How to Add a Shower to a Half Bath | 13 Steps For Adding Shower Easily


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People, who have a half bath often wonder how to add a shower to a half bath?

Adding a shower is all that is required to transform a small boudoir into a fully servable bathroom suitable for guests throughout the night.

If your bathtub already has a claustrophobic shower enclosure, replacing it with a larger one can make the bath much more satisfying to use. The hard purpose, of course, is to find the square footage to make this kind of upgrade.

Adding a shower to a bathtub requires ingenuity, and having everything at hand.

Not to worry. There are many ways to squeeze a novel shower, or better, into a small bathroom, but it takes some talent and intention to rethink the space you have (paying attention to the spaces that need the code). Now, you will find some examples.

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A bathtub with a shower can bring an elegant style to your half bath.

However, a new or extended half bath with shower is, of course, only one of the many likely innovations in the bathroom. New floors, cabinets, and lighting offer functional and aesthetic innovations, and an optimal time to take those changes into account is when the room is being renovated for a shower. Subtle changes have the possibility of being carried out quite a bit in a reduced space.

Before starting, we must understand:

What is a Half Bath?

A half bath, also popular as a powder room or guest bath, has only two of the four primary elements of a bathroom, usually a toilet and a sink.

The half bath is usually on the primary level of a multi-story home and is used by guests who come to visit over a few hours or those who do not wish to run upstairs when nature calls.

Most real estate agents will probably tell you that adding a half bath to your living space is one of the most profitable developments you can make today.

How to Add a Shower to a Half Bath

How to Add a Shower to a Half Bath

There are different ways to add a shower to a half bath, and they vary according to the recent organization and design of your bathroom. But as a point of reference, we now list the general methods for adding a shower to a bath.

For adding a shower to a half bath just follow the below steps;

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Prepare your space

The correct installation procedure will depend on the type of shower you want. As already detailed, prefabricated shower entities are much simpler to arrange and only need the simplest plumbing and carpentry capabilities to carry them out.

Learn installing a towel bar on a glass shower door.

There are two types of prefabricated shower enclosures: monoblock and multipanel.

Installing a single unit shower cabin takes only a few steps: secure them and connect them to the walls and pipes, seal the joints, and you’re ready to go. Multipanel entities also take longer to install because it requires connecting the particular panels, thus sealing every seam and joint.

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adding a shower to a half bath in basement

Mark the location of the pipes

Now, you must know the location of the pipes. Marking your location will provide you with a concept of how the shower will be attached to the wall and its key elements. As you take the measurements, start from the floor. And then work your way up to the corner of the walls.

To mark the design, draw a sketch showing the connections between the shower and the wall, attached with the plumbing. Once you have recorded the measurements, ideally you will mark those same dimensions on the back of the shower unit, precisely where it will be connected to the bathroom plumbing fixtures.

adding shower to half bath on slab

Start assembling

This is the moment to start assembling the utilities and materials associated with your shower kit. As mentioned above, be sure to follow the rules provided by the developer. In most cases, you will need the following to assemble a shower cabin:

Get Shower kit

1.2 m level

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Tile caulking

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Flathead screwdriver

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Cleaning the floor and walls

It would help if you cleaned the working area of dust and debris before continuing with the installation. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt and remove excess sealant by peeling or prying with a spatula. Finally, make sure the floors and walls are dry. This is because installing a shower on a wet subfloor can cause water damage later.

portable shower for half bath

Waterproof the surrounding walls

 The surrounding walls of a shower cabin are commonly exposed to moisture. And you would do well to have waterproof plasterboards or use waterproof glues on the walls to avoid water damage. Put silicone putty in the joints to make the installation more watertight.

YouTube video

Installation of a single-unit shower cabin

To have a shower cabin of only one unit is very simple, this, of course, if you are usually strong enough to lift it yourself. If you want to ensure a safe and straightforward installation, you need to seek the assistance of a trained friend or family member.

small half bath with shower

Take measurements

Carry out a balance of the space where the shower unit will be installed and then take some measurements. If the shower has a swing door, don’t forget to include it in the sizes. If the area was not ready for plumbing before, you should be in touch with a professional plumber who will do it for you. You will have to make templates for the drainage surfaces and taps to avoid probable plumbing problems later. If the bathroom mentioned is in the basement, you will need to arrange for a flushing system.

Install a waterproof interior drywall

The walls that cover the shower are always attackable to the humidity of the water. To prevent water damage, install a waterproof board behind the shower unit and then cover it with a latex primer as the correct measure.

YouTube video

Drill holes in the unit

Once you have marked the location of your bathroom pipes and fixtures on the back of your shower unit, you should carefully drill these pilot holes on the back.

Be sure to do this slowly to avoid cracking the interior.

Level the shower

With the support of an assistant, but the shower in the designated sector. Place a level on the shower and make sure it is aligned correctly concerning the holes.

Install the shower unit

Be sure to read and follow the rules provided by the developer before proceeding. But here’s a tip: don’t use the adhesive or it will cause swelling and sagging. Place the shower unit in its designated sector and check to see if it’s on the level. If the shower kit does not come with nails, put galvanized nails in the flanges to the studs yourself.

adding a shower to a bathtub


Fit near the edge of the drain, between wall coverings, and near the silicone putty complements. When the capture grid is in the correct position, tighten the taps just in case.

What kind of booths can I buy?


If you want a productive alternative for your shower frame, selecting fiberglass makes sense. It’s simple to arrange if your bathroom has the right volume, even more so if your shower enclosure has a separate tray and backrest. Just make sure the seams are securely interlocked to prevent leaks.

Fiberglass also has a smooth area and is simple to clean. Make no mistake; fiberglass is the favorable and sensible alternative for the useful owner.

Natural stone

It is an incredible alternative for homeowners who give a lot of consideration to luxury. Natural stone, which can be marble, granite, or travertine, has a good shine that gives it an exclusive look. As a luxury item, a shower cabin made of natural stone can significantly increase the resale value of your living space.

Does it lower? Stone shower frames are costly and difficult to care. But if you have enough money for it and don’t mind doing regular care, a stone shower frame can be an acceptable investment.


Ceramic shower frames are another less expensive alternative, but it should be noted that ceramic materials are very diverse. Besides, it is usable in a diversity of styles, finishes, and colors, not to mention that it is simple to adjust. A considerable problem with ceramic is that it can crack easily if you are not careful.


If you think of porcelain as an upper-class edition of ceramics, then you might be right. Porcelain gets the optimum point concerning duty between price and facade. Porcelain has a nice and beautiful facade that is going to look spectacular in some bathrooms. To top it off, it is durable and has high water resistance, mainly if you seal the gaps with melted glass.

On the internet, you can find various half bathroom ideas that may fascinate you; however, it is essential to consult with specialists in the field.

How to Add a Shower to a Half Bath: FAQs

How much does it cost to have a shower in half a bath?

The value for adding a shower to a half bath varies between $900 and $12,500. You will need a space of at least 5′ x 7′ to order three complements. This may require you to change the position of the walls and plumbing.

Is it worth transforming half a bath into a full bath?

Yes, it is, because even though the half-bath is commonly carried out for guests of the house, there is a chance that at some point a second temporary bath will be required, and this is where it comes in.

How do you add a shower to an existing bathtub?

With an “Add-a-Shower” bath diverter pipe. These replace the existing nozzle and allow you to connect a showerhead with a hose safely. Select the flawless hand shower, then look for support and wall bar to make a shower exclusive to your type.


Adding a shower to your half bath can be a lengthy, and somewhat complicated, issue, which is why we suggest you leave this job to the experts. A shower can offer more distinction to your bathroom, not to mention that any occasion will be able to be served, there are different models on the internet, just select the right one about its scope.

If you want to add a shower to a half bath in the basement, you have to take into account that this is not something straightforward to do. To convert half bath to full bath permit, it is necessary to call a specialist and get good advice from him.

Half bath to full bath before and after changes can be very significant, although in some cases a bit costly.

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