How to Close Hole in a Wall after Removing an Air Conditioner


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When you take your AC off from the wall for any reason, it will leave a hole in the wall. This wall hole will need to be filled immediately. If you leave it without any treatment, it may cause specific issues. This kind of hole in the wall not only seems ugly and daunting but also lets dirt, dust, and bugs enter the room. This may cause a disturbance. Permanent closure with the help of a professional is a good idea. However, you can do it yourself temporarily and immediately. In this short guide, we’ll break down how to close hole in a wall after removing an air conditioner. 

How to Close Hole in a Wall after Removing an Air Conditioner?

How to Close Hole in a Wall after Removing an Air Conditioner

If you have a little knowledge and the essential tools and materials required to carry out this task, you can easily close the hole in the wall. Here is an easy way to close this hole from inside and outside. 

Covering the Hole From Inside

To cover the AC hole in the wall from the inside of your room, proceed as follows. 

Build a Board Frame 

Measure the area of the hole and make a board frame to fit inside it. Recess this frame about ½ inches into the hole, leaving some gram area outside. 

Fix a Drywall Sheet in the Frame

Now, cut the drywall sheet to the dimensions of the frame. Fix it with the drywall screws to the frame. 

Apply Joint Compound

After you have tightened the screws, apply a layer of the joint compound onto the joint of sheets and frame, let it dry. 

Apply another Layer of Joint Compound

After you’re sure that the joint compound has dried enough, proceed for another layer. Smooth this second layer with the joint compound knife. Cover the screw depressions with the same compound too. 

Apply Grit Paper and Paint 

Once the joint compound has dried, apply sand grit paper to smooth the layer. Now, paint the wall accordingly or use a wallpaper of your choice. You’ve done it! 

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Covering the Hole From Outside

You’ll have to apply any insulation layer from outside of the wall that will not let the rainwater penetrate inside the room. Proceed as follows to do this. 

  • Measure the hole area and cut the fiberglass insulation to the same size to make a frame. 
  • Recess the insulation to the hole and make sure that the paper side of this sheet goes inside. 
  • Now, measure and cut the plywood to fit the insulation frame. 
  • Fix the plywood with the frame with the help of drywall screws. 
  • Cover the wood with shingles or whatever you’re using for your home.  


Leaving the air conditioner from the walls leaves a space in the wall. You should proceed to cover the hole to prevent any disturbance resulting from dirt or dust. Follow the above-mentioned easy tips to cover these holes from inside and outside. This will not only cover the hole but also restore the beauty of your room. 

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