How to Fix a Running Toilet with a Ball Float | Step by Step Guide


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When you’re running out of time, the last thing you want to do is spend minutes fixing a toilet that won’t flush. But if you can fix it in a few minutes, that’s the whole point. After all, if you can fix it quickly, you can leave and get back to your race as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to fix a running toilet with a ball float. And it only takes a few minutes!

How to Fix a Running Toilet with a Ball Float

How to Fix a Running Toilet with a Ball Float

The following are simple steps to repair a ball float toilet:

  • Remove the toilet cistern cover and set it aside. Be careful. Most toilet lids are ceramic and will crack if dropped.
  • Inside the bathroom, locate the toilet ball.
  • If the tank is complete, it will float on the water’s surface in front of the handle; if so, the consequence is that water reaches the bowl even when the tank is full. It would help if you did the following; the toilet ball is too high and must be adjusted because the toilet runs constantly.
  • Flush the water from the tank.
  • Loosen the screw that holds the ball adjust it towards the bottom of the tank.
  • Perform several flushing tests until the mechanism has the desired setting and performs the function of shutting off the precious liquid.
  • If the ball is positioned too low in the tank and the discharge is insufficient, it must be raised.
  • The toilet ball is a device that regulates water filling. Also known as the toilet float, this device is as simple as it is efficient and has been a fixture in toilets for decades. It is attached to a long metal rod that runs the length of the bathroom and connects to the fill valve. Although newer model toilet valves have obviated the need for the classic toilet ball, many toilets are still manufactured and used with a toilet ball to regulate the level of water filling the toilet cistern.
  • If you do not adjust the float ball or float cup properly, the water level in the cistern will be too low or too high. If the water level in your toilet is too high, it will begin to pour into the overflow pipe. Ideally, the water should be approximately one to one-half inches below the cistern overflow pipe.
  • The overflow pipe serves as protection for the toilet. It returns excess water from the cistern to the bowl, preventing overflow. In this case, your bathroom will run continuously.

How to Stop a Running Toilet

How to Fix a Running Toilet with a Ball Float

If your toilet runs constantly, one of the following two components of the toilet flush may be defective:

  • Toilet float
  • The flapper

The following are options for repairing a running toilet:

  • Adjust the toilet float.
  • Replace the toilet fill valve.
  • Adjust the trap door chain if necessary.
  • Thoroughly clean the flapper.
  • Replace the flapper if necessary.
  • The effective method to troubleshoot a running toilet is to troubleshoot one toilet flush component at a time. 
  • The toilet flapper is a rubber gasket that prevents water from constantly flowing into the toilet bowl. It allows water to enter the bowl only when necessary, for example, during flushing. If it is not working correctly, the toilet will be running continuously.

Bottom line

You a find this device as a toilet floats. This device is as simple as effective. Before flushing, empty the water tank and adjust the position of the toilet ball. If the tank is complete, the ball is not floating. If your toilet runs continuously, one of the two cistern components may malfunction. The most effective method of troubleshooting a running toilet is to repair one component of the toilet flush at a time.

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