How Many amps do Ceiling Fans Use | 6 Factors Amps Ceiling Fans Use


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Ceiling fans use very less energy in terms of power than other cooling devices like air conditioners. You can know the amount of electric current, an exact number of amperage used by the ceiling fan, by contacting the company of the fans but most of the fans come under the narrow range of price. Let’s learn how many amps do ceiling fans use.

So if you want to know the exact amps that ceiling fans use, let’s discover how many different types of fans are used.

How Many amps do Ceiling Fans Use?

How Many amps do Ceiling Fans Use

Normal ceiling fans amp usage

A normal ceiling fan can use up to 0.5 amps to 1 amp. The range depends on the ceiling fan’s speed setting and power settings. If you suppose that the speed setting of a normal ceiling fan comes recently, it will be about 0.4 amps, while on the higher range, it will be 0.6 amps.

Hunter ceiling fan amp usage

The use of amps for hunter ceiling fans depends on the type and build of that fan. The hunter ceiling fan that comes with the light kit uses 2 amps. On the other hand, the hunter ceiling fan that does not contain a light kit uses 3 amps.

52 Inch ceiling fan usage

The 52-inch ceiling fan uses low settings about 0.17 amps, while the fans with high settings use 0.65 amps. 

Large ceiling fan amp usage

On average, the ceiling fans with huge construction will require up to 0.5 amps to 1 amp in most cases.

Ceiling fans with low amps

The ceiling fans that come with light amps will need approximately 0.5 amps for functioning. It does not need much more energy or power on the high amp usage settings. Opting for a ceiling fan’s accurate circuit breaker size is an important part of mounting it properly. So it would help if you had special attention to this aspect. So search for the size of circuit breaker you require for your ceiling fan. 

Normal range of watts for ceiling fans

Some fans are as small as 10 watts to 120 watt maximums. However, most fans have many different speed settings, type of the fan, and quickly can be adjustable speeds to fit any situation.

At moderate settings, an average fan will need 75 watts. 

The calculation for the average ceiling fan comes with speed 1, which is the lowest setting, and it uses 16 watts. At speed 2, the average fan uses 27 to 30 watts. On the other hand, at speed 3, the average fan uses 45 watts, and at speed 4, it will use 55 watts. A ceiling fan that runs on speed 5 will use 75 watts on average. 


So, according to the above facts, an average ceiling fan on the high-speed settings need to use 0.5 to 1 amp, as the amount of amp used by the ceiling fan depends on the various factors like the type of the ceiling fan, speed settings, speed, size of the fan and many more factors. When the fan speed gets lower, the amp used will also decrease. 

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