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If we do not know how to dissolve toilet paper in the septic tank, it may suffer complications over time. Hence, it is wise to learn how to do this correctly.

The key may be using the correct toilet paper and the correct maintenance of the septic tank. Using the related products to maintain septic tanks will save you money, time, and problems that may arise.

So the question is in the type of product to use and easy to dissolve toilet paper such as biodegradable or septic. In other words, both factors are the key.

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank

Biodegradable toilet paper works well for septic tanks

This kind of paper works well as it dissolves in the tank. However, you must give maintenance with live bacteria and enzymes. This does it faster (dissolve paper). You can do this if you use chemicals to make the process faster. This way, nothing will remain in the tank.

A class of paper called Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper is considered the best alternative, and you can buy it on Amazon.

You can use septic-safe toilet paper.

We refer to the toilet paper made so as not to block the passage of water from the septic tank. As stated above, the key is to use the correct toilet paper and provide proper maintenance. It emphasizes the greater importance of the maintenance that must be carried out.

But maintenance is relevant because it will prevent the septic tank from clogging. 

Silk’n Soft Bamboo toilet paper is recommended

  • Enzyme Pac needs to be the latest release
  • First step is to make sure the enzyme package is up to date, so you can also be sure that the toilet paper will dissolve.
  • The right toilet paper is beneficial; however, it dissolves it as toilet paper with the best enzymes on the market.
  • Live bacteria packs increase the paper dissolution rate
  • Use live bacteria packs if you want to help maintain the septic tank. This will increase the dissolution of the paper and also the rest.
  • Do not forget to do this procedure every few months, and depending on the size of your septic tank, even do it once a month.
  • Nothing will work if you are not serious about cleaning your septic tank because it is an essential element.
  • The environment inside the tank will be controlled with these good bacteria and will also dissolve what needs to be dissolved.

Experiment with different tank treatments

Apply different treatments for the tank and, in this way, verify the solution to your problems.

Sometimes having a hard time with something blocking a path can be due to the chemicals used.

It turns out that each house has its particularities, so it is recommended to experiment with different treatments, hence the importance of caring for septic tanks. If necessary, change the type of toilet paper, the enzymes, the bacteria, and what is essential to obtain its correct functioning.

Check every few months to make sure things are rinsing properly

Finally, we recommend a monthly review to ensure that everything is ok. 

What happens is that this advice is due to people’s apathy in this type of thing. 

Usually, people do not even remember their septic tanks. Only when something breaks or leaks do they remember them.

This element requires adding enzymes and bacteria and verifying its operation. This way, you will save some bucks and get in charge of your health.

If you follow all these recommendations and give your septic tank the proper maintenance, you will have no problems, and it will last much longer.

Final thoughts

Now, that’s the way toilet paper dissolves in a septic tank. Use the paper brand that works best to achieve your goals and maintain as much as necessary.

And do not forget that there is something fundamental for things to dissolve inside the tank, and that is to add the enzymes inside the tank.

It is straightforward to remember. We have to organize ourselves. We include the maintenance of the septic tank in our list of activities, and thus we will avoid many complications in the future.

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