How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock | 7 Step Guide By Expert With Tools


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Glass doors, whether interior or sliding, are more and more popular in public buildings, but also among professionals. Exquisite and sophisticated glass doors allow light to take possession of the place and enhance a room. The glass door locks are also a must-have. Indeed, they are often found on the doors of shops or stores that have a storefront because they reveal the premises and the products on display from the street. It is also prevalent to see this type of glass door lock indoors. In this article, we will discuss how to fix a sliding glass door lock.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to find glass door locks in open-plan offices, or shared professional spaces, thus creating an atmosphere bathed in natural light and conducive to concentration. The locks of these doors are also quite important. Thus below is a highlight on how to fix a sliding glass door lock.

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How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock: Which lock to choose?

A sliding glass door always has a positive effect on visitors. These are original, still relatively rare, and give a lot of charm to an interior. The choice of the lock contributes to the aesthetics of the whole; it is, therefore, necessary to decide well among the various models present on the market. These devices differ from each other, mainly according to their method of installation. The security they provide and the compatibility with the door in question are also important. Learn to paint a security screen door. Before learning how to fix a sliding glass door lock, it’s best to be also intimated on which lock to choose. This includes:

The wall-mounted lock

Although they are less present on sliding doors, the surface-mounted models are characterized by their visible casing in the form of a box – usually metallic – fixed directly to the outside of the leaf. Very easily adaptable to all types of doors and resistance, their installation is simple and can give an industrial style to a sliding glass door. 

How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock

Mortise lock

These models are embedded in the thickness of the leaf after having notched it. They offer better thermal and sound insulation and are also very discreet. However, they may have the drawback of weakening the door at the level of the mortise. 

types of sliding glass door locks

The faired lock

This variant of the surface-mounted model works the same as the latter. The exception here is that the linkage is hidden in a cover (vertical beam). It is more substantial and more discreet but more expensive.

How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock: The tools needed

To fix a sliding glass door lock, you will need the following tools:


This would be needed to work on the frame, and a great product in this regard is the DEWALT Drill Bit Set. This drill bit kit has a heavy-duty titanium pilot point that starts from contact and helps prevent errors. It includes commonly used drill bits for various metal and wood drilling applications. The non-rotating shank helps prevent the bit from slipping, and the tapered web helps improve durability and reduce breakage. The durable carrying case also keeps all drill bits organized and ready to use.

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Scotch Tape

This would be needed to mark the frame, and a great product in this regard is the Scotch Magic Tape. Scotch Brand has more than 90 years of quality history and is the most trusted home and office tape brand in the United States. Their tapes can hold surfaces firmly while still being easy to use. Scotch Brand tapes are suitable for all tasks and can help you hang, wrap, repair, manufacture, seal, etc.

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A Mallet

This would be needed to strike the chisels, and a great product in this regard is the TEKTON 30603 Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet. This product is ideal for construction, woodworking, and automotive applications. It also has a soft impact and will not damage metal, wood, and other hard surfaces.

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This would be needed to work on the frame, and a great product in this regard is the STANLEY Sweetheart Chisels Set. This product was made based on the classic 750 design and is arguably the best Stanley chisel in history. The Sweetheart chisels are made of high-carbon steel, easy to sharpen and maintain a sharp edge during long-term use. Their side bevel angle is incredibly narrow, suitable for working in narrow corners. When precise cutting is critical, this can help users avoid accidental workpiece damage.

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This would be needed to tighten and loosen screws, and a great product in this regard is the IRWIN Screwdriver. This multi-function screwdriver is designed to provide end-users with high-quality, convenient tools, and its versatility is sufficient to meet all their fastening needs. It comes with six drill bits and three nut drivers, which can be used for various fasteners and nuts. The multi-function tool provides internal storage to keep the drill bit and nut driver at hand. The ergonomic ProTouch Grip is comfortable and slip-resistant and can also help you achieve maximum torque during work.

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How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock

To fix a sliding glass door lock, do make use of the following steps:

  • Mark the location for the lock
  • Drill the holes for fixing the lock
  • Create the location of the mechanism
  • Drill the different passages
  • Insert the lock
  • Attach the linings
  • Prepare the location of the strike

Mark the location for the lock

Start by applying and holding the lock drilling template against the leaf with adhesive. Then mark its outline with a thick pencil.

sliding glass door lock won't latch

Drill the holes for fixing the lock

Insert a drill bit into the drill chuck and drill the keyhole to ensure that the holes on the door field are dug to sufficient depth.

sliding glass door strike adjustment

Create the location of the mechanism

After delineating the fixing points for the lock, drill the rest of the mortise location for the safe, making various tight holes. Make sure that the hole does not go beyond the outline of the template. Even out the opening with a chisel and a mallet so that it can accommodate the mechanism.

sliding door lock

Drill the different passages

Change the drill bit according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, then drill the hole for the handle rod’s location, the passage of the drive square, and, if necessary, those of the lock, right through the leaf.

To avoid splinters, pierce the flapper with a flat bit. As soon as the latter’s tip emerges on the other side, complete the drilling in the reverse order.

Insert the lock

Insert the lock system into the location you just dug, then screw it firmly to the panel.

sliding glass door lock repair near me

Attach the linings

Glue the trim with silicone glue, then insert the square into the lock. Repeat the operation on the other side of the leaf. If necessary, lock the assembly with a needle screw and test the movement of the linings.

Prepare the location of the strike

Slowly slide the leaf with the bolt out to mark the frame at the strike’s future location. Drill the doorframe 15mm deep and 25mm in diameter, then dig out the recently drilled parts with a chisel and mallet. Finish by inserting and gluing the bottom of the strike plate, and then attach the plate.

sliding glass door stuck closed

How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock: Frequently Asked Question

How do you fix a sliding glass door that won’t lock?

To fix a sliding glass door that won’t lock, adjust the upper and lower locking latches to make them work properly, and then tighten the screws. Close the door to ensure that the latch is secure or readjust as necessary. If your sliding glass door still does not seem to lock, you may need to adjust the latch or hit the frame with a hammer.

How do you fix a broken patio door lock?

  • Remove the broken patio door lock from the door by unscrewing the screws fixed on the door.
  • Take out the new door lock from the package and familiarize yourself with all the parts.
  • Install the lock cylinder into the main door lock frame
  • Tighten the screws you earlier took out

How do you fix a cloudy sliding glass door?

  • Drill a hole in the gasket for all the moisture to escape
  • Spray a desiccant substance into the hole, as this will absorb moisture and dry the area between the panels
  • Install a valve into the hole of the gasket. This will disperse the water and help prevent water from re-entering.

Why is my sliding door so hard to open?

The accumulation of debris is the main reason why your sliding door is so hard to open.

How do I fix the rollers on my sliding glass door?

To fix the rollers on your sliding glass door, do make use of the following steps:

  • Remove the door from the track 
  • Remove all the screws holding the roller assembly in place, and then remove the assembly.
  • Follow the same method to install the new component (or the old component with new rollers) to the door frame, and then put the fastening screws back into the door frame.


In conclusion, the sliding glass door adds much beauty to its environment. If you desire to learn how to fix a sliding glass door lock, the steps highlighted above would be indispensable.

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