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Understanding the Meaning of Stained Glass Window

A stained glass window is a structure of crystals, usually of strong and striking colours that form decorative purposes. The stained glass is placed in windows, doors, ceilings, or domes. Stained glass windows are used to let light in through walls or doors.

Materials Required to Clean Leaded Glass Windows

For cleaning leaded glass windows, you will need some materials. If the required materials are already with you it’s excellent and if you don’t have the recommended materials get them from below as we had suggested the best tools on the market for cleaning the leaded glass windows.

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Spray for Windows Cleaning

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How to Clean Leaded Glass Windows Steps

YouTube video


To start cleaning a window in-depth, the first thing we have to do is disassemble it. Before disbanding the pieces, we have to list them to know their position within the structure and not have conflicts. To list the different parts of the stained glass panels, we will use paper adhesive tape as it easily sticks to dirty surfaces and allows writing on it without a problem.

When we begin to disassemble the stained glass, we have to consider that the structure and the glasses fill together for many years with the putty. Probably the putty is much solidified, and it is difficult to clean and separate it, so we must know the technique of how to wash a window correctly so that we do not get scared and have mishaps.

The putty used to join the glass pieces to the stained glass structure is made with fishmeal and oil, hence the name of fish putty. This putty solidifies a lot over the years, so you have to be very careful when removing it. To clean and remove the putty, we will use a solid iron spatula to scrape the surface well. We can also use a hammer and chisel to remove the more embedded putty.

Once the different glass pieces have been removed from the iron structure of the window, we will remove the excess putty from the glass and the frame. We will use a cloth with water to remove the remains.

We will also help ourselves with oxino that reconverts iron oxide. Once the piece is dry, and the iron structure is cleaned, we will paint it with black or grey paint to leave a perfect finish.


We now go through how to clean a stained glass window after taking apart the stained glass and separating each component.

In the workshop where the damage is inspected, this window cleaning procedure is carried out. Additionally, the cleaning method is modified according to the glass’s condition. The glass is colored using a specific pattern, which is fixed by the heat of an oven at the proper temperature, giving the glass the required hue and color. For this reason, using particular chemical cleaners and solvents for this kind of grime is required to remove dirt from the glass. That preserves the glass’s color and is sturdy enough to permit the removal of all imbedded debris.

We will use an aluminum scourer and some cleanser with ammonia in its formula to remove the remaining dirt from the glass. This sort of cleansers diluted in water may soften dirt and aid the removal of dirt and, therefore, the glass’s overall cleaning. Cleaning agents may sometimes damage windows, particularly if they are a certain color. We need to understand how the colors are incorporated into the glass because of this. Based on its construction and paint, to understand how to clean a window.

Knowing this before beginning to clean the window is crucial since it is always coated on the inside and enameled on the outside. As a result, after the window has been thoroughly cleaned in accordance with all instructions, atmospheric agents shouldn’t impact the paint. The whole structure is then put back together.


Once all the pieces are in perfect condition, we go on to caulk the window. To do this, we first have to lead all the panels, making caulking. Caulking is a small opening between the lead and the glass filled with a slurry composed of linseed oil and white from Spain. Once applied, we will clean the remains with sawdust. This caulking technique causes the perfect union between glass and lead, leaving the window in ideal condition, fixed, waterproof, and rigid.

Placement and Protection

Once the stained glass has been cleaned and assembled, it must be put back in place. For this, we will help ourselves with the necessary machinery for it. The assembly will depend on the size and the area where the stained glass will be placed. We can also use some protective glass to protect the window. This will depend on the type of stained glass it is and where it is located.

Tips on How to Clean Leaded Glass Windows Steps

Crystal, commonly known as leaded glass, is a multi-coloured glass window with colours separated by a thin layer of lead. When the cleaning glass window, it is essential to use a safe cleaning technique to remove debris and dirt without damaging the coloured glass. They feed on commercial abrasive cleaners through colour, but you can make your mild cleaning solution.


  • Rag glass regularly with a duster to clean accumulated dirt.
  • Mix your homemade solution by pouring 1/2 gallon distilled water and one tablespoon mild dish detergent into a bowl. Distilled water prevents harsh water chemicals from coming into contact with the glass, while detergent removes residue.
  • Dip a soft microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution, then wring out as much excess moisture as possible.
  • Wipe the damp cloth on the leaded glass and continue until you have cleaned all the glass.
  • Allow the surface to air dry.

How to Make Leaded Stained Glass

YouTube video

Elaboration process

We will briefly describe the process of making a leaded stained glass window.

Cloths or panels

When the stained glass window designs have large dimensions, it divides into panels or panels. After each forum is built, it is joined by a metal structure.

Cutting and polishing glass

The glass cutting finishes with a thick paper template and a steel or diamond stone roulette. Once the glass is cut, if the cut is very irregular or has not been exact, it must be polished using diamond sandpaper or a silicon carbide block.

Glass cut and polished on the design on the mounting table 

how to clean old glass windows

Leading of the pieces

To proceed with the stained glass window assembly, the glasses place on the pattern. And the pieces are fitted in the guides of the lead strips that are H-shaped. 

Cross-section of the arrangement of glass in lead

Numbers: 1-2 are lead. Number: 3 the glass embedded in the lead. You can use the same lead strip to assemble several glass pieces, but it must be taken into account that there must always be lead between the parts since it is the material that holds the glasses. 

Assembly of leaded stained glass

how to clean leadlight windows

Stained glass welding

After arranging the leads, proceed to weld them. For this, soldering iron and tin rods use. Solder is applied at the joints of the lead strips. This task is done on both sides of the window.

windows with leaded glass

Stained glass ceiling

Once the window assembles and welded, putty is applied that consolidates the glass’s union to lead. Also, it reinforces the structure of the stained glass window for its vertical arrangement and its exposure outside the window opening.

Stained glass assembly

Once the window finishes, install in an aluminium frame or metal surface that protects the window when it is arranged vertically and adjusts it to its intended space.

How to Repair a Lead Glass Window

What You Will Need a leaded glass window like stained glass is not difficult to repair? Since many details are usually associates with lead glass, it will take a lot of patience. And some experience in cutting glass and using a soldering gun is beneficial.

Step 1: Remove the window

Removing the window from the frame is the best method for attaching a piece of lead glass. This will allow you to lay the window flat and work against it very near. Remove window; trace around the frame on a piece of cardboard or plywood. This will give you a template to work with when you start repairing the glass.

How to Clean the Leaded Glass Window

Step 2: Remove the broken pieces

Start preparing to remove the broken pieces of glass. You will need to heat the solder around the broken glass to separate it from the lead. After you’ve loosened the solder and lead from the glass, you’ll want to place clear tape over the broken pieces. This will serve two purposes. It will create a template to use for the new glass, and two, it will be much easier to remove the broken pieces.

Step 3: Configure the template.

Close the template panel you created earlier. This will keep the template in place and allow you to have a design for the window you are working on. This is important because it will enable you to keep everything in place and accurately represent the actual window. With this in place, you can have the glass cut you need for the repair. Use the saved song you removed as a template for the new part.

how to clean oxidized stained glass

Step 4: Apply the lead probe.

Slide the replacement glass into the probe. Use a glass hammer to tap the glass into place gently. Nail the outside lead to be placed, ensuring the safety of the glass. Cut a piece of zinc to match the panel and nail it in place. Make sure everything stays in the pattern you created.

how to clean oxidized lead

Step 5: Soldering

Now use the soldering gun to start soldering the joints on the lower part of the panel. To avoid melting the product, use just enough heat to solder these parts. Continue to work with the soldering gun until all solder lines are complete. The new lines will likely be brighter than the rest of the window. You can fix this by using an ammonia-based cleaner on the cooled solder. This will darken the lines and help reduce the shine.

how to remove paint from leaded stained glass window

Step 6: Replace the glass.

Once the part fix, you can start adding it to the original image. Carefully put the glass back into the frame and use a silicone sealant around the frame. This will help secure the new piece of glass in place. Gently tap the frame with the hammer to create a tight bond. Install the window.

If you are not comfortable trying this project out, you can always have a professional do it for you. There are a lot of glass studios that specialize in these complicated repairs.

How to Repair Stained Glass Window

A stained glass window creates by combining varied coloured glass into a single screen, similar to mosaics. It dates back over a thousand years. Glass in the display can show the image, interpretive art, or merely random colours. And it uses in places where light is shed, such as lampshades, windows, and candle holders. Because coloured pieces of glass are often used daily, there is a greater chance of breakage. This does not mean that they are no longer useful. You can mend broken pieces with a few supplies from the craft store.

YouTube video


  1. Hold a piece of stiff paper where the stained glass shattered. Draw a pattern of the hole following along the welded lines.
  2. Cut out the pattern and lay it on a new piece of glass, making sure that you select a glass with the same colour as the old one. Draw the design on the glass.
  3. Cut a new piece of stained glass scoring with a glass cutter, and then break the excess with pliers.
  4. Remove the old broken glass with tweezers.
  5. Heat the solder on the glass and remove the scraped away gently. Make sure you don’t pull the foil away from the rest of the coloured glass pieces. Solder is the molten metal that applies around parts of glass to hold them together. If you look at the stained glass windows, you will see the metal between the panes.
  6. Wrap the new piece of copper foil and glass flux brush – a liquid used for solder bonding to help with the copper foil – on the sheet. Spread flux on the tinted glass sheet unscathed surrounding the hole as well. Solder does not attach copper on its own, and therefore it changes to aid in the process. You can choose to feed at a local craft store along with all of your other stained glass supplies.
  7. Use the soldering iron to melt a thin layer of solder onto the foil, then brush more flux on top of it.
  8. Place the workpiece in the hole and nail it in place with the soldering gun. Then go back over it and weld a seam all around it.
  9. Clean the glass with soap and water.

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