How to Decorate a Brick Wall Outside | Step By Step Guide With Tools

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How to Decorate a Brick Wall Outside: Necessary tools

For decorating a brick wall outside you will need some tools. Here are the tools recommended below;

A ladder or scaffolding

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A high-pressure cleaner

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A hygrometer

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A wall roll

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How to Decorate a Brick Wall Outside

Many people choose brick for their stamina and value. However, due to the age or colour of your brick – or just as a personal preference – you may desire to change it. Despite its permanence, there are quite a few ways you can decorate a brick wall.



Paint your brick wall in an inexpensive way to get a whole new look. This is a great option if the brick is old, you don’t like the colour, or want a brighter look. You need to prepare the wall to paint properly and use a primer. Records of latex and Portland cement are a good choice. However, alkyd, rubber, and epoxy paints do not allow steam on the wall to escape and should not be applied to the brick.

How to Decorate a Brick Wall Outside

Now put the pictures or hanging Shelves for an easy way to decorate. To hang pictures or shelves on the outside of your brick wall, you should use concrete screws, lead or concrete anchors, and picture hangers. These are a good option for pictures or shelves up to 30 lbs.

how to decorate a brick wall in the garden

Put up a mantel if you have a fireplace with a brick wall. It creates a focal point and can bring a warm and romantic atmosphere to the room. You can further decorate the fireplace with candles, pictures, or a light vase that accentuates the colors in your room.

outdoor wall decor ideas

Now, plant the ivy to get the look of an old English garden if your brick wall is outside. Ivy is a great vertical climber and can cover an area in a few years. If you have a new brick or the structure is in good condition, ivy should cause no problem, however, if the brick is old or you have crumbling use mortar with caution. Ivy could cause further damage.


Tile your brick wall for a whole makeover. Before applying the tile outside, go over the brick wall with a wire brush to dislodge any mortar debris, and then scrub off the residue with a rag soaked in white vinegar. As long as the brick has not been painted, you can use a fortified, thin-set mortar to apply the tile. Use a trowel to apply it to the brick and remember to “butter” the backs of the slate tiles.

How to decorate a brick wall

Particularly exposed to bad weather, dirt, light, and wear and tear, brick walls deserve to be decorated with the utmost care. They will give your home a warm, original, or welcoming look. For greater efficiency, it is preferable to do this kind of work in summer.

Step 1: prepare the surface.

  • Wash your wall with the pressure washer then remove the dust with a soft brush.
  • If necessary, scrape the saltpeter from the wall with a wire brush.
  • With a hygrometer, check the humidity level of your wall, which should not exceed 5%.
  • Check the join and repair it if it fails. Likewise, if you spot any cracks, fill them up using rapid cement (for brick walls).
  • Protect window frames and other woodwork by covering them with adhesive.
outside brick wall ideas

Step 2: painting.

Start with the bottom layer of primary paint, painting from top to bottom with a move back and forth with a roller. This layer will provide cohesion between the wall and the finishing layer. Use thin and well-distributed layers to avoid excess thickness and obtain a uniform appearance. Then apply a second coat of paint in the colour of your choice by making crossed strips using your roller. Finally, perform the straightening with regular movements up and down. Take the time to let the paint dry well between each coat. Remember to use darker paint for the bottom of the wall, which is more exposed to dirt.

How to Decorate a Brick Wall Outside

Step 3: the finishing touches:

  • Release the protective tape before the paint dries.
  • Clean the paint trail on the floor.
  • Correct the last imperfections using the brush.

Step 4: clean the equipment.

Wash the brushes and roller by soaking them in white spirit (for synthetic paint) or water (for water-based paint). Then rub them with lye. Rinse them with clean water, and then let them dry before putting them away.

Steps To Clean and Protect a Brick Wall

The brick wall gives a house a lot of character. However, bad weather easily clogs it up. We will offer you an illustrated step-by-step guide to revitalizing your brick wall. Brick is not only characteristic of certain regions; it always brings charm to a home. However, a brick wall needs regular maintenance because the brick will pick up dirt that easily clogs it. Using a waterproofing agent will protect your brick wall. Brick walls inside or outside add to the charm of a house.

This only applies if the stones are properly maintained. However, brick walls are easily clogged with smoke, pollution, and other inclement weather, which is why it is important to regularly clean the bricks, as well as to protect them in a lasting way. We will explain to you through various steps how to clean and protect your brick wall in 5 steps.

YouTube video
Step 1:

Remember to protect the plantings. There is a risk of the treatment being accidentally sprayed if a sprinkler is used. 

Step 2:

Remove as much moss and lichen as possible by brushing your wall and if necessary, use a high-pressure cleaner. 

Step 3:

Thoroughly remove the brick wall waterproofing and pour it into a spray tank. 

Step 4:

Start impregnation from the bottom of the wall. Proceed in bands and cross the application regularly. To limit the risk of splashing, it is also possible to apply the product with a roller or brush. The application of the waterproofing will, of course, be slower. 

Step 5:

Product installation is complete. The drying time will be 24 hours. Then the product will become completely invisible. After drying is complete, your brick wall is visibly immaculate and durably protected thanks to waterproofing. Regular maintenance with a brush is still required to keep them as long as possible. A waterproofing product will permanently protect your wall from bad weather—the equipment required: Transparent sealing Brush Tarpaulin Sprayer Optional material: Roller Brush high-pressure cleaner.

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