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Learning about electricity consumption will help in the maintenance of your air conditioner. Moreover, proper knowledge about this factor will help increase the life of your summer partner. Knowing the electricity consumption of different capacity air conditioners, you can fix them right in the place. Let’s find out how many amps does a 2 ton air conditioner use.

If you mistakenly coupled the wrong capacity of AC with inappropriate current, it may affect the performance of your outlet. Some conditions may also lead to remarkable damage to the AC. So, this fact needs proper attention when you’re bringing your summer partner to your home. 

This precise guide will help you learn how to calculate the electricity consumption of an AC. Also, we’ll break down some factors affecting the AC power consumption in the later section.

How to Calculate Power Consumption of an AC? 

How Many Amps Does a 2 Ton Air Conditioner Use

A unique device is introduced at the market named “Kill a Watt Meter.” This tool helps in measuring power consumption. This tool helps to measure the power consumption of an AC and many other devices like refrigerators. 

Here is a precise method to use this lovely device once you’ve purchased it. 

  • Connect your AC with your Kill Watt Meter. 
  • Then connect the Wire of the meter with the electricity. 
  • Turn on the AC. 
  • The meter will start measuring the power consumption. 
  • Take 3 to 5 readings for calculating average power consumption. 

The power consumption of different capacity ACs is given in the following table from this device. 

The capacity of the AC (Ton)Power Consumption (Amps)

Reducing Power Consumption of Your AC

How Many Amps Does a 2 Ton Air Conditioner Use

Here are some tips that will help you in reducing your electricity cost by reducing the power consumption of your AC. 

Cool the Room to an Optimal Level

AC means cooling the room to an optimum level, not to a dead level. So, avoid speeding up your AC. A 22°C to 26°C cooling is enough for comfortable living. 

Lower the Power Usage

Some people don’t care about the electrical outlets running uselessly or usefully. However, to make your AC work effectively at low power consumption, try switching off the other electrical appliances that are not in use. 

Seal Your Room 

The less exposure of your room to the sunlight will cut the cooling time short as this will not let the heat enter the room, which may affect the cooling. So, close all windows and doors of the room when AC is working. 

  • Keep compressor in shade
  • Keep your ac tuned
  • Clean and change the air filters whenever needed


Air conditioners work at the consumption of a handsome amount of electricity. Measuring this electricity or power consumption of your AC has become easy with introducing the “Kill a Watt Meter” device. Moreover, you can cut the amperes of your AC short by following the above-mentioned effective tips. So, make sure that you follow all the measurements required to cut the electricity cost short for an AC. Now you know how many amps does a 2 ton air conditioner use.

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