How to Add Fragrance to the Air Conditioner


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An air conditioner is a great addition to the house as it makes a living quite comfortable. Living and working in summer at a place without AC is a tough job. After you’ve added AC to your home, office, or even vehicle, you can make its air fragrant through different methods. Let’s learn how to add fragrance to the air conditioner.

There is a lot of air conditioner sprays that can help make the air coming out of the air conditioner pleasant. However, such artificial sprays may cause allergies to sensitive people. There are some homemade tricks to make the air fragrant for sensitive people. 

This precise article will break down some methods to make the air conditioner’s air pleasant. Let’s go through it. 

How to Add Fragrance to the Air Conditioner?

How to Add Fragrance to the Air Conditioner

Lemon Flavored Spray

If you love lemon due to its freshening quality, you can make an air conditioner spray out of this. Such a spray will help you make your house’s environment pleasant and appealing. To do this, follow down steps:

  • Take out some fresh lemon juice from the fresh lemons. 
  • Add a few drops to the water and stir the mixture well to mix both the ingredients well. 
  • Put this mixture in a spray bottle. 
  • Spray this solution on the air vents of your house, office, or vehicle. 
  • Whenever you turn your AC on, you’ll get a lemony scent. 
  • Reapply the spray when you think that the fragrance is fading. 

Add Essential Oils to the AC Filter 

The air coming out of any AC passes through the filter of the AC. If you add a few drops of any of the essential oils in it, it will give off a pleasant smell. An easy technique to do this is whenever you change the filter of the AC, spray your favourite oil on it. This will keep the environment pleasant. Here are some good fragrant oil choices. 

  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus

Use of Dryer Sheets 

Another way to make your home’s environment pleasant is by adding dry sheets to the AC ducts. This is easy to carry out. Take some dryer sheets and add them to the ducts behind your room’s registers. It will give off your favourite dryer sheet scent whenever you turn your AC on. 

Through Sachets

Another way to add fragrance to the air conditioner’s air is by using sachets. You can make this with a variety of natural herbs. Please put your favourite fragrant herbs on the cloth and tie it well. Then stuff that cloth to the AC ducts behind your home’s registers. This will help in throwing the fragrance with the air of your AC. 


An air conditioner can make a living in a congested house easy and comfortable. However, if you manage to add any of your favourite fragrances to the air of an AC, this will add to the enjoyment in summer. This thing will keep you active and creative even in hot weather. All these ways are natural ways to add scent to the air of an air conditioner, so these will not irritate you. 

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