How to Find a Short in Outdoor Lighting | 3 Steps to do it Simply


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Outdoor lighting is a good way to add dramatic effects to your outdoor landscaping design and increase the area’s security by brightening dark spaces. The lighting design and landscape lighting connect to the main electrical board through the series of wiring. The landscape or outdoor lighting systems are useful and subjected to several aspects. Sometimes, you may have short-circuiting in the wiring system, leading to damage. Let’s learn how to find a short in outdoor lighting.

Do not use the larger bulbs in the outdoor lighting systems and fixtures to avoid damage. Due to the use of larger bulbs, wire insulation can get damaged as the defects in the insulation are the common cause of electrical short.

This post will guide you in finding the short in the outdoor lighting systems.

How to Find a Short in Outdoor Lighting

How to Find a Short in Outdoor Lighting

Step 1

A circuit breaker is a protective switch in the main PowerPoint that saves the electrical circuits from getting spoiled due to short-circuiting or overloading. 

Find out the location of the main circuit breaker box of the main PowerPoint. Look for the tripped switches and check out the circuit breaker. A tripped circuit breaker will look like it is in off mode.

It was in the on mode previously when you will find the tripped switches, unplug or turn off all the appliances and electrical equipment attached to that specific circuit breaker when the switch is off. 

Step 2

Turn off and unplug all the electrical components connected with the outdoor lighting system and circuit breaker switch. Now you have to discover whether the short is present in the outdoor lighting system or the system’s wiring.

Step 3

By clicking the switch to the on mode, reset the circuit breaker of the main PowerPoint if you reset the circuit breaker successfully, which means that it will not be turned back to the off mode again. You will find that the short will be in one of the lighting system elements you unplugged. After the unplugging of all the fixtures, the circuit breaker will trip. The brief will be on the electrical wiring of the out lighting system. 


I hope finding the short in outdoor lighting system helps the ways and steps mentioned above. Because the uncovered or loose connections in the main wiring systems may cause short-circuiting, to fix these issues, look for the loose wiring and uncovered ones and tight and cover them is the best solution to avoid damage and injury.

In addition, if there is melted wire and fried wire cut it down and replace it with the new one. While replacing the old wires with new ones, avoid touching those areas where the wires can get the moisture content, as the wire can get damaged due to high moisture content, which can cause short-circuiting in the wires.  

Therefore, finding the shorts in outdoor lighting is somewhat difficult and tricky, but it is impossible to fix it. The best solution is to get the services of the electrical professional. 

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