How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven | 5 Steps You Must Apply Now


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Having an outdoor pizza oven in your backyard is a great idea. If you have a little knowledge about how to go for your favorite pizza, you can enjoy it any time by simply purchasing ingredients from the market. Also, if you’re residing in a region that does not have a facility for gas or electricity, such a technique will help you enjoy your favorite pizza. Depending on your priority and preferences, you can make a simple pizza oven from normal bricks. Let’s learn how to build an outdoor pizza oven.

We’ll break down an easy step-by-step method in the later section. 

How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven

How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Here is an easy step-by-step method to build an outdoor pizza oven for you. These tips will help you enjoy your favorite pizza when you are on your off-the-grid trip. 

Build a Plinth 

Not only bricks, but you can also use breeze blocks or wood to build the plinth. For a regular-sized oven, build a 120cm×120cm plinth that will be the base of your outdoor oven. Screws will help to hold the woodblocks while cementing for the other materials. Build a high plinth and fill it with sand and glass bottles to keep it hot. Level the surface after this layer. 

Dome Mold 

Build a dome mold with sand that should be 40 cm high and 80cm in diameter from the base. Cover it with newspaper and build an 8cm thick dome with a mixture of clay and sand. Let it dry. After three to four hours, make the entrance 18cm high and 28cm wide, which will be enough to fit a tray. Using the same entrance hole, empty the dome and burn a fire to dry. 

Build the Arch

Use bricks to make an arch at the entrance of the dome but keep a hole at the junction that will act as a chimney. 

Insulate the Dome

Insulate the dome with a mixture of wood shavings and slip. After slapping it, cover it again with a mixture of sand, clay, and water. 

You Have Done It! 

After leveling the clay layer over the insulation, your outdoor pizza oven is ready. Let it dry for 3 to 7 days according to the intensity of the sunlight. Clean all the debris around and inside the pizza oven. After it’s dry enough, use it for preparing your favorite tasteful pizza!


Being creative will make you do unique and amazing jobs. Building an outdoor pizza oven is one of the same creative activities that can help you enjoy your favorite recipes, even in an off-the-grid area. If you’re setting out for a long trip to an off-the-grid area, take the essentials for such a pizza to enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Also, this is a unique addition to your backyard. An easy and simple method to perform this task is given in the above section; follow these tips to make an outdoor pizza oven in your home!

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