How to Decorate Columns | Decorate Your Columns Following 12 Steps

This article is meant to educate us on how to decorate columns, living room, and wedding with some other relevant topics discussed in the articles.

In a house, columns serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, they support the ceiling, divide areas, and provide support while also having a significant visual impact. Like arches or vaults, they are architectural accessories in themselves.

How to Decorate Columns in the Living Room

Columns are building structures that are essential for a home with two or more levels. They help to hold the form above them and transmit the weight down to the foundation. Frequently, the architect designing a home can hide those columns in the wall, but sometimes for some home layouts, they should put those columns in the middle of the room.

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how to decorate columns

Living Room with a Column

Having a column in the living room can be disgusting because it covers and give fewer spaces. This column is essential for building structure, so you can’t remove it to endanger the whole house structure.

Instead of making the decision to eliminate your column, you may decorate it to appear lovely and make your living room seem much more enticing and appealing. To give your areas more versatility, you may also utilize it for a few extra purposes.

A rectangular column or a rounded column are the two types of columns that are often utilized. While rectangular columns are regularly utilized in modern or minimalist houses, circular columns are typically employed in classic style architecture. Given that rectangular columns are the most prevalent kind of column used in modern homes, this essay will concentrate on decorating them.

Step-1: Using Wall Art / Wall Decor Item for Your Column

how to decorate columns

Decorate column using wall art

The most simple, efficient, and cost-friendly solution is by using some wall art or wall decor items in the column. It helps in making the column look attractive by adding more artistic effects to the living room.

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Before buying wall decor, it’s essential to measure your column’s width to purchase those sizes correctly.

Step-2: The column covered with wooden materials

A wood-based element can be beneficial to help balance out any room. It will also bring some freshness and a natural vibe, and its texture can give few artistic looks into the room. Find that your room lacks natural elements. Using wood to cover your column can be a perfect choice. It will bring a positive advancement by embellishing your space and helping you secure your tedious looks segment to make it look all the more new and appealing. 

There are many ways that you can use to cover your segment utilizing wood materials. You can cover the whole section utilizing wood or utilizing some wood board to wrap some portion of your element; utilize your innovativeness to locate the ideal ways that will fit with your present room configuration style.

For the wood materials, there is also a lot of different choices that you can use. Of course, real wood would be a perfect choice, but for some reason, you can use other options such as using vinyl with wooden texture or using engineered wood planks.

Step-3: Making Your Column a Bar or Dining Spot

how to decorate columns

Column as a dining or bar spot

This thought is ideal for any individual who had restricted spaces in their home, so they can’t have a feasting table or bar table. Indeed, you can utilize your section as a bar or eating table spot. 

To get this going, you should purchase a little table that can be put directly alongside your segment. You can utilize a collapsing divider mounted feasting/bar table, for example, the one used in the picture above, for the best outcome. 

Step-4: Use Wall Lamp/Wall Sconce in the segment

how to decorate columns

Making Use of wall lamp in column

Layered lighting is an integral part needed to create an excellent interior style in interior design. Using a different lighting layer can create beautiful ambient lighting effects that will make any spaces look more sophisticated and elegant.

One kind of lamp that can be used to bring some additional lighting is a wall lamp, and you can make Use of your column as a place to put this kind of light. By doing this, you don’t only have another extra lighting for your room, but also can help make a boring column look much better. Moreover, those lamps can also work as decorative items to choose any wall lamp that suits your whole room decor style.

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Step-5: Make Your Column Stand Out by Using Contrast Paint Color

how to decorate columns

The Use of Dark painted columns in the room. 

Instead of hiding your column, why not make it stand out to bring more bold and dramatic looks to your living room. It can be achieved using high contrast colors to paint the column, where you can use a colorful or bright color or use a darker one. Using bright wall paint would make your room looks more glowing and vibrant, while darker tints bring a flat shape.

Another approach is by using bright and striking colors such as red, blue, green, or any colors that maybe you are afraid of using to paint your entire room with. Using this kind of color is excellent to add some richness and splash of colors to your living room.

Step-6: Turn Your Column into a Green Centerpiece

columns on a house

Using column for artificial plants

Adding some greenery can be a great option to bring some freshness into any spaces, and you can make Use of your column to do that by hanging some artificial vines and adding some vases and planter around them.

These column decoration ideas bring a lot of positive impact on your living room:

  • It will get fresh and natural feels into your room.
  • It can turn a monotonous and boring column into more attractive and beautiful and make anyone who sees it thinks that those columns are purposely created to decorate spaces.
  • Many studies have shown that adding some plants into a room can make anyone feel more comfortable and relaxed when spending a lot of time inside those rooms.

If you already had some vases and planter inside your room, the most simple and most accessible ways are to make use of them and move them around your column. If you had an extra budget, you may buy some hanging vases or plant to cover and decorate your column surface.

Step-7: Decorate Column Using Wall Mirror

columns on a house

Decorate column with wall mirror

Another column used for living room decoration ideas is by using a mirror to cover your column. Using a mirror, you can geta lot of benefits rather than make your column look beautiful and elegant. Using a mirror also can help make any room looks much more spacious, and since the mirror will reflect a lot of lights, it can also make a place feel much brighter.

The best practice to apply these ideas is by using a real custom-made mirror and wrapped it up with some additional custom frames. 

The cost-friendly solution is by using a ready to use wall mirror available on the market. Where you can easily hang or mount those mirrors by yourself, and your column will look much better than before.

Step-8: Keep Column Unfinished to Create Industrial Rustic Looks

columns interior

The Use of columns with unfinished plaster 

The need to add some provincial or retro touch into your lounge room, at some point, why not keeps your segment incomplete? The incomplete element will even now look dazzling and ideal for any rustic or modern style stylistic theme. 

Also, to make it additionally fascinating, you would then be able to place some enrichment things in it; however, ensure you pick the stuff with comparative natural, retro, or modern touch. A few things that can mix well with this incomplete style section are a provincial divider light or rural wooden divider craft.

Step: 9: Decorate Column with Marble Stone

modern interior columns

Sumptuous and exquisite segment utilizing marble 

Marble stones will bring this splendid and glossy look not exclusively to the segment but also to your whole room. You need to cover the rock elements and make the most of your new style in a more prosperous and spectacular touch. 

Learn cutting marbel tiles.

These thoughts will cost you some cash, where the marble itself won’t be modest, and you have to recruit a specialist to introduce it to your segment. In any case, each dollar that you spend would be justified, despite any trouble, as you will get stunning outcomes. 

There are many marble tones, surface, and style that you can decide for your segment. Ensure that you pick will coordinate your present inside plan style to make them look perfect and incorporated with your exclusive lounge inside.

Step-10: Turning Your Column into a Room Divider

columns for decorations

Turn a column into room divider pillars.

Another exciting thing you can do with your living room column is to make it a pillar for a room divider. With a room divider, you can separate your living room from another room, such as the dining room, to keep it private and personal.

In the image example above, we used some wood bar arranged vertically between two different columns to become a separator between the living room and dining room. We add some spaces between each wood bar to let some light still come into the dining room and always keep the whole place looks spacious. You can use your creativity to create your column room divider to create the effects and results you want.

Another approach that you can use is by using a ready to use the divider. But before buying, make sure you choose the division with the correct width that will fit into the spaces between your columns. Some room dividers also had a unique design that can be used for shelves as well, so you can get extra storage options for your room to organize or display your accessories or decoration items.

Step-11: Decorating Column in Classic Style with Molding

interior column design ideas

Decorate column using molding

As we already said before, there are two typical shapes of a column: rectangular and round column. The round column is often used in a classical home, while rectangular ones are usually used in minimalist or contemporary style homes. 

There are many different molding styles available today, and you can choose any type you want. You also had options to cover the entire column using them or just the column’s bottom or upper part. In the image example above, we have shown a partially covered column by molding where we only used them in the bottom and upper leg and left the middle column.

Step-12: Paint Column Using Two-Tone Style

houses with columns inside

Living room column painted in a two-tone style.

The last column decor ideas on this list are by using a two-tone style to paint your column. Using this style, you can get a much more exciting column than using a single monotonous color.

A critical key to success with this style is by choosing the perfect color combinations. You can use two color tones with a different shade or combine bright or dark colors with neutral tones. Use your creativity and imagination to create the best color combination for your column that matches the entire living room interior style.

How to Decorate Columns of a House

Columns can add an aesthetic sense to the home. It doesn’t matter if they are in the hall, in the living room, or even in the bedroom; they are often ignored in the decorating process simply because people do not know how to decorate them to include them in the concept.

  • Choose a colour to paint your columns that match the rest of the colours in the room. For example, if you want them to harmonize well with space, choose a shade lighter or darker than the walls. If you want the columns to stand out, choose a bold one that contrasts with the rest of the space.
  • Choose a cover for your columns. If you wrap them, you can add a little dimension and texture. You can cover them with a lovely garland of flowers or lights; you must decide what to place on them.
  • Install some hooks at the top of your column to start putting the cover on. If the fabrics are thick, you will need a more powerful theme. To place a small series of lights, you will probably only need a small hook. Make sure to paint the hooks the same colour as the column, so you don’t notice the contrast.
  • Secure the cover at the bottom of your column; you can use a hook or a wall stapler. If you use the latter, staple the body to the base of your cue. If you use hooks, secure those like you did on top.
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Ways of Decorating Wedding Columns

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Wedding decorations not only cost money, but they also take time to complete. If you are decorating your wedding reception, then you need your decorating to be quick and easy and not take too long. Wedding columns are typically found at the ceremony and reception and are the most available items to decorate.


Tulle is a versatile decoration item when it comes to weddings. You can use tulle to decorate the wedding columns by wrapping them in an up and down spiral. You can use different colored tulle to add contrast, but make sure the colors match the wedding’s overall color.


The ivy for the decoration of your wedding can be bought in natural form or silk garlands. Take a garland of ivy and wrap it in a way to breathe up and down the wedding pillars. Fill small spaces with natural or silk flowers that you use at the reception.

Flower garlands

You can buy flower garlands up to 20 feet in size as they are a cheap alternative for decorating wedding columns. Purchase silk flower garlands with flowers that match your reception. Spiral up and down the wedding columns. Tie small tulle bows at the top and bottom of each column to finish the look.

Beaded Wire

A beaded wire is a versatile decoration that you can buy in bulk at your local craft store. These wire garlands have decorative beads that come in varieties of metallic and solid colors. Twist the bead garlands up and down on the wedding columns. These can be left as is, or you can fill the small gaps with silk flowers so that the flowers appear to be climbing up the queue.


The lights can be used as an accent or main decoration on a wedding column. You can decorate the wedding columns with a spiral of Christmas lights of white or different colored bulbs. Use the silk flowers, leaves, or tulle bows to accentuate the columns.


The balloons can be both for weddings and birthdays. Blow up colored balloons to match the wedding reception in general, but place flowers or beads inside the balloon before blowing them up so that the flowers look like they’re floating. Tie the balloons using colored ribbons to the heads of the columns.


A simple ribbon tied around the center of the column can be a simple decoration. Use a combination of tulle and ribbons to add contrast to the bow, or tie a large bow around a votive candle with the ends sloping down the column’s sides.

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We believe you’ve learned a lot from these articles on decorating columns in the living room, homes, wedding reception, and other relevant topics discussed in the articles.

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