How to Dissolve a Clorox Tablet Stuck in Toilet | Methods Explained


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We may use the Clorox chlorine tablet if we want an immaculate and hygienic toilet. However, said tablet may get stuck, obstructing the toilet, and when we explode with nerves. This article tells you what to do by applying different strategies on how to dissolve a Clorox tablet stuck in the toilet.

How to Dissolve a Clorox Tablet Stuck in Toilet

How to Dissolve a Clorox Tablet Stuck in Toilet

Add a gallon of heated water into the porcelain bowl, then completely immerse it. Look for the one that will completely dissolve the Clorox tablet. Several times, repeat this action.

It just takes a couple of minutes to dissolve a Clorox pill the right way if you know how. However, if you don’t use the right procedures, dissolving a trapped Clorox board might seem to be a difficult and time-consuming operation.

We’ve discovered two techniques that are most effective for removing any stuck toilet pills, including Clorox, after extensive investigation. You must perfectly follow and maintain the steps.

Method 1: Using hot water

One of the greatest and most popular ingredients to clean, disinfect, or remove anything trapped in the toilet is hot water. So you may try removing the Clorox pill with hot water first.

Step 1: Bring Water to a Boil

Water should be added to a saucepan and brought to a boil.

Step 2: Pour the heated water

After flushing the toilet, immediately pour the hot water into the bowl.

step 3: rub the Clorox tablet

When you use the toilet scourer to rub the Clorox tablet, you’ll observe how it degrades in the solution and forms small droplets.

step 4: Boil a further gallon of water

If the pill is brand-new, there may be issues and you may need to heat an additional gallon of water. Similarly to how you can just did with hot water, repeat the procedure.

Using a toilet plunger as method two

The only option in this situation is to use a toilet plunger since we are suddenly unable to reach the Clorox tablet and scrape there.

Push the toilet water vertically and horizontally in step one.

Push the liquid up and down swiftly with the plunger. In this manner, the pill will become loose and disintegrate due to water pressure. Dip continuously for two minutes. Continue to observe as the water recedes. Submerge yourself multiple times until the water recedes if it still won’t go down.

Adjust the water supply in step two.

Switch off the power connection to the toilet tank if the preceding procedure didn’t work.

Disconnect the pipe from the sewer line when it is clear.

3. Scrub the drain pipe.

Switch on the water supply after reinstalling the pipe beside the toilet bowl.

  • Use these short techniques to avoid having your Clorox pill trapped in the toilet:
  • Before putting Clorox pills in the toilet tank, crush them.
  • Hire a contractor if you believe you won’t be able to clear the tablet on your own.
  • Use a toilet auger or an equivalent device if you don’t have a lever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toilet bowl freshener stuck in the toilet?

To clear it, use a drill and an air freshener hook. After that, slowly and carefully withdraw the spinner containing the air freshener inside your body.

What should you do if you unintentionally flush a pill down the toilet?

Use a plunger to force the water down the drain or boil some water and put it into the toilet cistern and bowl. If it doesn’t work, take the tablet out of the tube by hand.

How do I turn the water in my toilet blue?

Your toilet will be clean and freshened by using the Clorox bleach tablet.

How can I make my toilet bowl whiter?

Put some baking soda in the toilet bowl.

Do blue tablets harm restrooms?

Yes, they do create corrosion within the toilet tank, which is bad for toilets. They release toxins into the air in your house and bathroom, which is bad for the environment as well.

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