How to Cut Corian Counter | Follow These Simple 9 Steps


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To cut the Corian counter, you need carbide blades, and a hole saw specifically designed for cutting Corian. You can find these at most hardware stores.

Corian is a popular material for countertops. It is durable and beautiful. However, it can be challenging to cut with traditional tools.

How to Cut Corian Counter

Corian is an artificial fiberboard used in countertops, sinks, and other household items. It is made from polymethyl methacrylate, which is a type of acrylic.

Corian countertops are trendy for their durability and low cost. However, you can scratch the surface with abrasive objects such as knives or sandpaper. To prevent scratches on the countertop, put the glass on top.

For cutting Corian, you need carbide blades and hole saws to cut through the material without damaging it. To prevent damage from occurring when cutting through the material, use tooth carbide blades instead of standard ones because they are less likely to slip off while cutting into the surface. However, let’s have a look at how to do this properly:

How to Cut Corian Counter

Step 1: Mark the cutting line.

The cutting line is a straight edge you can cut into a piece of Corian counter. You can use this to mark the line you will cut.

How to Cut Corian Counter

Abrasive metal-cutting blade: A type of cutting tool that uses high-speed abrasive particles to remove material in a controlled manner. These tools are often used for large-scale industrial cutting and shaping applications, such as shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, and construction.

Router cuts: A cutting tool that uses rotating wheels with sharp edges to remove material quickly and efficiently. You can use it with a straight edge or any other template type.

Step 2 – Drill 1/16″ pilot hole

Corian is a ceramic-based material used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-end areas. You can find them in countertops, sinks, tubs, and tile.

How to Cut Corian Counter

Drilling a pilot hole into Corian is difficult due to its hardness. Abrasive tools such as sandpaper or steel wool are not the best alternative for this job because they will leave scratches on the surface. The best tool for drilling a pilot hole into Corian is a 1/16″ drill bit. There are two ways of cutting through the material:

  • Cut the entire piece of Corian at once with an electric saw or
  • Cut it into small pieces with a hacksaw and drill through each piece individually.

Step 3: Cut the counter with a saw blade.

To cut the Corian counter, you will need a solid surface blade. The standard blade performs for cutting wood or metal. However, you can use a special blade for cutting Corian.

Cut the counter with a saw blade.

The depth of the blade should be between 1/8″ to 3/16″. It would help if you also considered the saw blade’s speed and torque when cutting Corian.

Step 4: Smooth and shape the cut edge.

The smooth and shaped cut-edge cut Corian counter is made from durable, easy-to-clean, and stain-resistant material. You can use it in various areas of your home or office.

Smooth and shape the cut edge.

The smooth and shaped the cut edge cut Corian counter has a unique design with a curved edge that provides a seamless look. This feature allows you to have fewer corners that often require additional cutting, which can be time-consuming. The rear edge of the counter provides details for an added touch.

Step 5: Install your faucet and sink.

When cutting a Corian counter, it is essential to install the faucet and sink before the counter. If you do not install these fixtures, the water will not drain properly.

Install your faucet and sink.

Corian is a popular material in kitchen counters with high resistance to stains and scratches. It is also easy to clean with just soap and water.

Step 6: Measure and mark your tile.

When cutting the Corian counter, measuring and marking your tile is vital. This will ensure that you cut the right-sized tiles and use them wisely.

Measure and mark your tile.

Measuring and marking your tile will also ensure a flat finish on the countertop.

Step 7: Cut your tile using a wet saw.

When cutting Corian, a wet saw is your best tool to make a clean finish. The wet saws perform for cutting tile and stone to create a smooth surface.

Cut your tile using a wet saw.

A wet saw is also known as a hole or surface finish saw. It has an abrasive blade that cuts through the material while leaving a clean finish behind. This type of saw works by using water as its lubricant.

Step 8: Grout and seal your countertops.

With a smooth finish, your countertops will look better and last longer.

Grout and seal your countertops.

To achieve this, you must use a grouting material specially designed for kitchen countertops. You can use it to seal the surface and make it smoother.

Step 9: Install your new faucet with a flexible shank.

The flex shank is an innovation that makes it easier to install your new faucet. A flexible shank is an added feature that allows you to install your new faucet easily. It also prevents the water from spraying out of the spout and prevents leaks.

Install your new faucet with a flexible shank.

The flexible shank comes in two parts: the base and the spout. The base is designed for easy installation and fits most standard sinks. The faucet has a built-in flexible hose, making it easy to connect to your water supply line without any required tools!

Expert Opinion

The Corian countertop is an excellent material to use in the kitchen. It is durable and looks good. However, it takes work to cut with a knife. It can be challenging to cut it into smaller pieces for home improvements.

This material is popular because it has a smooth surface that doesn’t require any finishing, making it easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the durability of this material allows it to withstand scratches, stains, and other damage without showing signs of wear.

So, the best way to cut Corian countertops is using a diamond blade on your jigsaw. The diamond blade will make the job easier and quicker than any other blade type.


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