How often should you Clean Ceiling Fans | Learn the Exact Times


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It is not a tough job to do when it comes to cleaning fans. In warm weather, the ceiling fans go hand in hand as in the hotter days, the fans run on for a longer time, and more dust accumulates on the edges of the blade. Unless you want to clump to fill around whenever you turn it on, it will help if you start cleaning these blades and learn how often should you clean ceiling fans.

So it is the best option to clean the fan twice a week—some regions are prone to more dust than other regions, like ceiling fans in kitchens. Cleaning the ceiling fans should be a must according to the scheduled routine.  

So this process will guide you better to clean the fans. 

How often should you Clean Ceiling Fans

How often should you Clean Ceiling Fans

Cleaning your ceiling fans once every other month is the recommended way to clean them, according to Beth McGee, author of “Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master.” A dirty and dusty ceiling fan can cause allergies and other respiratory problems.

How to Clean Ceiling fan blades

Step 1: Before switching off the fan, check if it is rotating clockwise or counterclockwise. If you did not do it already, turn the fan’s direction to accommodate the season. Clockwise will make a room warm, and anti-clockwise will make it cool. 

Step 2: Slip a pillowcase on the blade and use the case to clean the dust off the sides of the fan top from the bottom. In this way, all the dust will go in the pillowcase instead of going anywhere else. Repeat this process on each blade, and don’t forget to press it lightly to damage it. To prevent dust build-up in the future, it is advisable to spray the dust repelling spray like Endust or homemade product by mixing one part of fabric softener with four parts water. Spray this solution on the microfiber pieces of cloth and clean both sides of the blade. 

Step 3: Wipe the motor housing and the pull chain with a clean cloth. To remove the interior dust, spray motor housing with compressed air. 

Step 4: For extremely dirty kitchen blades that process a huge amount of grease, wipe and clean with the damped cloth to clean the dirt and dust in the first place. 

Now Step 5: Apply the all-purpose cleaner, whatever the brand of cleaner the company recommends, on the sponge or piece of cloth and wipe on the blade to cut grease on it. 

Step 6: After cleaning each blade, rinse the cloth and repeat the process as needed. Then dry each blade. 

Step 7: There are some pretty cool tools available in the market to keep your ceiling fans prevented from dust and debris, all available on Amazon at a reasonable rate. To get the best results, opt for these products. 


So it is clear from the above-discussed facts that cleaning a ceiling fan is hard to do. The only thing you should pay attention to is switching off the main power supply and the main switch of the fan.

The things required for the cleaning process should be in the proper amount and of good quality. Therefore, cleaning ceiling fans is like cleaning other things in your home because everything in your home offers the build-up of the dust particles on them easily, especially in the summer season.

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