How many Ceiling Fans are on a 20-amp Circuit | An Expert Guide


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An expert can give the best opinion on how many ceiling fans are on a 20-amp circuit, but you should not overload your circuit in any way. So the answer to this question is as simple as approximately 10 receptacles can fit in 20 AMP circuits. 

So if you want to know the detail on how many ceiling fans are on a 20 AMP circuit, this post will guide you in a better way.

How many Ceiling Fans are on a 20-amp Circuit?

How many Ceiling Fans are on a 20-amp Circuit
  • Suppose each receptacle uses 1.5 amps or 180 watts. A 20 AMP circuit will be at its peak and have 2400 watts. Most people indicate that. The standard or average answer is 10 receptacles can fit in the 20 AMP circuit. 
  • If each receptacle uses 1.5 AMP s or 180 Watts, the 20 AMP circuit will peak and approximately run on the 400 Watts. Many people believe that 80 % of that will use 1900 watts.
  • Suppose if a ceiling fan comes with 52 inches and transmits 100 watts of electricity at its maximum speed, similarly for three 60 watts balls, the total electricity in terms of watts will be 280 watts will transmit from a ceiling fan. So 1400 watts of electricity is enough for 5 ceiling fans. 
  • On the other hand, the 15 Ampere circuit breaker offers a total of 1800 watts of power at 120 Volts. So for 1440 Watts, 80% will be enough.
  • To use a maximum of 4 to 5 ceiling fans, 15 AMP circuit breakers will be sufficient.
  • Using 15 AMP circuits, it is possible to run 4 ceiling fans because the circuit breaker can use 80% of the total amperes.
  • The ceiling fans that come with the 122 wires make sure the flow of electricity in your ceiling fan adds a 20-ampere circuit breaker. There is some research about this too. It suggests that electricians have a lot of stress from their job. They need to keep in mind the right way to deal with their stressors, especially when someone else has this kind of work. This study also said that it is necessary to reduce the amount of stress electricians experience because they use a lot of literacy and speed to keep up with the task.
  • It is a good option that installs a 20 AMP dedicated circuit to power the ceiling fans and exhaust fans. According to the solved rule, the best maximum limit is 10, using 80% load. So if you have 20 AMP, you will get 20 x80% will give you 16.
  • To run the 4 ceiling fans on a single 15 Ampere circuit, it will depend on what different device will run on this circuit. 


So to conclude, typically a ceiling fan uses electricity in terms of 0.5 or 1 ampere, as different types of ceiling fans of different companies make their fans with different ways like low energy efficiency and power motor systems to generate sufficient air with the use of extra power and need more amperes.

However, all the brands take enough measures to ensure that the ceiling fans are environmentally friendly and consume less electricity.

In short, 20 ceiling fans can run on a 20 AMP circuit using 12-gauge wire.

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