How to Decorate a Corner Fireplace Mantel | 7 Ideas Of Decoration


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There are many corner fireplace makeover ideas. They are by far the delight of architects and great builders of family homes and apartments. Having one in your home shows a certain elegant and subtle style, brings solidity and freshness to the environment. However, they need to have their shelves decorated to enhance the environment and give that unique characteristic touch. Below we will offer the information you need to know how to decorate a corner fireplace mantel.

How to Decorate a Corner Fireplace Mantel

Decorate with Plants

The use of ornamental plants and flowers always gives a touch of freshness and life, regardless of whether they are artificial or natural. They should be small bouquets so as not to overdo it with their respective pots. The use of transparent vases gives a casual touch and provides options to use artificial light inside them.

They should be away from the wall adjacent to the corner so as not to saturate the place. Thus, if you are a person who likes to vary, we recommend using natural materials. Otherwise, artificial ones are ideal for you.

When choosing plants, the most important thing to consider is that they match the general environment’s colors and the fireplace. Trying to reach this harmony to enjoy their beauty and aroma is a challenge.

How to decorate a deep corner fireplace mantel

Use Mirrors

At the height of the mantel, you need a mirror that fits the structure of the fireplace. It would be best to look for the perfect and harmonious combination between the mirror’s frame and shape towards the fireplace.

They should be a medium-term, very large saturate, and very short show absence. Their placement generates an aura of security and elegance. A sturdy medium mirror centered on the mantel gives that level of elegance that a renovated mantel requires.

Fireplace mantel Corner designs

Use Tablecloths

Ideally, there should be a mix of fabric with the appropriate color. Also, the mantel material should be stone, wood, or brick. That gives it that tone of delicacy and comfort.

At first glance, it generates a degree of joy and pride, of casual care. The fabric should overhang the mantel along the length and half the width of the mantel. It’s ideal placement is centered, giving room to place objects on it.

It is indispensable when decorating. It can vary them depending on occasions, parties, or changes of seasons. In this way, you can show different decorations in every event you do.

Decorate with Personal items

There is no better place to place photographic memorabilia than on the mantelpiece. However, you have to be careful when choosing the photo frame and position. The frame’s color should match the mantel’s material so that the object stands out and does not clutter the mantel.

The position is depending on the number of objects. It can be in chronological order, from left to right. That is, the oldest keepsake first and in sequence to the last one to the right. The sizes should be uniform and according to the sequence. This way, when visualizing them, you automatically generate in your mind the chronological facts they represent.

Decorating around a corner fireplace

Buy Decorative objects

If you like to buy things that remind you of places visited or displayed gifts received that decorate. One of the corner fireplace ideas is to provide its shelf as a display of these objects.

It is recommended to place these of a suitable size so as not to bulge the space. Like family photographs, they should arrange in chronological order.

Use Artificial lights

Normally, corner fireplaces are located in cool and bright places, usually in the living room.

For their decoration, low lights or LEDs with low intensity are recommended to highlight the objects. In the absence of light, it will highlight the decoration, making itself present in the environment. Currently, they are used in the mantles of fireplaces as decorative objects.

Use Pictures

Placing pictures on the mantelpiece is a very common thing, which must have a certain sense. This way, you can display everything from family memories, travel experiences to masterpieces.

The magic lies in harmonizing the paintings with the place where the mantel is located. In this way, you can create harmony between the decorated objects and enjoy this feature that enhances the place’s tasteful order.

The mantel decorations make such a pleasant impact that it looks like remodeling a fireplace. Therefore, it is necessary to properly combine all the objects and only use the necessary ones.

Corner Fireplace Mantel Renovation Ideas

Corner fireplaces can be made with various materials and their ease of installation at the construction time; you can add them to any finished location. However, their normal location lies in the living room. Their versatility maximizes the wall space left available for other decorations.

Likewise, its shelves are available for the owner’s delight and imagination. In addition to this, the surrounding environment must also show a certain balance for the decoration to have its effect. Since there are many fireplace design ideas, we will now show you some elements to consider when decorating.

  • Extra wall space: The standard location of a corner fireplace leaves an additional wall. This should be decorated according to the material and color of the fireplace.
  • Awkward living room layout with corner fireplace: usually being in front of the fireplace is a place or moment of rest. For this reason, it is important to place comfortable furniture near it that combines with the decoration.
  • Be careful not to overdo it with the amount of furniture. In this way, avoid having an uncomfortable design of the living room with a corner fireplace.
  • Placement of pictures: pictures on adjacent walls are necessary, and it is necessary to look for the right angle to match the decor.
  • If there are windows nearby, the curtains’ colors should be uniform with the fireplace’s design and color.
Corner fireplace designs

Benefits of the Corner Fireplace

Having a corner fireplace inside your home is an unmatched benefit. Just the fact of warming your body comfortably in cold seasons is an advantage. Added to this, the added value it generates to the property.

In this way, it enhances the economic and elegant value of the house or apartment. It is not for nothing that large constructions have as a priority to have one. In this way, it also generates a place for family and individual enjoyment thus, becoming one of the most pleasant places in the home.

Frame corner fireplace

How to Decorate a Corner Fireplace Mantel: FAQs

What do you put over a corner fireplace?

The space created by a corner fireplace, whether it has several wall units or a false brick wall, is an ideal place to decorate. There, you can place mirrors, pictures, or decorative objects. This also happens with faux brick walls.

No matter the design or material, you will always have space to place your natural array of materials such as flowers in vases or pots. Framed objects that generate family or travel memories are ideal and essential on fireplace mantels.

The objects’ choice to place is very personal, but you must have a criterion that combines with the environment’s design and harmony. Also, it would be best if you combined with the other places where the fireplace is located. There is always an additional space on the wall to place objects without the need to saturate.

How to decorate on a mantle?

The most practical and effective way to decorate on a mantle is to use small things, such as flowers, lights in series, and linear ornaments. Flowers can be artificial or natural in a linear fashion so as not to overwhelm the space.

A clever way to place them is to place small LED or low light fragments around the mantle.

The idea of this is to highlight when there is little illumination creating a pleasant atmosphere. The combination of flowers, lights, and linear decorations should be precise and uniform. It would help if you did not saturate the place.

How to place pictures on a mantelpiece?

The mantelpiece is the ideal place to place pictures, and most people pose their family pictures on it. However, it is not a limitation or a rule depending on the tastes of each individual. The traditional way to place family pictures is in chronological order of events from left to right.

This generates a vivid memory each time they are contemplated, ideal for remembering consecutive events. Also in the same order are placed emblematic pictures of memories of trips and important events.

This form is the most common, but the other form is decorative pictures, usually no more than three. Few are used to saturate the place, and they are always combined with other objects. Nowadays, pictures with reflections are widely used, fulfilling both the decorative function and a mirror.

Tips for Decorating a Corner Mantel

  • Use only the necessary objects. A saturated mantelpiece overloads the atmosphere of the place.
  • If you want a conservative decoration, use natural plants and mirrors, this way, you will create a relaxed atmosphere.
  • On the other hand, if you have in mind something more daring, use a combination of fabrics, pictures with reflections, small objects, natural flowers, and LEDs on the wall. A little bit of everything well distributed would result in a cheerful and elegant atmosphere.
  • On the contrary you want a familiar atmosphere, memories in photographs and pictures, accompanied by flowers and a mirror is your option.

After analyzing the information provided, we recommend making your shelf a unique and spontaneous place.

There you can develop your personality, creating harmony and a place dedicated to rest.

This is ideal for reflecting and enjoying the free hours of the moment. Also, give that touch of elegance to the place where the fireplace is located—highlighting the architectural work you have in your home.

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