How to Clean Urine Stains around Toilet | Step by Step Guide


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It’s no secret that dirty bathrooms can leave a bad smell. And that’s not all bad. It can also lead to a high fever and a negative smell. But what if you don’t have time to clean your bathroom? Then this is the perfect blog post for you! We will teach you how to clean urine stains around the toilet in this post.

How to Clean Urine Stains around Toilet

How to Clean Urine Stains around Toilet

Things you will need

  • Scrub brush
  • White vinegar
  • 2-gallon bucket


  • Ensure you wear gloves while doing this because many bodily fluids end up in this area, so you must keep it clean. Use a brush to remove the grout and cracks from under the toilet, and then wipe up any excess debris. This will remove stains from the grout. 
  • If you prefer a home treatment, the following procedures can help you eliminate lime scale and urine stains with undiluted white vinegar:
  • Pour the vinegar into the toilet bowl, insisting on the sides and the dirtiest areas.
  • Re-soak if necessary. Then rub well. Repeat as needed. 
  • This removes hard water mineral scale, and crusty urine is mainly uric acid crystals.
  • Dishwashing Liquid, Vinegar, and Baking Soda
  • Combine 1/2 cup white vinegar and 3 tbsp liquid dish soap in a bucket. Ensure that the area is completely saturated with the solution.
  • Refill the bucket with hot water and thoroughly clean the area.
  • If the discoloration is still evident, reapply the baking soda paste and let it sit another night.
  • Grapefruit oil and white vinegar
  • Mixed with vinegar, it can help remove urine stains from your bathroom floor in a couple of minutes. 

• Make use of dish soap, bicarbonate of soda, and hydrochloric acid

• Pee and other types of stains may be removed from your shower floor with the use of this cleaning solution, which is quite successful.

• Because uric acid particles are present in urine, it might be difficult to remove urine stains from ceramic, porcelain, laminated, vinyl, and parquet surfaces. If you like removing stains quickly, try this lovely product.

Bottom line

Use a combination of solutions such as dishwashing liquid and vinegar. Urine stains can be challenging to remove due to uric acid crystals. Only an enzyme-based solution is capable of completely dissolving these crystals. 

In any case, it would be a bad idea to breathe in, so make sure there is adequate ventilation. If the stain changes color or melts, you’ll see it right away. To be clear, this method does not only work on the relatively simple rust stains that can be removed with the brush. Certain parts may not come off as easily as others.

However, dinner should be a breeze. This is where you’d use a pumice stone or gloves if you wanted to remove the thick layer of skin. Nevertheless, as long as you’re cautious and don’t splash the gas mirror all over the place, you should be fine.

Even if you put more effort into the scrubbing, the results would be much better, but you can see that it works well on finer details, even on not enameled tanks. 

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