How to Clean Up Spilled Laundry Detergent | Learn The Proven Method


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Any laundry detergent spill happens to almost everyone at some point. When you spill liquid laundry detergent on the floor, you create a fall hazard that needs to be cleaned up quickly. While powder laundry detergent spills do not create fall hazards like liquid detergent, getting up quickly will allow you to walk on the powder and have the granules stick to your feet. If you spill a large amount of powdered laundry detergent, you may be able to get a good chunk of it in its original container and use it for loads in the future laundry room, but it may not be the same for liquid detergents. In this guide, we will discuss how to clean up spilled laundry detergent.

How to Clean Up Spilled Laundry Detergent: Tools Needed.

When working on cleaning up spilled laundry detergent, some tools are usually required. This includes:

Paper Towels

If you desire to clean up spilled laundry detergent, paper towels would be needed. A great product in this regard is the Scott Essential High Capacity Hard Roll Paper Towels. This product provides a reliable balance of efficiency, performance, and value. If you are looking for large-capacity commercial paper towels compatible with most general-purpose roll paper dispensers.

The Scott Essential High Capacity Hard Roll Paper Towels are ideal for you. The paper roll’s core size is 1.5 inches, which is compatible with various Professional dispensers and many available towel dispensers. Their large capacity (8 inches wide x 1,000 feet long) is designed to reduce maintenance time. These absorbent paper towels are made for effective general cleaning and drying to clean up spilled laundry detergent quickly and save money.

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Vacuum Cleaner/ Steam Cleaner

If you desire to clean up spilled laundry detergent, vacuum cleaners/ steam cleaners would be needed. A great product in this regard is the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner. This is an efficient, ultra-reliable “one-and-for-all” cleaning and sanitation solution. This steam cleaner is designed to achieve performance, ease of use and durability, and provide the cleaning ability of large professional equipment. It can easily remove dirt, grease, and stains while killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, bugs, moulds in any floor, furniture, toys, kitchen utensils, car interiors, grout and tiles, bathrooms, etc. In all, the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner can provide your home with deep cleaning and a perfect experience when cleaning up spilled laundry detergent.

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Safe Containers 

If you desire to clean up spilled laundry detergent, safe containers would be needed. A great product in this regard is the LA JOLIE MUSE Laundry Detergent Powder Storage Tin Box. With this product, you can decorate your laundry room, as the modern design is a perfect complement to the laundry room. You can store your washing powder or liquid in this beautiful box, and the tight tinplate cover will keep your washing powder dry without losing air. 

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If you desire to clean up spilled laundry detergent, Shelves would be needed. A great product in this regard is the BAOYOUNI 2-Layer Over Washing Machine Storage Rack Utility. This is a perfect shelve that decorates your bathroom and saves space. The shelf unit utilizes the wasted storage area above the washing machine. It is also sturdy, as well as made of high-quality stainless steel tubes. Its two-layer design can hold up to 10 Kg each. Therefore, you have enough space to organize essential items, such as towels, laundry detergents, etc.

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How to Clean Up Spilled Laundry Detergent: Steps

In all, if you desire to learn how to clean up spilled laundry detergent, do make use of the following instructions:

Removing the spilled laundry detergent from a carpet:

Spray the carpet with warm water 

Yes, the spill will be quite wet and soapy, but you will need to wet it with water to clean it thoroughly. Hot water is the best way to separate the cleaner from the carpet fibers. Fill a spray bottle with boiling water (heat it in the microwave or kitchen) and cover any spill with water.

  • While vinegar can be an excellent all-purpose cleaning product for the rest of the house, keep it away from spilling detergent. Start with clean water, and don’t use cleaning products to remove the cleaner.
How to Clean Up Spilled Laundry Detergent

Wipe again with clean rags 

After a few minutes, take a clean cloth and clean as much of the cleaner as possible. You will have to put a little effort into this step.

  • Even when it looks like you have already removed all the detergent, there will still be some remains. The carpet may be difficult to dry. This is normal, as you haven’t finished cleaning.
what dissolves laundry detergent

Use a steam cleaner

After you’ve removed a lot of the detergent with the rags and your effort, it’s time to take out the steam cleaner. Apply it on the carpet until there is no foam and until the carpet has the correct texture.

  • You can hire a steam cleaner at a local home improvement store. It may seem like a lot of effort, but it’s worth keeping the detergent from staying on the carpet.
  • Follow the steam cleaner instructions to the letter. Use the solution provided with the cleaner, and be sure not to overfill the container.
  • If you don’t want to hire a steam cleaner, you can do the job by hand. Apply water, scrub, and repeat the process until the cleaner is completely gone. Use a fan to speed up the drying process.
spilled laundry detergent on hardwood floor

How to Remove the Spilled Laundry Detergent from a Hard Floor

Remove the detergent with clean rags

If you don’t clean it well, the liquid detergent will leave a slippery, sticky residue on the floor. This residue will also act as a magnet for dust and lint, so clean it up with paper towels or rags as quickly as possible.

  • Don’t waste time before cleaning up the spill, as the liquid cleaner will also make the floor slippery for children, while pets may be tempted to eat it.
how to clean spilled laundry detergent in car

Sweep the area to remove any detergent residue

Find a mop, dip it in warm, clean water. The water will foam if there are any detergent residues that you cannot see. Continue scrubbing the floor until there is no more residue left. The mop will also eliminate any mess caused during cleaning.

laundry detergent on concrete

Dry the area well with a cloth or towel

After cleaning the detergent and any residue, wipe the area with a clean cloth until it is scorched. This will prevent someone from slipping and the floor from getting dirty when people walk on it. 

laundry detergent on carpet

Removing the spilled laundry detergent powder:

Remove excess detergent with a shovel

It is not recommended to vacuum or sweep a large pile of spilled laundry detergent powder. First, try to get the most out of the cleaner with a shovel or garbage can. Just make sure you don’t grind the cleaner onto the floor.

Vacuum the rest of the powder detergent

Using a regular vacuum cleaner is the quickest and most effective method of cleaning spilled laundry detergent powder. Remember that you may need to move the washer or use a narrow nozzle to clean underneath it.

  • To avoid a major disaster, keep water away from the cleaner at all costs.
  • If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a broom, but it will take longer to remove all the grains.
spilled laundry detergent in dryer

See if you forgot any detergent out there

To perform a thorough cleaning of spilled laundry detergent powder, look for evidence of spillage under and around the washing machine too.

How to Clean up Spilled Laundry Detergent: Preventing future spills 

To prevent future spills of laundry detergent, do make use of the following steps:

Store the detergent in a better place

If detergent continues to leak, it may be time to re-evaluate your storage methods. It would help place the cleaner in an easily accessible place, though away from where it can be hit or kicked.

  • Be careful not to leave it on top of a washer or dryer. The movements of the machine can cause the detergent to “jump” and fall.
  • If you keep the detergent on the floor, you can kick it as well.

Reconsider your storage space

There is a range of containers suitable for storing detergents on the Amazon website or at your local home improvement store that can be used to hide not-so-pretty containers and thus make your laundry cleaner and safer. Adding shelves can also help you get the most out of the space.

  • If you use a powder detergent contained in a box, you can place the powder in an airtight container to prevent future spills.
  • Make sure you seal the liquid or powder detergent well after each use.

Switch to a clear or white cleaner to avoid stubborn stains

There is no way to completely prevent spilled laundry detergent, but switching to a white or clear cleaner will ensure that if it falls on your carpet or floor a little, you have to deal with the foam and not the dyes/color. 

Last Words

In conclusion, cleaning up a detergent spill can be surprisingly complicated. The approach taken will be dependent on whether the detergent is liquid or powder and whether it has fallen on a hard floor or carpet. If found in this situation, the steps highlighted above to clean up spilled laundry detergent would immensely aid you.

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