How to Clean Outside of Aluminum Gutters | 15 Quick Steps


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Maintaining the exterior of your home is an essential part of keeping it looking beautiful, and an important part of this is cleaning and maintaining your aluminum gutters. Without the right care, your gutters will deteriorate quickly, leading to costly repairs and replacements. Keeping your gutters clean can help extend the life of your gutter system, saving you money and time in the long run. Let’s learn how to clean outside of aluminum gutters.

Cleaning the outside of your aluminum gutters is a simple process that can do in just a few steps:

  • Take Safety before cleaning
  • Gather the Necessary Cleaning Supplies
  • Prepare the Area
  • Check the gutters for damage
  • Remove debris with a trowel
  • Pressure Wash the Exterior of the Gutters
  • Use a Brush to Remove Tough Stains
  • Apply an Aluminum Cleaner
  • Scrub the Gutters
  • Rinse the Cleaned Area
  • Remove Loose Debris
  • Inspect the Gutters
  • Clean the Gutter Exterior with a Chemical Cleaner
  • Apply a Protective Coating to the Gutter Exterior
  • Maintain Regular Cleaning Habits

Let’s discuss how to clean the outside of your aluminum gutters and the importance of regular maintenance and cleaning. 

So, if you’re ready to learn how to keep your gutters looking good and working as they should, read on!

How To Clean Outside of Aluminum Gutters

Take Safety before cleaning

Before cleaning aluminum gutters, it is important to take safety precautions to avoid potential harm. 

It includes wearing protective clothing, such as gloves, a mask, and safety goggles. 

Take Safety before cleaning

Additionally, any ladders used should be stable and in good condition. 

Finally, ensure that the area around the gutters is free of any debris that could cause you to slip or lose your balance. 

With these safety measures in place, you can begin safely cleaning outside of your aluminum gutters.

Gather the Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Before cleaning the outside of your aluminum gutters, gathering all necessary cleaning supplies is important. 

It includes a ladder, gloves, garden hose, scrub brush, bucket, mild detergent, and a sprayer or pressure washer. 

Gather the Necessary Cleaning Supplies

These items on hand and ready to use will make the gutter cleaning process much easier and safer.

Prepare the Area 

Before beginning the process of cleaning the outside of aluminum gutters, it is important to prep the area:

Prepare the Area 
  • Make sure all tools and supplies do gather and close by. It includes gloves, a bucket, a hose, a ladder stabilizer, a brush, and a cleaning agent (such as mild soap).
  • Make sure to check the area around the gutters for any potential hazards. Watch out for low-hanging branches, power lines, and other obstacles that could cause tripping or falling hazards.
  • Make sure the ladder is secure and stable before beginning the cleaning process.

Check the gutters for damage.

The fourth step in cleaning the outside of aluminum gutters is to check for any signs of damage. 

Damage can include cracks or holes in the gutter, sagging or pulling away from the house, or any debris that may lodge in the gutter. 

Check the gutters for damage

If any of these signs are present, it is important to repair the damage before continuing the cleaning process. 

If repair is necessary, can sure to use a sealant that does specifically design for aluminum gutters to prevent any further damage.

Remove debris with a trowel.

Once you have removed debris from the gutters using a brush, it is time to use a trowel to remove any remaining debris. 

Start at one end of the gutter and slowly move the trowel along the length of the gutter. 

Remove debris with a trowel

It would help if you took your time when using a trowel to remove debris, as it is easy to cause damage to the gutter. 

After you have completed your pass with the trowel, inspect the gutter for any remaining debris and repeat the process until it is completely clean.

Pressure Wash the Exterior of the Gutters

Pressure washing the exterior of gutters is the best way to clean the outside of aluminum gutters effectively. Washing can do with a hose attachment or a rented pressure washer. 

Pressure Wash the Exterior of the Gutters

To start:

  • Make sure the gutters are free of debris before beginning to pressure wash.
  • Begin the pressure washing process by starting at the top of the gutter and working your way down.
  • Move the pressure washer nozzle over the entire surface area of the gutter to ensure it is completely clean.
  • Move the nozzle slowly to avoid scratching the gutter.
  • After the pressure washing, inspect the gutter and clean up any remaining dirt or debris.

Use a Brush to Remove Tough Stains 

Using a brush is the best method to remove the toughest stains outside aluminum gutters. 

Using a brush, you can effectively scrub away dirt, grime, and debris without causing any damage to the gutter material.

Use a Brush to Remove Tough Stains 

Make sure to use a soft-bristled brush and avoid using a wire brush, as it can scratch the aluminum surface. 

Before using the brush, wet the surface of the gutter with warm water and use a non-abrasive cleaner. 

Once the cleaner has been applied, brush the dirt and grime away. 

Finally, rinse the gutter with warm water and dry it with a cloth to prevent further staining.

Apply an Aluminum Cleaner

After completing the previous tasks, it is time to clean the outside of the aluminum gutters. 

First, use a damp cloth and mild detergent to remove dirt or debris outside the gutters. 

Apply an Aluminum Cleaner

Then, once the surface is clear, it is time to apply an aluminum cleaner to the outside of the gutters. 

Aluminum cleaner is specially formulated to remove and clean oxidation from aluminum surfaces. 

For best results, apply the cleaner as directed on the container label and rinse the aluminum gutters thoroughly with water.

Scrub the Gutters 

Scrubbing the gutters is essential in cleaning the outside of aluminum gutters. 

First, use a ladder to get up to the gutter and use a brush or scrubber to scrub away any dirt, debris, or mildew built up on the gutter.

Scrub the Gutters 

It is important to wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself when scrubbing the gutters. 

Once you have finished scrubbing, use a hose to clean the gutter. 

Check the gutters regularly to ensure they remain clean and free of debris.

Rinse the Cleaned Area 

Once you have applied the cleaning solution, it is time to rinse the area. It can do with a garden hose or a pressure washer. 

Rinse the gutter thoroughly, starting at the top and working your way down. 

Rinse the Cleaned Area 

It will remove any remaining dirt, debris, or cleaning solution. Take your time to ensure that all the debris and cleaning solution does remove, as any residue can cause damage to the gutter in the future.

Remove Loose Debris 

Removing loose debris from aluminum gutters is essential to keep them in good working condition. All gutters should inspect for debris before cleaning to remove it safely. 

Remove Loose Debris 

Loose items such as leaves, twigs, and other materials can clog the gutters, preventing water from draining properly. 

Remove these items, a ladder should secure, and the debris should scoop out with a trowel or gloved hands. 

It is important to wear protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses to protect from cuts and splinters. 

Once all the debris has been cleared, rinsing the gutters with water will remove any remaining debris or dirt. 

These steps ensure that aluminum gutters are kept in good condition and function as intended.

Inspect the Gutters

It is important to inspect the gutters to clean the outside of the aluminum gutters regularly. It will reduce the risk of water damage to the home’s fascia boards, siding, or interior walls. 

Inspections should occur at least twice yearly to ensure the gutters function properly. When inspecting the gutters, look for any signs of damage, clogging, or corrosion. If any of these issues are discovered, they should be addressed immediately. 

Inspect the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters will also help to prevent the buildup of leaves, twigs, and other debris. 

It is also important to check for any leaking joints or sections of the gutter. 

If any of these issues are present, they should repair as soon as possible. 

By following these steps, homeowners can help ensure their gutters function properly and protect their homes from water damage.

Clean the Gutter Exterior with a Chemical Cleaner 

Cleaning the gutter exterior should be done regularly to maximize the life of your aluminum gutters. 

A chemical cleaner is the best option for this task, as it can quickly break down dirt and grime and leave behind a sparkling clean surface. 

Before using the chemical cleaner, protect any nearby plants and foliage. Once you’ve done this, use a scrub brush and chemical cleaner to clean the gutters’ exterior thoroughly. 

Clean the Gutter Exterior with a Chemical Cleaner 

Rinse with a garden hose afterward to ensure all the cleaner has been removed. If any staining or discoloration remains, repeat the process until it is removed. Finally, finish by wiping down the surface with a rag and the cleaner. 

Following this routine will help keep your gutters in good condition, reducing their need for more intensive cleaning and maintenance.

Apply a Protective Coating

Applying a protective coating to the exterior of a gutter system is an important step in keeping gutters clean and in good condition. 

Aluminum gutters are especially susceptible to corrosion, so a protective coating can help prevent rust and wear.

Apply the coating, and the gutters should be thoroughly washed, dried, and sanded. Once the gutter is prepped, the coating can be applied with a brush or roller. 

Apply a Protective Coating

Allow the coating to dry and set before using the gutter system to ensure the coating is secure. 

It is necessary to reapply the coating regularly to maintain the gutter system in good condition.

With proper care and maintenance, aluminum gutters can last for many years.

Maintain Regular Cleaning Habits

Maintaining regular cleaning habits is essential to keeping aluminum gutters in good condition. 

The outside of aluminum gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall.

It will help remove debris, dirt, and leaves that collect in the gutter over time. 

Maintain Regular Cleaning Habits

Additionally, it is important to check the underside of the gutter to ensure it is free of debris and properly draining. The outside of aluminum gutters can clean using a garden hose, a soft-bristled brush, a ladder, and mild detergent. 

Keeping the gutters clean and in good condition will help ensure that rainwater is properly draining away from the home and prevent damage to the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my gutters white again?

It will undoubtedly make the gutters white but wear gloves while rubbing the channels.

This involves letting the gutters soak in a super clean spray you can purchase at Amazon. Be careful because this material eats through the outer paint layer of the channels.

Learn More: How To Paint Aluminum Gutters

This is very easy. If you fear the stairs, spray on the gutters and clean with a brush on the post. If you are not scared of the stairs, use a rag as long as you are outside the gutters. Get a brush to clean the outside of the gutters.

Be sure to rinse with water after you are done and before the gutter dries out, or you will have to spray super clean into the trenches again.

How do you clean mildew off gutters?

  • Start with a rinse.
  • Hose off the gutters to remove loose debris and bird droppings.
  • Make your mix. Add 1 part bleach and three parts not too hot water to your bucket.
  • Get ready to scrub.
  • Scrub the entire exterior until the gutters are cleaned.
  • Safety first

What is the best cleaner for gutters?

Clearwater and white vinegar satisfaction work well to clean the outside gutters and do not corrode aluminum. Make a paste with a small proportion of water and cream of tartar, which will act as a cleaning and polishing agent slowly in one.

Expert Opinion

Cleaning the outside of your aluminum gutters is important. This task can do safely and easily with a pressure washer and the right cleaning solution. 

If you do not have a pressure washer, you can still do a thorough job using a scrub brush and mild detergent. Remember to wear protective gear and follow safety instructions to do the job properly. 

With the right precautions, you can keep your gutter system clean and in good condition all year round.

Remember that you can easily remove dirt, debris, and leaves from your aluminum gutters with the right tools and some elbow grease. 

Remember to be careful when working on a ladder and wear protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses. 

Once you have finished cleaning them, you can enjoy the improved look of your gutters and know they are working properly and keeping your home safe.

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