How to Find BTU on an Air Conditioner | 6 Ways to Find BTU


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While purchasing an air conditioner, paying special attention to the BTU will help you choose the right one for you. BTU stands for British thermal unit. This terminology shows them that an AC will consume to remove heat from a particular area to cool it. Knowing how to calculate the BTU will help you choose the right outlet for your home to get it cooled properly. If you go without it, you may face different post-purchasing issues. To choose a perfect gadget for you, you should learn to take out BTU for AC. This precise guide will teach how to find btu on an air conditioner, so let’s go through it. 

How to Find BTU on an Air Conditioner?

How to Find BTU on an Air Conditioner

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is not too complex to find. Calculating the right BTU as per your need is quite easy, though it seems confusing. Here is how to calculate it. 

  • Take a measuring tape. 
  • Measure the length of the room in feet where you will install the AC. 
  • Then do so for the width of that room. 
  • Multiply the length and width of the room. 
  • Divide the result by 25. 
  • It’s BTU that you should look to cool your room properly. 

In short: 

BTU = Length Width/25

Knowing this easy formula, you can invest in a good air conditioner that will add sufficient cooling to remove heat from your room. 

Importance of BTU

How to Find BTU on an Air Conditioner

Learning how to take out BTU of the space where you will fix your AC is very important. If you ignore it and invest in the wrong outlet, you can’t make the environment pleasant by removing enough heat out of it. Also, it may cost extra electricity to push heat with a low-capacity air conditioner. Considering all these aspects, calculating the right BTU is a good idea. This will prevent post AC installation issues. So, never purchase an AC without knowing which BTU suits you. 

Are AC BTU and Tonnage Interlinked? 

How to Find BTU on an Air Conditioner

It’s good to learn how to interlink BTU and the tonnage of the air conditioner. Tonnage is the amount of heat needed to cool your room. In simple terms, it’s the power of an AC. History shows that a ton is the amount of heat required to melt a pound of heat in 24 hours. 

Tonnage and BTU of an AC are interlinked. According to research, one ton is equal to 12000 BTU/hour. So, you can guess the BTU from tonnage or tonnage from BTU. 


Choosing an air conditioner with the exact capacity needed to cool your room is necessary. If you invested in the wrong capacity air conditioner, it would cause issues in the future. So, learning the area of the place that AC will have to cool and getting BTU out of it is necessary.

Proceed as mentioned above to measure what BTU is required in your case. After confirming it, purchase the AC for your room. When you have a cooler with proper BTU as per requirement, it will effectively cool your place. 

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