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Did you ever experience losing your house keys and now worried about the issue of what to do? Unless you are the resident of your home and owner of your property, and never know how many duplicate keys you have in your home. If you want to get the new access, you have to go to the locksmith shop, and they will charge a fee from you for their service. So if you want to discover how to get a key for a door lockthere are several options you can adopt for this task.

The Basics of Skeleton Keys

Technically, the skeleton keys can fit in many locks. Most people think that there are various ways to access your doors, famous in older times. These keys have three essential parts:

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  • Bow: It is in the shape of a ring at the end of the key for holding.
  • Barrel: It is in the shape of a long tube that connects with the bit of the key.
  • Bit: The key is like teeth at the end of the resolution that you introduce in the lock.

How to Get a Key for a Door Lock

According to the old house guru to whom I talked, there are three types of skeleton keys that can fit into 90% of interior door locks.

There are “master keys” for older homes for opening doors, so I also bought the three essential keys for myself, and you can also get them from any hardware store. I suggest you purchase these keys and try for must in your doors, one doesn’t need to fit into your door lock, but odds can do that. The knob locks are the most common type of door lock and the top way to secure security. These locks do not work for the external doors because the lock cylinder is in the knob instead of entry, so anyone can easily break these locks. 

How to Get a Key for a Door Lock

Make a key for an old key

The effective way to get a key for a door lock is to re-key from the old access at a low cost. You can buy re-keying kits of various brands, but the drawback is that these keys are not exchangeable. 

Each kit consists of six re-key locks, but you can order extra pins according to your need. The equipment is best for deadbolt and entrance locks, containing two keys and all other instruments except the screwdriver. But it would help if you will be careful about the existing keys because you will need them to remove the lock cylinder. 

Remove the knob

  • Place the wire tool into the knob hole, then exerts the pressure on the knob clip.
  • Then pull the knob from the door.

Remove the cylinder

  • Pull the cylinder in an outward direction, and remove the cylinder.

Removal of retainer ring

  • Remove the retainer ring by using the retainer ring tool of the kit.
  • Place the ring aside so you will need it for replacement with the new one.

Remove the cylinder plug

  • It is the most crucial step of this process, in which you have to remove the loose plug from the cylinder.
  • There are pins and springs at the top of the cylinder, which hold the pressure on the keyed pins.
  • Now place the old key into the lock and turn it right or in a left direction.
  • Push the plug follower from the cylinder, and remove the plug at the end.
  • There should be constant pressure between the plug and the follower so the pins don’t pop out.

Reassemble the lock

  • Pull out the old pins and insert the new key in them.
  • When the new pins go into the lock, reverse all the steps to reassemble the lock.

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Make a duplicate key without the original

Yes, it is possible to make a duplicate key without the original key. If you have lost your original key or you have a damaged key with you by the passage of time, you should find a professional locksmith who can recognize the depth of the groove of your lock’s key code with the help of a code cutter in just a few minutes. The extraordinary step of cutting will let your locksmith know how much cutting your key needs to match the original key. I suggest you not make a copy of a copy or make a duplicate key without the original key. 

Multiple door locks with the same key

When you have different locks but only one key to open them, you are in the right situation. They are also known as keyed-alike locks. It means that one key can fit in multiple locks; you can open your front and back doors with the same key. If you have keyed similar locks is a very beneficial option, as you can open and close your doors with the same key.

Lock a door without a key

There are many situations where it is essential to lock your doors, but you lost your key; you can try the following options. Most of these methods to lock the doors can provide you with the best privacy but do not function well from the burglar’s attempts. However, if you are in an emergency, you can try for best.

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  • When you don’t have the key, you can use a door stopper; the stoppers, which come in rubber material, serves the purpose well. Because it can create a lot of friction, thus keeping the door closed until you remove the wedge.
  • You can also opt for the door security bars that act in the same way as chair does.
  • A bolt lock or a door latch is the best way to door a lock without a key. These objects are easy to install, inexpensive, and very effective.
  • The pin tumbler lock is the best alternative also. It has a lock mechanism with pins or a pair of needles with different lengths to prevent the door from opening if you don’t have the key. You can use a pin tumbler if you have cylinder locks in your entries.
  • Same as you can close a door without a key, you can also open a door without a key. For this purpose, you can use a blank key that fits into it. If you have lost your original key, it’s good to have an empty key in your pocket because it can open your door lock and your deadbolt as well, even if they need separate keys.
  • Another great way to lock a door without a key is to use a floor-mounted lock. The installation of this lock is very easy, comes with a lifetime warranty, and can hold up to 3,000 pressure because there is a chance to break the door before the lock.
  • If there is a hook on the door, you can use a belt or a string to attach to the other end of the door’s handle. So that the belt will make resistance, and nobody can try to open the door.

How can you pick a Locked Door?

  • Into the bottom of the keyhole, place the tension wrench, and apply some pressure on it.
  • At the top of the lock, insert the pick.
  • When you apply torque to your wrench, scrub your pick back and forth directly in the keyhole plug.
  • You should repeat the steps until all the pins get set.
  • To make the process easy, you can use graphite powder, the preferred lubricant for door locks. It is readily available in any hardware shop in the squeeze bottle so that you can easily blow it in the right place of the keyway.
How to open a locked door with a screwdriver

How to Get a Key for a Door Lock: FAQs

Can you get a key cut for a lock without a key?

If you have lost your key, a locksmith can make you a resolution without the original key; a locksmith is an expert in making keys by hand. Using his skill, blank, and a file, he can create a new key from scratch without having the original key.

How much does it cost to make a key from a lock?

The average price to make a key from a lock is $156, with a typical range around $97 to $215. The minimum trip charges range from $50 to $100. 

Can you get a key made for a lock?

In most cases, a locksmith can make a key from a lock, even when you don’t have the original and a copy of the key.


Yes, losing the keys to your home can be annoying, especially when you and your neighbours do not have the spare one. Because it is a matter of security, so you should search for the effective and best ways to get the new key for your homes. Therefore, you should make a rapid decision to choose one of the methods discussed above to resolve the issue of a lost key to keeping your home safe and secure; to sort out the issue; you can also hire the services of licensed locksmiths.

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