How to Find Leak in Sprinkler System | Learn The Simple DIY Steps


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A lot of people today are asking themselves how to find leak in sprinkler system?

When you install a sprinkler system to support your lush green landscaping, you naturally want the water to leak. However, it is preferable if you control the flow of water so that it reaches strips of lawn and garden as planned and carries out as designed.

What you don’t want is a leak in the sprinkler system that causes muddy chaos. If you pay attention, you will notice the underground sprinkler system is too complicated to fix. It is right to call a specialist. You’ll know when you leak a subway pipe due to the apparent state of your landscape or fluctuating water costs.

At this point, we ask ourselves how you can locate the source of the leak in your home’s system. There are a few things you can check for yourself, and if you can’t find the leak, you can always call the experts to diagnose and fix the leak. These are just a few ways to detect leaks in your sprinkler system and return it to full functionality.

A sudden increase in your water bill is a traditional sign of water leaks in or near your home. If you haven’t been using more water than you’re used to recently, your first critical step is to locate the source of the leak.

How do you Find Leaks in your Sprinkler System?

The first thing to realize is that only some of the leaks are visible.

While it is not uncommon for sprinkler heads to become clogged or damaged, you may also witness subway piping leaks in hidden irrigation elements or their drawbacks may be related to the irrigation controls.

How to Find Leak in Sprinkler System

How can you tell the Cause of Faulty Irrigation?

Sprinkler System Leak Detection Tools

There are accessible leak detection utilities to assist you in locating a leak in your sprinkler system. Still, their use can be expensive, time-consuming, and may not correctly detect the leak.

The utilities have water leakage microphones (sensory rods that you wave on the ground that enhance the sounds of water flowing through the pipes) and electric-acoustic kits inside.

When leaks from subway pipes are large enough, it is feasible to hear the water gushing out even without a sensing rod.

how do you find a water leak underground?

Fix the source of your water leak

You will need to turn off the water supply to your house. After that, you should check your water meter.

If the meter needle is still registering water usage with the water turned off, you may leak into your pipe.

The next step is to check your indoor plumbing for signs of a leak, but if there is none, the leak may be somewhere in your sprinkler system.

As indicated, it is feasible to see surfaces where water is leaking or spraying between a sprinkler head and this is a clear indication of a subway pipeline leak.

Other signs of hidden leaks could include wetlands in your yard, mold or mildew on some surfaces, or dirty water coming out of sprinklers.

how to find broken sprinkler pipe underground

Signs of leaking sprinkler stations

Checking the watering stations needs the assistance of another person if you have an extensive watering system.

How to Find a Leak in your Sprinkler System

One individual must remain on the controller to achieve a particular station on and off while the other person watches the sprinklers as they turn on.

  • Look at the signs of leakage
  • Clean or recompose leaking sprinkler heads
  • Subway Sprinkler Pipe Repair
  • Practice the right care

The “observer” should look for these signs of leakage:

Flooding near the base of the sprinkler can signal poor performance of valves that do not close properly. Water/Geyser sprinklers usually signal missing sprinkler heads. Spraying water between sprinkler heads could mean you have a broken sideline.

Water deposited on the lawn between sprinklers usually suggests a recurring leak from a subway pipe. However, water coming from the base of a sprinkler may be a sign of a broken seal, where the riser or nozzle connects to the subway supply line.

Check for problems with the irrigation controller. Although the irrigation controllers do not leak, they have an electric clock inside that controls the spring valves.

The clock activates the release of water through the sprinkler valves and keeps the sprinkler valves open over a default time. Check the controller’s programming to make sure it has not changed or reverted to a pre-set configuration that increases water usage.

Sometimes, irrigation controllers can keep sprinkler systems running unnecessarily for several hours, which can significantly increase your water bill.

Repairing irrigation leaks is not something that most companies or homeowners want to undertake on their own, but you can try simple repairs on your own if you’re going to save costs. What can you do?

Clean or recompose leaking sprinkler heads

Sometimes a faulty spray pattern from a spray head will suggest a clogged nozzle and cleaning will clear it up. Or perhaps you need to straighten a tilted spray head to correct the directional spray. If the nozzles are cracked, you can replace them with newer ones, and if the water is coming out of the base, replacing the seal may solve the problem.

irrigation leak detection equipment

Subway Sprinkler Pipe Repair

The downside with a sprinkler system that drips underground is that you have to dig to find problem surfaces, breaking your lawn into the development. However, some subway leaks can be easily repaired by merely pressing a clamp or gasket or replacing a seal.

can a sprinkler system leak when off

Practice the right care

The preferred way to repair leaks is to prevent them in the first place by knowing how to understand if your sprinkler system is leaking and by taking regular care to find and treat inferior problems before they become noticeable leaks

to find a leak in a dry sprinkler system, you will need to maintain a little patience, to investigate little by little where the leak is located, once the leak is found it will be necessary to cover it up to avoid more water disasters.

The irrigation leak repair is a little more complicated, but not impossible.

How to Repair a Sprinkler: Materials and tools:

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The procedure for making a proper repair sprinkler begins by digging around the malfunctioning sprinkler head(s) with small shovels. Be very careful not to damage buried pipes and remove the last piece of soil with your hands.

Remove the sprinkler head and riser. Use an “easy-to-remove” pipe removal tool to remove the riser.

Inspect the riser for damage. Usually, when they are damaged, it is because someone accidentally stepped on the sprinkler head.

Replace any damaged components. If you need to replace a sprinkler head, be sure to get one that sprays in the same pattern as the previous one.

Before installing a new riser, wrap the ends with plumbing tape.

Remove the water from the hole with a small cup. Clean the spout where the riser is attached with a toothbrush.

Install the new riser, taking care not to damage the threads. Continue to repair any other malfunctioning sprinkler heads. Do not reinstall the sprinklers until the system has been purged.

Turn on the water and purge the system. Replace the sprinkler heads, fill the holes, and try rotating the system.

What you want with this is that your sprinkler repair system is in perfect condition, saving you money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a sprinkler system leak when it is turned off?

There are two reasons why a sprinkler system leaks when it is thought to be off. The most common cause is called “low head drainage.” If the drain head is low, the wastewater stops flowing after all the water has left the pipe.

Is there a way to locate water leaks?

The preferred water leak detection utility

The most efficient utility for locating this kind of water leakage is the professional sound discovery set. This can be extremely helpful in locating a source of trouble with a water system. A technician can identify potential problems by listening for underground water noise, such as undergrounding a swimming pool or cistern or creating a waterfall.

Another tip is to look for water leaks. By carefully listening for dripping or water sounding, a technician can identify the source of a leak.

How can I listen to a groundwater leak?

In rare instances, the signs of a groundwater leak are higher water bills.

This is among the frequent signs of a leaking subway pipe is an increase in your water bill each month, some others are

  • Excess water in the ground.
  • Inconvenient moisture in the basement.
  • Less water pressure.
  • Unbalanced soil near your living space


In conclusion, we would have the possibility to say that a water leak in our place of life is something that frequently we do not have the potential to watch and that beyond being something “Insignificant”. Without a doubt, it is something that can cost us a lot, as much economically as it could destabilize the peace of our place of life.

This kind of leakage has the potential to be a vast, severe problem. It is generally advisable to leave this to the technical experts. However, if it is a minimal leak that you can monitor, you can read our article in which we suggest different methods to locate and fix these problems. Hope you have learned how to find leaks in the sprinkler system.

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