How to Build a Refrigerator Cabinet | Follow & Apply These 10 Easy Step


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How to build a refrigerator cabinet may be a question many people ask themselves today.

When planning a new or redesigned kitchen, a kitchen cabinet is one of the most common focal points for decoration.

So, suppose your fridge cabinets without a dependency stand out like a sore thumb in the middle of the cabinets. In that case, it’s best to combine the electronics with a framed built-in refrigerator cabinet.

What would be better?

Be best to have a framed cabinet refrigerator made of durable plywood that can be colored to match or complement the kitchen furniture. On the other hand, glass cabinet doors above the refrigerator can add to the look inside the cabinet a lot of distinction.

The development of creating in your refrigerator can be a great boost to make a kitchen look striking. Today there are different procedures to make your kitchen look like a “Luxury” cabinet.

On the other hand, there are different components that we must take into account before making a cabinet for our refrigerator. We can start with space this occupies.

It is important to take into account that the refrigerator panel is something delicate.

Precisely the distinction that this contributes to our kitchen has no point of comparison.

But pay attention to this.

If we have a kitchen with limited space, this can be a limitation. The best thing would be that you study what space you need in your kitchen and the place where you are going to put the refrigerator before carrying out this. The place where the refrigerator is positioned is the most fundamental for the good performance of the kitchen.

Beyond the fact that it is true, a built-in refrigerator must be located with the perfect measures and in the ideal place not to obstruct the passage or to mismatch the decorative style.

However, we must note that if your kitchen is extensive in space, this will not be a major drawback.

The initiative to study to make your cabinet can appear to save money and achieve that this is to the measure and in the way you like, copying some examples from the internet and trying some models or ideas.

On the other hand, it would be best to carry out this procedure with an expert in the field or learn about the best way to do it.

Beyond this, if you follow the steps we will now take, you will have your cabinet and learn about the same execution in a reduced time.

How to Build a Refrigerator Cabinet

Now, I will discuss step by step on how to build a refrigerator cabinet with images.

Step 1

To start this segment, it is best to measure the refrigerator to know the cabinet’s dimensions. Similarly, measure the length and width of the sides of the refrigerator, excluding the edges of the doors.

Once this is done, you will have to measure the refrigerator’s height and add precisely 3/4 of an inch to this measurement. To deduct this step, you have to measure the front of the refrigerator’s width and add 1/4 inch (0.635 cm).

How to Build a Refrigerator Cabinet

Step 2

For step number 2 it is ideal for cutting the plywood to fit the sides of the refrigerator and the top of the cooler.

It will be essential that you use the sides’ width and the width of the front of the refrigerator to cut apart to fit over the refrigerator cabinet.

refrigerator enclosure cabinet

Step 3

You have to directly change the two sides in a vertical position, one in opposition to the other with the cooler’s width measurement.

It is substantial to consider that this step is possibly the most delicate that you have to take some precautions so that it is accomplished with success.

enclosed refrigerator cabinet

Step 4

Step number 4 is to use a quick strip of wood glue through the inside edge of the left plate and then align the larger plate’s edge to it. It would help if you asked for assistance in holding the board in place.

Once this is done, you should nail the board sideways to the top plate with the 4-inch nails.

This way, you can start on a radical and drive a nail into place every two inches precisely. You will have to do the same with the board on the other side.

how to make your fridge look like a cabinet

Step 5

Here you have to measure the plate’s space located on the top of the refrigerator to the top edge of the kitchen cabinets, which are there to know the dimensions of the upper cabinets’ doors.

how to build a refrigerator box

Step 6

To continue with the cabinet’s execution, you will have to draw the square door frame on a piece of plywood.

Similarly, draw a vertical line through the center and cut the board in the middle to make two square doors.

fridge enclosure

Step 7

Following the steps, you have to draw a line of precisely one inch (2.54 cm) inside all the squares. This is to make the door panel inserts.

Once this is done, cut the insertion part with the handheld router.

how to build an outdoor refrigerator cabinet

Step 8

In this step, you only have to turn the boards so that the back of the door looks up.

Once this is done, insert the groove cutter into the router, then create a groove inside the frame.

It will be essential that you chisel out the excess wood from the corners of the groove router.

refrigerator enclosure ideas

Step 9

We have already concluded. In step number 9, we must insert the glass frames inside the tongue-and-groove joints similarly, cut strips of wood of 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) thick so that they fit during the glass’s edges.

However, it is ideal for placing the strips on the glass and pressing down to make the strips flush with the wooden frames.

Hold in place with the brad nails.

Step 10

In the end, we reached the last of the steps. We only have to screw the cabinet hinges into the cabinet walls and arrange the doors in this step. To finish, we must add physical support to match your existing cabinets.

The inbuilt refrigerator is a key part of this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep should a refrigerator cabinet be?

Most times, the total depth, when measured from the back of the electronics to the front of the handles, is approximately 30 inches.

You should consider that the depth of the refrigerator cabinet, measured without the doors, tends to be 24 to 25 inches, which may fit the depth of level cabinets and countertops.

Can you fit a refrigerator?

You can say that the refrigerator will have to be kept open to allow air to circulate, or it will overheat and burn out the engine. This commonly happens to old refrigerators.

Why are built-in coolers so expensive?

Built-in refrigerators are very expensive because they are high-end appliances. However, that is 100% true. But some high-end stand-alone refrigerators cost less than half the price.

What size cabinet goes on top of a refrigerator?

Most of the time, wall cabinets are precisely 12 inches deep. This is because it provides an optimal duty between the cabinets’ housing space and the possible space on the countertop under the cabinet. On the other hand, above microwave ovens, a 15 to 18-inch deep cabinet tends to be normal, while above a refrigerator, a 24-inch deep cabinet is a level.

Do the coolers need air space around them?

Refrigerators, like most electronics, require breathing. If they are enclosed, there is not enough room for ventilation, which can be deadly for your product. When you measure the space for the refrigerator and compare it to the refrigerator’s volume, you should leave at least 1 inch of added space for the back and top of the refrigerator.

How much space is required between the refrigerator and the island?

The established standard says that you will need at least 42 to 48 inches of outdoor space near your island.

Are built-in refrigerators worth it?

Yes, as expensive as they tend to be, they bring a lot of security to your kitchen. Visually, they tend to be attractive.

How much do built-in refrigerators cost?

Usually, this goes concerning the design and properties of the refrigerator. Built-in coolers have the potential to be expensive. While the most affordable configurations retail for about $200, the costs can reach $2,000 or more for high-definition entities.

What is the volume level of a refrigerator?

The proportions of a refrigerator’s area level from 28 34 to 39 34 feet wide, 61 34 to 71 14 feet thick, and 28 34 to 34 58 inches thick, however the typical volume of a fridge varies depending on the kind of fridge (bottom freezer, top cold rooms, French door, or edge).

Article Summary

Having your refrigerator with a beautiful cabinet has its ups and downs. It can certainly contribute visually to your kitchen. The best thing is that when you make your cabinet, ask for professional assistance. On the internet, there are a huge amount of models that can amaze you.

The refrigerator enclosure cabinet is usually one of the most visible parts of the kitchen. The kitchen pantry cabinet around the refrigerator gives more tone to this part of the kitchen. At the same time, refrigerator cabinet surround can perfect our work.

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