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Many people ask how much do plumbers charge to unclog a toilet. Plumbers generally charge the same amount of money to unclog a toilet to clean pipes.

For restoring a toilet, many projects are canceled from $110 to $275.

On the other hand, a plumber charges between $75 and $550 to unclog a pipe based on hourly costs, access, difficulty, and the reason for the blockage.

Generally, plumbers provide flat rates for basic drain cleaning, but they run between $45 and $150 per hour plus parts for cleaning more serious drains.

Drain Rod Cost Factors

How much do Plumbers Charge to Unclog a Toilet

In a plumbing job, the costs are deducted according to the distance that must be traveled to the place of the same, its difficulty, reason, place, and time.

Charge for distance to travel

There are two kinds of plumbers, those who don’t charge an estimate and those who demand a $50 to $200 call-in fee, which usually covers the first hour of work.


When there are obstacles in the bathtub or sink, accessibility is easy, but if the obstruction is in the mainline, accessibility is difficult.

Specific plumbing jobs require short-term toilet removal or access to multiple connection points.


The estimated time to clear a blockage is five minutes, but if it’s multiple blocked pipes or perhaps a heavy backup in the mainline, it can take up to hours to unblock. Alternatively, they may need a video camera inspection.

Reason for Blockage

Tree roots, grease, or broken pipes are the hardest to unblock, while dirt, hair, food debris, and soap scum are easier to free.

Damages that are not counted: 

Another factor that influences the repair cost is the appearance of other damages where the pipes, toilet parts, or garbage disposal need replacement.

Cost to unclog a toilet by the method

Typically, the cost to unclog a toilet is $150 to $700, depending on the kinds of resources or procedures used and the amount of labor, time, and equipment needed.

Among the methods that exist to unclog a toilet we have:

If you use a snake as a tool, the cost will be between $150 to $200. If you use it with a camera, it will be $250-$450. However, using a drill would be $300-$350, hydraulic jetting $300-$500, removing the toilet $400-$500, and cleaning the drain pipe $300-$500. 600 to $700

Remove toilet to unclog

To remove the toilet, most plumbers charge between $400 and $500 for this work. If there is any difficulty, the cost will go up. There may also be a situation where it is necessary to eliminate the toilet. Therefore, it may be the best solution in some instances.

Cost to unclog the toilet by location

Depending on the location of the obstruction, the cost will vary between $200 and $700. Motivated by access elements resources required to remove the obstacle, this service will have a variable fee according to the location of the obstruction.

Obstacle locations and costs are typical as follows:

  • Toilet and sink with a price between $300 to $400.

Unclog the toilet bowl

If the blockage is in the toilet bowl, its average cost will range from $200 to $250 when it does not warrant extra drain cleaning. Sometimes the toilet bowl can become clogged with toilet paper, feces, or foreign objects.

The flushing system will not work correctly and may cause clogging due to the toilet not flushing normally.

Regardless of the fault, you are facing. To solve it, you must remove the obstacle. Also, ensure proper flushing and filling of the bowl when you remove the block.

Registered toilet drain

If your clogged toilet drain regularly costs $250 to $400, it’s a no-brainer to fix. Different elementary blockages can happen in the toilet, including this one. You can repair it using a snake or basic auger. Some plumbers use a water jet machine for more challenging obstacles. However, you can solve easier difficulties with a snake.

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