How to Flush Toilet without Handle | 2 Methods Explained


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If yours is broken, you have several options, and it is not a “push button” design.

Take off the cistern lid, pull up on the lever and chain leading to the flush valve, and then let go. You can temporarily remove the cap until a permanent solution is found.

If only the lever has broken or fallen off, you can use various types of pliers to hold the subframe where it was. If you have a small ‘vice-grip’ style plier in your toolbox, squeeze it and use it as a temporary unloading lever. Be careful not to crush the teeth of the subframe, as you will need to replace it later.

Install the new lever and handle assembly. Most hardware and plumbing supply stores carry it. Take the old one with you to better suit your personality.

You can also pour a pot or bucket of water into the bowl to empty its contents.

Is it Possible to Flush a Toilet without Handle?

How to Flush Toilet without Handle

The good news is that flushing a handle-less toilet is still possible. It is up to you to experiment with them and choose which one is the best and most fit for you. You don’t have to replace a toilet with a missing handle immediately; you can continue to use it. 

Why Would Someone Want to Flush a Toilet Without a Handle?

It’s vital to flush if the handle doesn’t work. This is when you’ll wish you hadn’t written off your toilet earlier. Even though there are remedies available, you’re sure to want to fix it right away.

How to Flush Toilet without Handle

How to Flush Toilet without Handle

Method 1

Each flush will require at least one gallon. If you are aware in advance or anticipate that you’ll be without running water, fill the tub ahead of time. Many people use the water from their swimming pools or hot tubs.

Collect the water in a large bucket large enough to be lifted and poured out effortlessly. When ready to flush, slowly pour a tiny amount of water into the toilet bowl and swiftly pour the remainder.

This will create pressure to force the toilet bowl contents into the pipes, eliminating the need to flush using the handle, since you are not flushing the toilet when using this method, there is no need to refill it. You are only using the toilet bowl as a water source, and you can repeat the operation if necessary.

Method 2

You can also unscrew the lid of the toilet cistern and fill it with water until you reach the overflow line. It would help if you now flushed the toilet with the crank handle as usual. This procedure may be more effective if you cannot flush the toilet by pouring water into the bucket. However, since the second method uses more water, the first method may be preferable if you only have a gallon to spare.

Remember: having a bucket on hand is always a good idea in an emergency and can be helpful in a variety of situations. A large bucket, as well as a cup plunger, flange plunger, sealing tape, an adjustable wrench, and rags, should be included in your home plumbing kit.

Bottom line

Flushing a toilet that doesn’t have a handle is still possible. You can temporarily remove the flapper until you find a permanent solution. If the handle doesn’t work, Flushing is essential. You can also use water from swimming pools or hot tubs to force the contents of the toilet bowl into the pipes.

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