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The mirror is a multipurpose item in the decoration; it helps increase the space in small environments. It can illuminate the dark corners of your home and reflect beautiful objects with sound vibration. But before installing it, you need to be careful with the location and the intention when using the mirror because, according to Feng Shui, it can cause energy problems when misused. Mirrored walls and mirrored closet doors are also great for weight rooms and dance studios but aren’t always the best choices for other purposes. Once installed, some mirrors tend to be quite hard to remove. Thus, learning how to cover a mirror is essential. This is also entirely valid because covering a wall of mirrors is much easier than removing the mirrors. 

Mirrors in Feng Shui – How to Use them correctly

According to the Chinese environment harmonization technique Feng Shui, the mirror plays a fundamental role in balancing the environment’s energy. But while it can solve problems, it can also cause them. Thus, it’s best to learn how to use and not use mirrors in your home decor. Besides this, it’s also best to cover them adequately, as highlighted in this article’s latter parts.

How to Cover a Mirror

How to Cover a Mirror: The Diverse Options

Having learned how to use mirrors correctly, it’s also best to be informed on how to cover your mirror if it has been wrongly placed. To do this effectively, do make use of the following options and simple designs:

  • Use curtains
  • Use a privacy screen 
  • Take advantage of your furniture
  • Make use of small objects
  • Make use of wallpapers 
  • cover the mirror with fabric

Option 1: Use curtains

You can hang curtains with the curtain rods side by side on the walls above the mirror to cover a mirror. For more accuracy, you can use long curtains drawn over the bars to block every view of the mirror. To create an exciting view, you can make use of lace or a sheer curtain to block the mirror partially.

How to Cover a Mirror

Option 2: Use a privacy screen 

Privacy screens are foldable screens that can cover what’s visible. All vintage privacy screens are usually made of wood with an intricate fabric stuck behind them. Today, you can find privacy screens ranging from those with metal bases covered with plain-colored fabric to umbrellas on which photos are beautifully displayed. To cover a mirror, place a privacy screen in every area where the mirror is open to prevent it from being seen.

how to cover mirror in bedroom

Option 3: Take advantage of your furniture

To cover a mirror, you can use large pieces of furniture to block the mirror wall. For this, care must be taken so as not to scratch or break the mirror.

Option 4: Make use of small objects

You can make use of small objects such as postcards and pictures to create a collage. For more efficiency, it’s best to avoid using tape to hold the corners of the small items. Instead, it’s best to use double-sided tape or adhesive hooks on the back of the photos. Remember to put it behind every corner to prevent the objects from protruding or falling off.

how to cover a mirror with fabric

Option 5: Make use of wallpapers 

Wallpapers are large paper art objects which can be attached to walls easily. These are usually produced in various prints, ranging from modern works of art to classic artists. Use wallpaper to cover mirrors usually work effectively. 

how to cover a mirror closet door

Option 6: cover the mirror with fabric

For an easy and cheap alternative to cover a mirror, 

You can pick up sections of any fabric that looks good and pin it to the wall above and below the mirror. This option isn’t the most visually appealing but works as a temporary fix or a cheap option when the others are too expensive.

wallpaper to cover mirrors

How to Use the Mirror Rightly

You can use the mirror rightly in the following ways:

Increasing small spaces

If you have an environment in your home that you would like to be bigger, you can “knock down” a wall space using the mirror. But before taking the measurements from the floor to the ceiling and installing them using your tools, you need to be careful. See what it will reflect and notice if the presence of the constant reflection is not a nuisance (as in front of a sofa, for example, having your image reflected all the time is not pleasant).

how to hide mirror in bedroom

Illuminating dark corners

Is there a dim corner in your house? You can reflect the lighting of a window or even a lamp with ceiling mirrors. Begin by testing it with a moving mirror in your home. Next, test the ideal angle of the mirror positioning so that the light source’s lighting is reflected in the dark corner; the effect is impressive. Having well-lit environments is always conducive to harmonizing the energy of the house.

curtain to cover mirror

Fending off bad energy

A mirror placed over the house’s door helps activate your home’s protection energy against negative energies. With this, the negative energy is reflected and does not enter the house.

Increasing prosperity

The mirror can bring the energy of prosperity into your home. The tips are:

Mirror in front of the dining table: preferably an overturned, horizontal, and not too large mirror, as dining with your image reflected all the time can be uncomfortable. Ideally, it should be positioned high, and when looking at it, you can see the center of the dining table and not the residents. Therefore, always leave the table clean, tidy, preferably with an arrangement of flowers and fruits to attract the energy of prosperity.

Mirror in front of a window: do you have a window that faces a beautiful view? Then you can double your home’s prosperity energy by bringing this beautiful image into it.

Mirror behind the stove: fire represents prosperity. Placing a mirror behind the stove will reflect the flame’s fire and increase the abundance in your home. It is not ideal for placing it in front of the stove because you will stay in front and shade the reflection when cooking.

Bending beautiful environments

Is there a corner of your house that is beautiful? Then you can bend it through the mirror! You can enhance an object, a vase of flowers, a painting, or whatever you want by placing a mirror in front of you.

How to Use the Mirror Wrongly

You can misuse the mirror in the following ways:

In front of the bed, in the bedroom

It is prevalent to have a mirror in the bedroom, as this is where we usually dress and get dressed, and that is why we want to see our image reflected. But one must be careful with the mirror that reflects the bed at bedtime. The mirror alters the energy balance of the environment and impairs people’s sleep. You may be stressed, restless, or have insomnia through this. Ideally, the mirror should be inside the closet, point away from the bed. Also, it must be covered with a piece of fabric before sleeping as a last resort.

covering a mirror with paint

In front of the front door of the house

Feng Shui suggests that you do not place a mirror just in front of the front doors of your home, as it will reflect the Chi energy that enters through the main door and expel it from the house. It will also reflect both positive and negative energy, taking all the vitality out of the environment.

peel and stick wallpaper on mirror

In front of a window with an opposing view

If your window does not give you a right image, it is not good to put a mirror to duplicate that image and bring it into your home. Windows that face the neighbor’s house, a wall, an abandoned lot, hospital, cemetery, or any other unpleasant sight should only have the function of bringing light and ventilation. It would be wrong to put a mirror in front of it as it will bring bad energy into your home.

Mirrors that cut off the head

If your mirror is positioned so that you have your head cut off when you place yourself in front of it, it will attract confused energies. If this is happening in your home, install the mirror higher up. This is also common when women go to make up. Be careful not to position yourself every day in front of a mirror that cuts part of your head, as it attracts bad Feng Shui.

Mirrors that distort and warp

Due to their low quality or because they are concave or convex, some mirrors distort your image. They are not ideal to have at home as they can change your view of reality and do not reinforce the positive and abundant energies healthily in the environment.

How to Cover a Mirror: FAQ Section

What can I use to cover mirrors?

As earlier highlighted, you can use the following mirror covering ideas:

  • Curtains
  • Privacy screen
  • Furniture
  • Postcards and pictures
  • Wallpapers
  • Fabric

Can you put wallpaper over a mirror?

As earlier highlighted, you can put wallpaper over a mirror to cover it effectively.

How can I cover a mirror in my bedroom?

Placing a mirror in your bedroom in the wrong place usually attracts bad energy while you sleep. Thus, you can cover the mirror by using curtains or privacy screens.


In conclusion, everyone needs a mirror in the room, but very few need that much mirror. Thus, it’s best to take a stand and cover them when necessary through the creative ideas highlighted above.

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