How to Clean Brushed Nickel | 12 Uncomplicated Steps to Follow & It’s Done


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You may well wonder how to clean brushed nickel?

However, the finish that is used on brushed nickel tends to be sensitive and can make cleaning more difficult.

The instant you clean brushed nickel, you are required to use the slowest viable procedure. Abrasive cleaners, made from alcohol, acids, or solvents should not be used on brushed nickel.

These types of cleaners do nothing but damage the finish. However, vinegar beyond containing acid can be diluted for use on stubborn mineral deposits if other procedures did not work.

All brushed nickel complements have a flat area, which gives them the attraction of the old complements despite the usefulness of the new ones.

Developers usually dull the shiny metal area by sanding, so they create etch marks that give the complements a jewelry finish.

So beyond the fact that you can clean all brushed nickel accessories the same way as some other metal accessories, they need a very regular polish to illuminate and secure the engraved area.

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The Initiative

Here is to keep them looking their best by cleaning day after day and waxing month after month.

Each piece of brushed nickel hardware may give your bathroom a unique, timeless, and historic style that elevates the space from a basic sink area to a lavish one. Sanding the glossy metal section will soften the matte brushed nickel area.

To retain your brushed nickel accessories in the best possible condition and avoid corrosion, it is strongly recommended to have a cleaning routine that includes polishing twice a week.

However, in the water deposits usually remain calcified, the toothpaste, soap scum, and much other dirt from the bathroom can help opaque the interesting visual of your brushed nickel complements.

It is of extreme consideration to select the correct cleaner for the work, since several cleaners of the bath are caustic or from acid or ammonia and have the possibility of causing serious damages of a simple form to the brushed nickel. Cleaners from bleach or other products that ensure “removal of rust or tarnish” however these have the possibility of being harmful to the nickel area as they are likely to contain hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, and phosphoric acids.

Another thing to avoid is the use of scrubbing pads or other abrasive scourers. These can undoubtedly remove the finish and protectors from accessories and taps.

The highlight is to use a toothbrush slowly or a cloth and a non-caustic cleaning product designed to safely clean metals.

How to Clean Brushed Nickel

Now, we will be discussing how to clean brushed nickel step by step.

Clean with a slow, dry cloth

  • In this first step, you should look for a clean, slow, lint-free cloth. Plush cloth usually works well; however, some slow cotton blend can be useful anyway. Once this is done, remove dust, stains, and grease. Try using small circular movements.
  • In the situation where you are cleaning a light shade, remove it before cleaning.

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Brushed Nickel

Remove dirt with a damp cloth and spatula

Although we mention spatula you should be quite careful, the misuse of these instruments can cause some disaster.

For this step, only a cloth is moistened with not very hot water. Then press the cloth on the sector with accumulation. In the end, you must use a spatula to rub slowly and carefully the dirt only. Polish the area with a slow and dry cloth.

how to clean brushed chrome

Use slow soap satisfaction

Once the previous steps have been completed, it is best to wet a clean cloth slowly in not too hot water with some detergent.

Then it is ideal for cleaning your nickel item with a damp cloth. This way you can rinse or sponge it off with water. And finally, dry it well.

Dishwashing soap is efficient because it cuts the grease while being very slow. The simpler the soap, the better I would be.

how to clean rust off brushed nickel

The option for these steps is the following:

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Brushed nickel polishing

Determine if the waxworks with your product

There are some types of waxes that are not compatible with some nickel products, so it is best to consult the product standards manual.

In the situation that you don’t have it, the option would be to visit the brand’s website and consult the recurring questions section or the manual for the specific product.

You can also try calling the company’s customer service number if you still cannot find out the compatibility of your product with the wax.

Many brands suggest using wax pastes to enhance their brushed nickel products. However, others advise against it.

Improving brushed nickel can help restore its shine.

how to clean tarnished polished nickel

Applying Wax Paste

In this step, you should evaluate with a very fast polish with Auto sol.

It would help if you subtly extended a thin wax coating over your brushed nickel item. After this, let it rest for a few minutes.

This kind of polish can be found in hardware or car stores.

Polish the wax

In the end, what we must do is improve the wax. To do this, it is ideal for removing the wax with a cloth slowly and clean. It will be essential that you use circular movements to improve your product.

Finally move to an entire sector of the cloth, as it is essential, with the aim of not leaving wax residues in the nickel.

However, you can also use this skill.

Diluted Vinegar

Dilute white vinegar with water

You have to make a satisfaction from half water, half white vinegar.

In the situation that your item is detachable, like a showerhead, you can elaborate enough satisfaction to soak it completely. This being the situation, you should use a container that fits in the microwave to save time.

how to clean brushed nickel cabinet hardware

Try a hidden sector

The best thing in this step is that you stir the satisfaction well. It would help if you dipped a cotton swab into that satisfaction. Use the cotton swab in an area that is difficult to see of your nickel product. After this let it rest for at least 30 minutes.

If no apparent inconvenience was caused in your brushed nickel finish, it is ideal to continue to clean the entire item with vinegar satisfaction.

how to keep brushed nickel faucets from spotting

Warm up the vinegar satisfaction

Take a small part and put it in a microwave, for this you must use a microwave-safe container. However, you can also heat the satisfaction in a large pot on the stove. Heat the satisfaction only until it is warm.

how to clean brushed nickel door handles

Spray or dunk your item

In this step, it is ideal to be very careful. If the nickel part is small enough, you should immerse it directly into the satisfaction and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Conversely, if the nickel part is impossible to remove or is large enough, it is best to pour the satisfaction into a spray bottle and do a small spray on the brushed nickel with it. Allow the satisfaction to settle over the metal area for precisely 30 minutes.

Cleans up mineral deposits

Once the previous step is finished, you must take out the item of satisfaction, if applicable. It would help if you also tried to clean the mineral deposits with a cloth. In a situation where that does not work, you can use soaked cotton or a toothbrush to clean the deposits.

However, if your item is a shower nozzle, you can use a clip to unclog the nozzle holes.

If there are still mineral deposits, you can repeat the application of diluted vinegar.

rubbing alcohol on brushed nickel

Rinse your item clean

Finally, do not leave the vinegar on the product area. In this step, it will be essential that you use a bucket of water or cloth wet with water to rinse well the brushed nickel. Dry carefully with a cloth slowly to avoid water stains.

Various brushed nickel pulls for cabinets can also be used

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most remarkable cleaner for a brushed nickel?

At this point, it is ideal for spraying a cloth slowly with a mixture that consists of equal parts of water and vinegar. Only use the cloth to remove water spots on the nickel finish or to remove accumulated dirt.

How do you clean, dull brushed nickel?

  • You should combine a 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar inside a spray bottle.
  • Ready this, spray the shiny nickel object with satisfaction.
  • Then moisten a clean cloth slowly with water.
  • You must repeat the development to remove any stubborn stains.
  • Finally, dry the nickel object with a cloth slowly.
  • Finally, prepare a satisfaction of warm distilled water and dish soap.

Will the vinegar damage the brushed nickel?

No. It would be best if you did not use abrasive cleaners, which are alcohol-based, acidic, or solvent-based on brushed nickel. These cleaners have the potential to damage the finish. Even though vinegar has acid in it, you can dissolve it to use it on stubborn mineral deposits if other procedures did not work.

Can Bar Keepers Friend be used on the brushed nickel?

The precise answer is yes, and you can use Bar Keepers Friend to clean brushed nickel. It would be best if you used it sparingly, as it usually comes in very little worth. You will be impressed by how bright and clean it can be.

Is it hard to keep brushed nickel clean?

It does not tend to be complicated if you maintain a recurring clean. However, you can clean brushed nickel accessories in the same way as some other metal accessories. They need regular polishing to illuminate and secure the etched area.

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You have to keep them looking as good as possible with day-to-day cleaning and waxing every month. To do this, use a slow, dry cloth and polish in a circular motion.

Last Words

It can be said that nickel is among the most luxurious materials and at the same time it is very special. It cannot be cleaned with any chemical substance, so we must be very careful to carry out this cleaning. There is no doubt that brushed nickel hardware for cabinets is one of the things we will always want to keep clean and well cared for. A polished faucet nickel can improve the view of your bathroom.

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