How much Toilet Paper to Use | Expert Reveals Exact Amount


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According to specialists, “if you use toilet paper properly, the average individual should only need ten sheets at each toilet visit.” This varies depending on whether the toilet is a number one or a number two, but in general, you should avoid wrapping toilet paper rolls around your hand to use it, as it is a waste of time.

To be clear, ten sheets are the maximum amount a person uses. This using fewer sheets is perfectly acceptable and perhaps recommended.

You can try using a toilet paper calculator.

The calculator estimates the number of rolls needed each day, week, and month, your current supply length, and the amount of paper an individual uses per week.

If those four people were isolated for 50 days, the household would need 54 toilet paper rolls.

Along with the calculator, Wood includes the following “interesting facts” about toilet paper:

The average user uses between 8 and 9 wipes per day, for 57 wipes.

Each year, the average person flushes the toilet approximately 2,500 times.

Average Toilet Paper Statistics

How much Toilet Paper to Use

In a survey conducted to determine the most used consumer item, toilet paper outperformed all other things by a whopping 69%. Aside from its initial purpose, toilet paper is a frequently used household item for several reasons, including the following:

  • Nose care
  • Makeup removal
  • Children’s hands and faces
  • Cleaning small spills
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Before use, cover the toilet seat (especially in public toilets).
  • Cleaning eyeglasses

Individual toilet paper use (some numbers)

The following statistics illustrate the average amount of toilet paper used by an individual per year:

A person uses toilet paper 57 times per day or 8.6 times per trip to the toilet.

Each person consumes more than 15 kilos of toilet paper per year. 

Wraps, folders, and bundles

Do you roll toilet paper, wrap it in your hand or fold it? According to studies, most women are wrappers, while most men are folders.

40% of people (mainly men) fold or stack it when using toilet paper.

40% of people (mainly women) refill it.

The remaining 20% are inclined to use the wrapping technique.

Avoid using an excessive amount of toilet paper,

If you find that you are running out of toilet paper too quickly in your home, chances are you are using more than you need when you are in the bathroom. Avoid using too much toilet paper to save money and avoid potential plumbing problems.

Bottom line

Per toilet trip, the average person should use no more than ten sheets of toilet paper. Daily paper consumption for a four-person household is 1.1 rolls, eight rolls per week, and 32 rolls per month. So, each year, the average person flushes the toilet approximately 2,500 times. 

People use toilet paper on average 57 times daily, or 8.6 times per toilet trip. Each person annually utilizes more than 15 kg of toilet paper. Avoid using excessive toilet paper to save money and avoid potential plumbing problems.

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