How to Fix Gaps in the Refrigerator Door Gaskets | Step by Step Guide


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There may be a day when the fridge door is not closing properly; it may be for some reason. There can be gaps between the gasket and the door of the fridge and cabinet, that’s why it is not closing properly. This issue will permit the cold air to get out of the refrigerator, and outside warm air will go inside. Let’s learn how to fix gaps in the refrigerator door gaskets.

So to prevent the spoilage of food items, you should fill the gaps between the fridge’s door and gaskets. If you cannot fix the gaps properly, you have to replace them to get the best results. 

How to Fix Gaps in the Refrigerator Door Gaskets

How to Fix Gaps in the Refrigerator Door Gaskets

· Inspect the gaskets’ gaps after closing the refrigerator door. To patch up and fill up the minor holes, rub petroleum jelly over the gasket. If you come across any large holes, fill them with paper, press it through the whole space, and repeat. Substitute the gasket with a new one if applying petroleum jelly to the gasket to mend it does not work.

• You may either pry off a tiny corner or attempt removing a portion of the door gasket and pulling it away from it’s own channel in order to close the gap.

• To compress and fill the corner, cut the weather stripping into tiny, even strips and attach them along the grooves on the door gasket. If more material is required, fill other corners, then press the gasket back into the channel.

· Check the gaps after closing the door. Reinstall the door gasket if the gaps persist.

How to Replace the Gasket in the Refrigerator

How to Fix Gaps in the Refrigerator Door Gaskets

• Slide the gasket back and grab the flange’s bottom from the inside out. Using a flat head screwdriver, loosen the screws holding the metal retention in place around the whole door. Do not move it.

• Push the gasket away from the door to remove it.

• Attach one of the new gasket’s corners to the top of the refrigerator door, press it over the metal retention, and wrap the whole door with it after sliding it behind the holder.

• The bolts in the metal retainers are turned with a screwdriver and a hex, so they shouldn’t get tight or constrict.

· Check the gasket after closing the refrigerator door. To make the gasket straight in the areas where the warp develops, open the refrigerator door. Close and reopen the refrigerator door, check the gasket once again, and continue tightening until the seal is level. After the gasket is in the right place, tighten the metal retainer’s screws.

• Apply petroleum jelly to the seal along the door’s latch side.


So gaps in the seal of your fridge can greatly affect the appliance’s efficiency, so it is necessary to fill these gaps anyway. You can do the above process to fill the gaps between the door gaskets rather than to replace them all the way, and knowing the correct way of fixing the gaps can save your money and time.  

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