the moving day would be due to a few items to be packed. 

Dismantling of Furniture 

Some furniture needs to be disassembled for easy packing. This may take time, and yet it is for the sake of your property. 

Level of Preparation 

You can begin packing stuff weeks before the moving day. This is to lessen the burden and ensure that everything is ready on the moving date. Organize the items and put some labels that will benefit you on the unpacking process. 

The Timeline of the Moving Process

The Timeline of the Moving Process

The moving process is not an easy job. It requires strength and skill to help homeowners bring their belongings to a new home. 

This article can only tell the average time of moving out from packing to unpacking your stuff. First, you need to hire at least two movers to vacate a 3-bedroom house. It also depends on the volume of boxes you need to move. More boxes of stuff require additional movers to speed up the process. 


Most movers can pack a total of five boxes in an hour, which is faster than you could imagine. Some items, especially the fragile ones, take a little longer to pack due to additional materials needed. Thus, movers start on the items that are easier to pack, such as clothes and books. 

In the end, it depends on the homeowner’s lifestyle on how long the packing process is. It takes only a moment to finish the job for more minimalist people. 

The average time to pack stuff in a small property is at least 2 hours. Bigger rooms can last for 6 hours to pack up everything, especially when the owner has lots of stuff. 


Once you arrive at your new home, the first thing to do is unpack all the stuff. It depends on the number of boxes you need to unpack. However, it takes longer to unpack glassware due to multiple wrap layers. 

The easiest way to pack is the things you can also easily unpack. Clothes, books, and shoes are just a few examples. 

Regardless of the property size, you will only need two unpackers to do the task. It just varies on the amount of time to spend finishing the job. Of course, more boxes demand more time to unpack.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, a moving day can last for at least two hours and a maximum of six hours. This depends on many factors, like the location, number of boxes, and some extra jobs that need to be done. Thus, finding the right mover is vital to safer and faster move out. 

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